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Oof I'm bacc
Sorry for the long absence;;

Kinda started playing Elsword again after void released Laby 
And I remembered how much I like Ains Designs

Look at that precious boi


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Very nice work!!!
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WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] you really did it that huge improvement! Yuiko Kuruguya (Adorable) [V1] I love love how realistic the drawing is now! it really illuminates his beauty!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double Peace) [V6]  
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Aah thank you so much TT_TT

I've been pracicing a lot of realism lately so im thankful it pays off ;;A;;
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oof you like ain?
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I like the apostata more but god his hair in this one class is awesome [I have easy crush on long hair men lol]
[ still Lu ciel is the one I play more ]
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oof same for man with long hair ;A;

Which luciel?
I like Innocent/Catastrophe a lot, never warmed up with Diangelion;;
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haha the soft spot

I tend to go Catastrophe.
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ayy saame
or at least when it comes to looks
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yass the looks are cool
and I'm also the one guy who's going into the ennmy to smash so getting lu as main first is my type 8'D
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Thats amazing!, been a while since last time i've seen semi realistic els art besides mine hehe
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Ayy thank you a lot ^_^
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so shiny!! QWQ *touches the shiny* so pretty!! ;O;
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oof it feels so nice to draw shiny stuff ;;A;;
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Oh my Ishmael! He's soooo awesome and handsome and I don't have words to describe my feelings right now... ❤️💙💜
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Oof i tried very hard to capture his handsomeness u0u
So thank you a lot <3
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And you really did it! 💜💙
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I don't even have word for this. This is just stunning! He's stunning! Omk! That hair, that hand that EVERYTHING.
This artwork is just gorgeous. 

teach me plz ;w;
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Aah thank you so much ;;A;;
glad you like the hair i kinda struggled with it a lot??

vv kind of you
have my thank u0u
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Beautiful, the luminosity is brilliant :)
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Aah thank you a lot <3
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So beautiful! I love the colors.
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Thank you! 
Was kinda hard to balance out all the blues, glad you like the result <3
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