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Austrian Boy 350

I don't remember where I found this image.  If it's yours please let me know and I will give credit.

An Austrian boy receives a new pair of shoes, WWII is what the photo was saved as on my computer.  Black and white colorized by me.    
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Very nice colorization, your works are beautiful, great progress, my friend ! Clap 
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Thank you!  Glad you like it!  Love 
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He was an orphan & it was taken by a newsagency (Something like "Life" magazine, but I don't think it was Life..) in 1946, right after the war, but rations continued in Europe & beyond until 1960 in some cases---  

--anyway, I remember this image, because when I saw it, it makes one think how much we take for granted.... In that light, it's quite poignant, but the truth in the back story has it that this little shoe-sniffer had a sick kinky shoe fetish & nicked this pair from an elder boy named Gunther,whom he fancied----He was last seen on the steps of the orphanage shouting out; "shoe me in zee nuts ya, shoe me in zee nuts!"
The first part is sort of right, the middle bit trails off & less said about the end, the better...:D
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Thank you for the information on the photo.  That is exactly what I thought when I saw it.  How today's children would be clutching an iPad or cellphone or something in the same manner.

Haha, nice little backstory ;)
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going off into the realms of unwell fantasy--- again...
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No problem with fantasy :)  It's good for ya ;)
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Lol. Perhaps. Dignity laugh 
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