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Black Hole-Chan

Because Internet's way of celebrating scientific success is to lewd a black hole u_u)b

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Galactus is hungry...

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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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And before we know it , they will also lewd trees too XD

But i really like this portrayal! She looks like she can be a superhero! The outfit and tattoo looks so cool! And i really like the glow behind her hair~
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A life changing discovery, a real picture of a black hole

No one:
seriously no one:

Artists: b la ck h ole ch an u wu uw

I would make one but i don't work with black too well--
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Black Hole Chan won't you come... and wash away the rain. :rofl:
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One of the best Black Hole Waifus I've seen. Love 
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Oof thank you lot <33
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Thanks a lot <3
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That sounds very much like the internet

But ooof those eyes look amazing
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ayy v true
number one thing to do for the weaboos in the net

thanks a lot ;;A;;
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Thank you a lot <3
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