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Big Blue aka Puff by AJLeibengeist Big Blue aka Puff by AJLeibengeist

Puff was the third rhino drawn. I ran out of 100 lb paper and grabbed some of the 70 lb paper I had. The amount of work on the paper stretched it to the point that it puffed up when it was laying flat. Thus, "Puff" had to become a 3D piece of art.  After the Background was completed, I started solving the Puff issue. I made some copies of Puff to scale and then glued them to heavier paper. I made multiple individual cut-outs of the full body, the front shoulder forward, the head, and horns. Then I tested the cut-outs under the drawing before I glued them together and then under the image. the drawing got attached to a new 100lb sheet.  Puff's world was done a little lighter in shades so the rest of the 70 lb paper wouldn't stretch.

Each rhino has it's separate time period with events going on in the world around him. Puff's world is wet, but not flooded. Things are still being cared for, such as the fencing. There is some chaos in the skies with the molten plaint being smacked and debris forming rings.

Five rhinos are spaced out over time in front of the left section of our scenic view. The environmental changes over time eventually cause all the rhinos to be extinct. The environmental changes also force the population to build domes over cities for protection from the environment and heavy solar activity. This is the period of the Domed Cities and the Mechanical Rhinos.

I start my final drawings with pencil and fidget with each one till ready for ink. For this series, I started with the Rhinos and completed each rhino one after the other with no backgrounds. After inking the subject down and clearing the pencil away, I began adding colored pencils. Some items in the Mechanical set have more colored inks for certain items. There are multiple layers of colored pencils, base and other layers in various amounts until the medium won't take anymore. Next, I used blenders, smudging and smearing tools to work the colors together as much as possible. I began using pastels for the skies with Boss Hog.  

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December 27, 2017
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