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Sunset from Southhampton by ajb-2k3 Sunset from Southhampton :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 2 0 Small Dragon Render2 by ajb-2k3 Small Dragon Render2 :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 1 0 Darkstorm 3d test by ajb-2k3 Darkstorm 3d test :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 0 2 Green Dragon Test Edit. by ajb-2k3 Green Dragon Test Edit. :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 0 0 The Desk of a Dragon researcher. by ajb-2k3 The Desk of a Dragon researcher. :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 2 0 Catalogue page shoot. by ajb-2k3 Catalogue page shoot. :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 1 0 Dragon ring on Crystal by ajb-2k3 Dragon ring on Crystal :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 0 0 Touchbutton152x152 Touch icon by ajb-2k3 Touchbutton152x152 Touch icon :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 0 0
The Eight of Wands
The 8 of Wands.
How many times had the entity traveled back and forth along the time line, how many times did he have to repeat his own actions. The entity had seen the beginning, the fragile peace in the middle and the end of the long war and it had also been a soldier fighting on the ground.
The end of the war had been different each time he had traveled, but this time he would end it early and stop the genocide of thousands. The middle peace was where he would make his move and would end it.
In this fake world he had created from the nothing he had formed a room filled with an octagonal table and on each of the eight side side the King and queen of the four realms.
"Where are we how did we get here?" one of the kings shouted as he attempted to leave the table.
"I summoned you here!" the entity replied in a deep voiced that flooded the chamber.
"We are the rulers of the kingdoms. We do the summoning, not you!" another king shouted out, "explains the meaning of this?"
The entity
:iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 1 0
The Lovers
The lovers.
The grand hall was filled with over a hundred delegates, lords and leaders that ruled over the land of Tarot, but for two of the gathered assembly the great hall could have been empty.
The orchestra  played a slow romantic Ballard made for couples. Pairs of delegate filled the centre of the floor enjoying the relaxing slow twirling dance.
"Have you done this before?" The man leading one of the couples asked his partner."
"I have attended many of these events, but that is not what you are really asking me, is it?"
"You have caught me out. Yes, that isn't what I was asking."
"Are you asking me if I have companions in other courts as well as your own court?"
The man smiled as his partner, I may be upset if I know that I am not your only love interest."
The music came to and end and they separated and clapped along with the others. As the dance floor cleared they walked towards one of the halls large windows grabbing a flute of wine each from a passing servant. They passed
:iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 2 0
The King of Pentacles
King of Pentacles
500 Word Flash Fiction.
Plans, calculations and prototype test models filled the workshop around him. His weapons had both fuelled and ended wars, but they were all just experiments. Perfection would be his greatest weapon, the weapon to end all wars. Behind his stood the brass casing of his latest design, it was nowhere near the perfection he sought and probably would never see use. It's unveiling would dominate the scientific community and force other to change their own understanding of the science of weapon design.
"Sir, the items you ordered from the blacksmith have arrived."
"Good, good, leave them over there!" he ordered waving behind him.
With a sigh, the servant guided the delivery to an empty section of floor, helped stack up the items before guiding the deliverymen back out. When he returned a few minutes later, he coughed to get his masters attention.
"What is it now?"
"Sir, I have news from the border."
"Well, speak up."
"The attackers are approaching the
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Test page for my book. by ajb-2k3 Test page for my book. :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 0 0 DA lizard by ajb-2k3 DA lizard :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 1 0 Kitsune MKII by ajb-2k3 Kitsune MKII :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 2 0 Kitsune Cover by ajb-2k3 Kitsune Cover :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 0 0 Aether Shadow Cover test by ajb-2k3 Aether Shadow Cover test :iconajb-2k3:ajb-2k3 0 0


Flat color Fullbody - Lenora by Shalinka Flat color Fullbody - Lenora :iconshalinka:Shalinka 528 40 Com: Design outfit 15 by LaminaNati Com: Design outfit 15 :iconlaminanati:LaminaNati 224 7 Blue Dragon v2 by sandara Blue Dragon v2 :iconsandara:sandara 14,638 389 Steampunk dog by countersunk81 Steampunk dog :iconcountersunk81:countersunk81 15 5 The Legendary Crystal Dragon - Opticale by cat-meff The Legendary Crystal Dragon - Opticale :iconcat-meff:cat-meff 2,009 83 A Happy Dragon Artist by TargonRedDragon A Happy Dragon Artist :icontargonreddragon:TargonRedDragon 200 118 Step By Step to Sky Rider by ZeenChin Step By Step to Sky Rider :iconzeenchin:ZeenChin 240 22 GoT x Frozen_ Daelsa Targaryen by lydia-the-hobo GoT x Frozen_ Daelsa Targaryen :iconlydia-the-hobo:lydia-the-hobo 1,162 74 Dragon Spirit by daxiong Dragon Spirit :icondaxiong:daxiong 1,694 78 Awww, baby dragon by Nightblue-art Awww, baby dragon :iconnightblue-art:Nightblue-art 612 83 Dawn of War III - Eldar Howling Banshee cosplay by Narga-Lifestream Dawn of War III - Eldar Howling Banshee cosplay :iconnarga-lifestream:Narga-Lifestream 1,030 37 Sirius Star Dragon by soundbeing Sirius Star Dragon :iconsoundbeing:soundbeing 25 1 'Major's Thermoptic Pistol' Prop (Left side) by JayCosplay 'Major's Thermoptic Pistol' Prop (Left side) :iconjaycosplay:JayCosplay 11 3 Birthday Montage by countersunk81 Birthday Montage :iconcountersunk81:countersunk81 5 1




Book 2 Æther Shadow is finially finished and out in booth ebook and paperback format.
Sunset from Southhampton
OMG this is one of those golden images that you just can't believe that you take.
I am massively proud to have caught this.
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This Christmas marked the completion of book#00 The End
2014 marked the completion of the manuscript and the book going live on Amazon.
2015 marked the release of iBooks and paperback versions.

This marks the end of the development cycle for The End which was never supposed to have existed beyond a pile of rough notes. 
I must say now that I will reedit it at some point but I will say now that the Amazon one contains the exclusive books #02 Second life and #03 Dragon Hunt. These two are not fully edited and will be removed in the future but for now Book #03 is the important.

Dragon Hunt was a short based on an idea I came up with while traveling, but while waiting on the editing of book#1.0 I have started the development on what is to be considered the first "Cross-over" novel.  Dragon World: Exiles.

Dragon Hunt was written from James Purcells point of view, but as development moved on I realised I wanted to write it from the other side. This has now resulted in three version, The first version on Amazon, Exiles and an Interactive Fiction version (a text based adventure game) that is in development. This year I plan to get Book #1.0 Æther Shadow which is the next in the Diaries of James Purcell story published along with Book #00 Dragon World:Exiles published so that I can move on to Book #2.0 Kitsune, the next in the Diaries of James Purcell story.

For now I will just leave leave a little spoiler from Dragon World:Exiles

    Ten Years Previous.

        Even though there were no humans living in the forest it didn't mean that the forest was quite. Birds tweeted in the trees and the leaves rustled and the wind blew through. On the ground a fox was searching for easy pray, but then it stopped, looked towards a circle of standing stones then turned and fled to a hole in the embankment that surrounded the clearing in which the stone circle had been constructed. The forest was suddenly quite as every animal stop scared of something. The air in the clearing around the stones felt like air after a lightning strike and as if something had started the birds, they all took off and flew from the clearing.

    The stones started to glow, ancient writing that had not been seen on their surface could was now visible and as if the writing was a source of heat, the vines and moss that had grown on there surface started to smoke before catching fire and burning away to leave the stone circle clear. The glow grew and lightning started to flash across the surfaces. The lighting bolts grew and started to flash between the stones and then striking the middle of the circle. As the activity increased, the strikes started to collide in the air in the middle and a ball of light formed. The ball grew to engulfed the centre of the circle before stopping just short of the standing stones around the edge.

    A shadow formed in the centre and grew like the shadow of a man appearing in a fog bank. As the shadow grew it took on a form that could be described as a demonic monster. The form looked like a dinosaur but had wings. The creature stepped from the centre of the circle and took a look around and the forest surrounding it. The lightning in the centre of the circle stopped and the light vanished, followed by the writing until the stones looked like normal stone.

    "Exile or death, what a choice," the creature muttered to its self as it took a look around the world that would be its new home. It raised its head and sniffed at the air before letting out a growl of disgust. It opened it's great black dark pearlescent wings and using the stones as a launch platform, leapt into the sky and flew away.


James Purcell
United Kingdom
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Personal Quote: So that's what the camera is trying to tell me!


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