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By Ajgiel
My works didn’t touch political subjects before, but since I’ve become a volunteer in local lgbtq+ activist group, politics became much bigger part of my life.
Here I want to confront the image of gay community recently emerging in western media with RuPaul’s drag race and celebrities like James Charles or Jeffree Star (I have nothing against them expressing themselves to be clear), with its actual difficult and brutal history. There are still places in the world where people are being oppressed for not being straight. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns, fierce make up and pride parades that media are trying to sell us.
(I rarely express my intentions that are behind my works, because ultimately what the creator wanted to say doesn’t matter, but here I think the subject is too delicate. I don’t want this image to be interpreted as criticism of lgbtq+ community, just its portrayal in mainstream media.).

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Edit: Okay in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined a more embarrassing shitshow than the comment section under this post, so I'm turning the comments off. Permanently. 
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