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this is the logo for bane. well its sorta. bane doesn't have a logo, but dc has often used a circle with some incarnation of his mask (la mascara del bane) durring his secret six era and what not. also if u noticed (and ill bet u didn't cuz it was a horrid film) in batman and robin, bane has a juice button or turbo button, and on that button is an incarnation of the bane 'logo' which was funny considering his mask was a completely different version rendering the logo a big ? to non comic viewers...but w/e haha.

so im building a bane costume and its going to be a traditional bane costume, cuz im not into TDKR version. i am going back and forth about having a venom tank and chest piece with wrist controller, or just the traditional wrist controller. either way im flirting with the idea of dropping this over some light up features i have planned.

i have aquired the light up essentials im just thinking on weather or not the tank is neccessary, it will depend on how my research goes to making one.

ideally i'd like a see through tank w/ green liquid and some steampunk metal/brass fixens on it with a few gauges and such. but i mean if i just paint a bug sprayer garden backpack that could work too. but im not sure what to do with that it will depend on budget, time and what i can come up with.

but either way id like to work a logo in ...if no where else then on the belt.

feel free to make use for ur bane stuff just link me up
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