Anyone had luck with FB fighting theft?

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So, someone on FB has taken most of my colorized pictures of Jean Harlow and posted them to a group with no credit.  I sent them a message and asked them to credit me, I wasn't rude, but received a very rude message in response, astonishingly! 

My question, since some of the people I watch on here have submitted copyright violations to FB, have you had any luck with your pictures being taken down?  Is it worth my time to even fight this?

Thanks guys!

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Thank you all for the advice on watermarks!  I did go ahead and submit a copyright complaint and just received a message today that they removed the images.  I think I'll try out a watermark though :)
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Embeded watermark and a logo somewhat lower than the middle of the picture + low res - that's really all you can do.

As for their FB page - spam them with notes that they are thieves and use your contacts, ask them to do the same - also contact all of their friends and send them notes that they are frauds and not particularly nice towards the real author ... WARFARE!!!!
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try reporting the group, they're usually pretty reasonable if you give them hard evidence.
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Facebook, Google + Yahoo don't care unless you have deep pockets to sue. Your best bet is to only use small low resolution photos. I would embed a watermark with your name, "trade" name or logo. Use white type with about a 10-20% opacity.
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Never had any problem with such, but I figure watermarks are the way to avoid this..
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I just hate watermarks, I think they take too much away from the image and they're too easy to remove as well.  Besides, I was never happy with any that I ever came up with.
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