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This is my ugly Lei Llei/Hsien-Ko submission to the Darkstalkers Tribute book that failed to be selected by the fine folks at Udon. That's it, i'm not buying anymore Street Fighter comics.

Well except for the Street Fighter 4 comics because i love Street Fighter 4, and the Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li TPB when it comes out, you gotta love Chun Li (movies not included). Oh yeah and we gotta support Chamba so i guess i'll still get the Street Fighter II Turbo books too. What do you mean that's all of them? Damn, i'm so horrible at being mad at people :3

Congratulations to all the winners! i'm really looking forward to getting the book, and it's cool to see all the Darkstalkers action happening here on DA caused by interest in the contest.

Next time moar cleavage!
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Cool. Nice to see a different side of Miss 'Ko.
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Great, its a masterpiece :heart:
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You are too kind, thank you :3
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nice somber looking hsien ko here.
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thank you sir
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I think this is my favorite drawing that you've ever done. Those people as Udon know nothing. FOOLS!!!
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She looks cool. I like her costume. I haven't played SF in a while. I saw some anime to it but never read the SF comics.
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Thank you. She's actually from Darkstalkers (street fighter's sister game with monsters). I was just talking crap about the street fighter comics because Udon makes them, and they're the ones that didn't select me form their art book. I'm not bitter though, i actually learned alot doing this pic so i'm happy.

And as always thanks for the fave!
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You're welcome. I'm sorry about that. I hope you get another gig you are good at drawing.
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WOW This turned out amazing!!! Sorry Johnny :(
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i like this work, nice job man, i didn't get in also. cool tones.
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This is unbelievably gorgeous, I really love your painting technique and the mood is so incredibly expressive :)
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Wow, thank you very much. This was my first "real" attempt at true digital painting, and it took me forever. I learned a whole bunch and i think i will be doing more in the future. Thank you for the encouragement!
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