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*hums 'Trapt' song of the same title...*
*Looks up, reverie broken*
Sorry; easily distracted.

Righto, first visit in a long time - it's been a busy few months! Home to Hawke's Bay for Christmas, and then again a month later for the big day :D That's right, Rosemary & I tied the knot officially this year - though given we'd been living together over a year before that, it's not like it makes any difference, but twas exciting nonetheless, and a fantastic day with friends and family! I won't be putting shots from the wedding itself on here - I don't feel DA is quite the place for personal shots - a link will be going up from my home page: if you're that interested. For those who are after more landscape & other artistic shots, a fair few of the pictures taken on our honeymoon in Taranaki will make it on here eventually, along with those from our Waitangi weekend trip up to Northland.
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Well, it's about time I gave a bit of an update. I've been steadily going through pictures, and will be putting more on here as soon as I'm able - pretty much be prepared for a flood when you least expect it. Sadly, my internet at home is unreliable - freezing up my laptop at random moments whenever I try to do pretty much anything - so my activities tend to be confined to time while at work, and all you others who have internet available at work know just how favorably employers think of overuse of their internet... ;P
I'm looking to reformat my drive and start again, with XP hopefully, which should help, but I won't be able to for a month or more.

I have however been trying to whip myself into shape artistically - I've been feeling such a general fatigue over the last few months - a dark miasma of apathy that I've been unable to break. Maybe it's just the effect of winter, maybe it's the lack of sleep, or maybe it just hasn't been my year for creative pursuits. Whatever, I'm hoping to get back into it and brush up on my non-photographic skills, which are in constant need of dramatic improvement. I was late getting my submission together for last month's theme for the Hower's to look at, but I'm on track for getting at least one in this month. Ideally I want to step up to a full size A3 rendition of one of my ideas, instead of just having these crappy little A5 doodles to show.

Not knowing where to start is a big part of it, as well as the daunting thoughts of how much extra detail on needs to work at, and the patience required. Or perhaps patience isn't the right word - I can be Entlike in terms of patience when I want to be - so I'd imagine it's more along the lines of hyperactivity, and at best a short attention span. When you're the sort of person whose mind will happily concentrate not only on playing WoW, but also watching in a small taskbar window a movie or Top Gear episode, listening and watching both without missing a beat, all the while listening and singing along to songs on the radio, sitting still and carefully edging a fine pencil over a page doesn't sit so easily, no matter how much I'd like to.

But hey, one won't get anywhere without doing one's best, right?

And if the sketching falls through again, next month is National Novel Writing Month ( if you're curious) so I'll have another excuse to thrash out 50000 words in a month - all the WoW-playing has given me all sorts of extra character developments to play with, so it'll be interesting to see where that takes me.

In the meantime, I'll see if I can sit still until it's time to go home :P
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I've decided to follow the example of many Howers (fans of the great artist/illustrator John Howe) in creating an account here, which will mostly serve as a repository for photos that I feel are worthy of public display. I'm not nearly as artistically talented as my fellow Howers, whose feet I sit at, feasting on the crumbs of artistic skill, but I tend to be lucky in my photographs, and am a great admirer of nature in all it's forms.
I do love to sketch however, even though most of them are rubbish, but I'll let that to be decided by the masses. Hopefully I'll be able to get some detailed feedback & criticism to let me know where I'm at.

I've got a ton of photos, mostly of landscapes or snapshots of nature - the topic I most keenly capture, as it is ever changing; two pictures are rarely the same. I don't imagine I'll be able to get them all up here or on my own site, but I hope to make a fair effort at it :D

Check out my Sydney Zoo collection - most available as various prints, and also as a Calendar through the Skyline photo! Bit pointless as we're halfway through the year - don't know when it'll switch to an '09 Calendar.

Plenty of my shots would look great sitting on a mantelpiece or on the wall - don't be afraid to order a print!

I appear to be a bad influence; my partner, Rosie, has made her own account to show off some of her great photos as well :D Go pay her a visit and let her know what you think! :iconlollipop-chikadee:

I'm not going to list all my friends right here right now, but have a browse through my favs - there's some brilliant stuff for everyone!

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