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Its a boy
i gave him eye lashes and boobs
idk why
its still a boy
sorry for dem confusion

//Sobs im really trying to upload regularly//
ANYWAY mah fren :iconalicekiraja: introduced me to Blade&Souls;;
O o f
its really fun and godamnit i like those design so much;;
gotta draw so many characters//

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Oh, beautiful!
Aja-mi's avatar
Thank you! ^_^
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Beautiful !!
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Aah thank you ;;O;;
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Your smooth art proceeds to amaze me???
Like HEC c-
Glad your posting again tho =w=
happy holidays senpai
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aah happy holidays to you too
also merry (little early) christmas
hope youre alright;;

vv kind //sobs
o0GrayhamCake0o's avatar

I hope for you the best ;;w;; merry christmass its 24 for me today

Aja-mi's avatar
omg now i feel super bad for replying so late //cries

i hope you had nice holidays and that 2019 will be a super good year for you! ;;0;;)9
o0GrayhamCake0o's avatar

nuu its okayy <33
it was the holidays,, you too I hope you had a great holiday and new year :'DD

Shall be good
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lol her orignal design is super cute and tiny but this? YOu really made her even cuter XD. It shows that you can make any type of character look good! I really like the fur and lighting here~Lucky Star - Yutaka Innocent Smile 
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Aah thank you a lot TT_TT
vv friendly ;;A;;

(also its a boy
i smh drew him as a girl so dont worry
just to prevent further confusion;; )
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Hajoon is my favourite character ;w; Good job, looks amazing!
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Aah thank you a lot ! :))

so you're playing blade and soul?
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You are welcome, you deserve it ^^

Yea, i do. Sometimes. I love the visuals *o*
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Omk! It's brother Hajoon! Oh, wait... Brother Hajoon, why are you a girl? o_o
This picture looks gorgeous! dewfklgjdslkgj teach me how to shade qwq
And also teach me how to eyes xD They're soo pretty x3
Aja-mi's avatar
sub>oof i know hes a boy no idea why i made him look like a girl
hes not even behaving like one

thank you a lot tho ;;A;;
AliceKiraja's avatar
Even though, he... she still looks pretty and I want to pat Brother Hajoon >3<

You're welcome~
Aja-mi's avatar
oof guess i just wanted to draw smth cuthe
need dem headpats;;
AliceKiraja's avatar
I like your cute. Draw more cute >3<
I'm gonna pat you too ;3
*pat pat*
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oof imma try my best
to fulfill the dream of eternal cuteness

ò0ó) /
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thanks ;;A;;
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