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A request, sorry I don't remember your username or I'd tag you. EDIT: I found you! LizzyChrome 

I have done something a bit different and played around with gradients a bit more. I even decided to try to bring out the "stubble" a bit more.  Hope it's still just as good looking as all of my others :)
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Up until December 7, 1941 he was probably the most popular citizen of Japan with the United States public.  After that date he was toast.  I think after World War II only one other "Mr. Moto" film was ever made, and Mr. Lorre did not play the role in that one. The problem for "Mr. Moto" was never one for "Charlie Chan", even after the Communists took over the mainland.
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Thanks for sharing!  I always like to hear more background about the photos I colorize and the people in them.  Sadly, I don't know much about ALL of the old movie stars, just a select few haha.

thanks again! :)
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Came out great!!! Hey, I  get a kick out of seeing him in that role...there was a series of Mr. Moto Films & I don't know why, but they are fun to watch! If you ever get a chance to see him in " M ', it might be worth your while...."M" was done by Fritz Lang before the rise of the Nazi party in Germany & stood for molester...of the child variety.... Or so I recall... I don't know if an English language version was made at the time, but the version I saw had subtitles.
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Thank you! :)  Glad you like it.

I have only ever seen him in Arsenic and Old Lace and some video I found on youtube, I think it was promotional material for another moving he was doing.  I NEED to see moreof his work. 

Subtitles don't bother me, so it should be fine :)  Will have to check Amazon and see if they have anything available for streaming.  The last think I need is more DVDs taking up space in my tiny house haha.
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Oh come now, girl; always room for one more "flat friend" ha ha... I have stacks nay; boxes of VHS tapes & reel to reel tapes...cassettes....records of all types...even some cylinders...sheet music...books... oh my god, I better stop now!
I was going into videography when I went to school for it & even worked for a local TV station... I have so much of my stuff on VHS & funny enough BETA tapes were still used by the stations as late as 15 years ago as they were of a better quality & standard for broadcast before everything went digital...

Oh yeah; Just had the cable guy in & his eyes were all over the place as I have milk crates of 78s & LPs....old radios, phonographs... He even picked up my 1930s black bakelite desktop phone to see if it actually worked.... He had never used one before.... I told him all this old shit worked better & longer than this comcrap we have now... I must have sounded like a dreadful old
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Oh my, you own cylinders!  That is amazing!  I would love to have a collection of those too!  :)

I went to school for Broadcast Journalism and Communications and did a lot of AV work as well.  :D  I hated the behind the scenes of it all, I made a crap floor manager, I hate using TV cameras, I suck at supers and cuts and editing.  If you put a teleprompter in front of me and tell me to present something, that I can do!  Sadly, I didn't get to finish.  Long story made short - my mother was going to nursing school while I was in college.  Her mother decided to pay my mother's way through nursing school.  My mother, afraid that she'd have to pay in on her taxes instead of getting a refund, decided not to file taxes and to screw me over.  My FAFSA was declined and I only found out that I didn't have financial aid until after I complete the semester.  I would love to go back, but owe $6000.00 to the university in order to even get my records!

Anyways, I think this was mentioned on a different comment - The 3 different Formby versions of "Window Cleaner".  I have heard them on youtube.  I tried to find them just now but can only find 2 of the 3.  I don't really remember the third much, sadly.  Maybe someone will put it up again!

I'm sure my eyes would be all over the place too!  Very good point on the old shit working better, it does!  If I had a landline I would so own a vintage telephone.  I want to have a phone number that begins with letters and I want to sent a telegram.  I will never get to do either :(
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Yeah, I sure do.. I don't have a huge amount, but around 80 to 90 & I own an Edison "business" cylinder player/recorder.... It is from the early 1900s & even has an electric motor that I thought was added at some point, but it's all original as it turns out... I was told people could use them as dictaphones but many times... and I find it fascinating... people would get together & make bootleg copies of each others cylinders, thus the pirate download was born!

Even better than that --- sometimes people would record messages & create an audio snapshot of a birthday party or some home gathering.... I get lost in all of that everyday stuff...I have one home made cylinder & it's brown wax.... some man is singing something I cannot recognize.... Musta been Drunk again!
These machines, like the one have, were designed to take an old used cylinder...and re-work it so you can shave off the existing grooves and then record new content on it.... so sometimes people could even record little messages at the end of a music selection if there was enough space on the cylinder...or if they didn't shave the old recording completely, you would still hear the previous material as a ghostly echo in your a double exposure in a way... weird effect...I have heard some examples of home recordings here:…

They have commercial recordings too, but look around for things like Aunt Effie's 82nd Birthday from 1898...amazing to hear..
The site is trying to upload all cylinders available.... & I think you can download songs too, so there is all kinds of old stuff...anyway, I love hearing everyday people & families that are most likely gone from this mortal coil. There's one called "Baby's Song" & it's a newborn crying... fascinating..  It's good thing for me tape recorders didn't come in till later,  I'm sure I'd be trying to hear/save everything...

Oh-em-gee! The student funding is a bad racquet... I still owe about 5000.00 myself & I didn't take full advantage, as I made it by on a shoestring, but the initial thing was around 3000,00 I did use. By the time I had some deferments & interest it's up to 5000. There is no way around them, I guess they try to get it even after you die....Good luck to them...Sallie Mae is such a bitch.... I didn't gain much from the class either, they promised services they couldn't provide let alone teach.... such a deal.. Some of the students there just before me, sued....

Well let's see.... The three recorded versions of "Window Cleaner"... the first one was recorded in 1936, the second was "Window Cleaner No. 2" done in 1937 & has a  faster, almost swing-like arrangement. The lyrics refer to the coronation (Edward the VII, I reckon) The third was recorded a bit later for Decca records, and is quite upbeat ...a bit faster than the first two... But I think it combines some of the lyrics of the two older versions. I like the Decca record, it has an uptempo "Leaning On A Lamppost" on the flip side...I do have the above tracks on CD & I could easily rip some MP3 files if you'd like... I could email them to you or maybe put them on the clypit site...
Did you know "Herman's Hermits" recorded "leaning on a lamppost" in the 60's? The song hit "Mrs Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter" owes everything to the Formby style & influence..:)
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I didn't know that Herman's Hermits had recorded Leaning on a Lamppost!  I do love Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter though.

The clyp site would would work.  Sorry, I never did respond to your post about restorations there.  Amazing!  I've bookmarked that and also the cylinders site.  I could listen to those for hours.  I know what you mean though, about listening to people who have long been dead.  It's eerie in a way but also very intriguing.  I played the one with animal sounds and it was funny to watch my cat freak out from hearing a cat that died "a hundred" years ago! 

I understand what you mean as well about preferring the ones that are not commercial.  I tried to listen to some guy talk about the best use of time in one's day.  It was hard to hear but what I got from it was to devote 2 hours a day to reading.  People spoke so much differently then.  It's like they had longer vowels and more of a nasal tone.  The nasal tone could just be attributed to the cylinder though.  I guess the way people spoke could also be attributed to the fact that there was LOTS of immigration at the time.  If you yourself weren't "fresh off the boat" then your parents probably were.  You were brought up in a house of people who had English as their second language and that influenced the way you pronounced things.

Yes, student loans and funding is nothing but a load of shit!  If corporations can get low interest rates and it's fine if they never pay anything back, then that should be the way it is for people who take out student loans then too!  Actually, I think that we need a more European system.  Once you're out of high school, you get 4 years of University.  After that, anything else is out of your own pocket.  We need to move healthcare to this too, but that's a rant for another time haha.  Did your classmates end up winning the suit?  The thing I think is complete crap is that you only have so many deferments, forbearances and hardships.  I've been out of a job twice.  But, the last time I was I used up all of my "hardship time", so according to the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, I have to pay my minimum payment, which is well over what I get in unemployment.  That is beyond not right!
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 Yeah my Mom had some Herman's Hermits records & I remember her letting me play those when I was a kid... she said; "you might like these"; so they did that one & I'm Henry The Eighth, I am... Funny thing about Mrs.Brown --- it was written by an actor who plays on "The Vicar of Dibley" (BBC comedy )... the old man who plays the Jim Trott  character.. The dithering old fool prefaces everything he says with; "No, No,No...." and has dirty stories show had him doing a full the monty at a church council fundraiser. He really did it, too! If you seen the show, you know... but yeah, I guess that same guy was/is a song-writer... O yeah, one episode, he did this....At a christening (at the church) this baby was baptised & he was playing the organ so sweetly... The tune was a familiar one.... one by the Supremes... it takes a minute, but you sort of recognize the tune; "Baby Love"....I thought it was brilliant... 
Okay, yeah..Formby it is... I will send you the links when I do that... Yeah, I have put some of my 78 RPMs there... favorites from the 20's & 30's...a  few you may find elsewhere, but mine sound way better!!! I promise! :D (I also made it so you can download MP3 files & make your own Cds or whatever...)
Yes It's true... and people did enunciate rather oddly at times! A few snippets of early radio announcers I have heard are like that too.. I always think about that scene in "Singin" In  The Rain" --- A talking picture!...GOOD-byye... 

Yeah, I didn't give much consideration to the federal loan sharks! I didn't know one could use up all their "hardship time" by that thinking my troubles are over, I am cured & prosperity is just around the corner!" That's wonderful news...unrealistic, but then,  I always play the mindless optimism card & feel a total pig-headed refusal to stare the cold hard facts in the face, will always see us through...utter crap/try & collect/can't get blood from a turnip.... Yes, some students were compensated by receiving a couple extra quarters for nothing... seems fair as I recall the photoshop teacher was taking the class at night & re-teaching what she was learning during the day... I realized her one night a week couldn't possibly be stretched out over the course of our classes....but I was always a bit of a trouble maker that way  &  took a sheer delight in pointing out her short-comings in front of the class... asking things I knew she couldn't answer to see how she'd respond...what a nasty man I am... Was! Was!...:D 
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Your story of your professor reminds me of two high school teachers I had.  I never learned anything in biology or chemistry.  The one teacher had retired in the beginning of the year as his wife had died and he just didn't want to work anymore after that, understandable.  The other one decided that they wanted to teach at a different school.

My biology class, for my whole 10th grade year, was a substitute teacher who knew absolutely nothing on the subject.  He would make us watch movies on animals, like National Geographic sort of videos.  We had to write 10 facts about wolves from the video.  I would write the stupidest things on there and also at the end of the year left him a nasty note on the back of the final.  He was an asshole anyways.  I never did tell him that the refrigerator that he left his Little Debbie snacks and mountain dew in was used by the previous teacher for the bacteria samples that we would culture

My chemistry teacher was doing the same thing though.  She was a substitute for the teacher that wanted to go to a different school.  The first few classes were her just talking about her experience as a substitute and then she decided she would take night classes on chemistry and then would just bring her text book and repeat things from the book and her notes. It's no wonder my high school's administrators don't understand why our school always had the worst math and science scores in the county!

haha, that guy from the "talking picture" in Singin' in the Rain.  He always kind of creeped me out!  I just watched that movie yesterday, one of my very favorites.  Gene Kelly, so good looking, and what a dancer!  A Tawlking Picture!  GOOD byyyee!  Then that weird expression when he just kind of looks around like, "oh, you're still here."  haha
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This is really good, deep stare and beautiful skin. One of my favourite actors !
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Thanks, very glad you like it, especially since I stepped outside of my usual comfort zone in coloring.  

I haven't seen him in very many things, but what I have, he was amazing!  Not bad looking either ;)
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