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Overwatch OC Alessandra A.L. Lockwood by AJ-McNerdy Overwatch OC Alessandra A.L. Lockwood :iconaj-mcnerdy:AJ-McNerdy 2 0
A Change of Perspective (Yusuke x Toriko)
Things have been looking up lately since the Phantom Thieves took down Shido’s Palace, and today was finally the day of Shido’s confession. The Phantom Thieves are not only celebrating their newest member, Toriko, but they also are celebrating Shido’s change of heart and hopefully his arrest. The gang gathers around the booth where a wireless television above them is playing the live election. Of course, Shido wins the election by a landslide, much to the Thieves dismay. Shido then appears on the screen with his two assistants as he prepares to make his speech.
“My election is the result of every citizen’s aid. Your support warms my heart!” Shido starts off as the audience roars with excitement.
Toriko watches her so-called father with a scowl, and looks back upon the amount of abuse this
:iconaj-mcnerdy:AJ-McNerdy 1 0
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Overwatch OC Alessandra A.L. Lockwood
“Easy mind, easy body, easy life.”

I’ve always wanted to make an Overwatch OC, so here we go! She’s a human cyborg who works with Winston to help reinstate Overwatch. I’ll probably do her profile sometime in the future. Enjoy!

A.L. Belongs to me
Overwatch belongs to Blizzard

Things have been looking up lately since the Phantom Thieves took down Shido’s Palace, and today was finally the day of Shido’s confession. The Phantom Thieves are not only celebrating their newest member, Toriko, but they also are celebrating Shido’s change of heart and hopefully his arrest. The gang gathers around the booth where a wireless television above them is playing the live election. Of course, Shido wins the election by a landslide, much to the Thieves dismay. Shido then appears on the screen with his two assistants as he prepares to make his speech.

“My election is the result of every citizen’s aid. Your support warms my heart!” Shido starts off as the audience roars with excitement.

Toriko watches her so-called father with a scowl, and looks back upon the amount of abuse this man has caused both her and her older brother. Then she watches the screen again as Shido’s smile quickly fades.

“That is exactly why…” Shido stops mid-sentence, shaking his head. “I cannot forgive myself!”

The audience mumbles and questions one another as Shido’s assistants look at each other nervously.

“The reason President Okumura passed away is… I am the one who killed him.” Shido confessed and the audience gasped. “I also manipulated the information that the Phantom Thieves were behind the series of incidents. The one who controlled the hearts of others and gave rise to the countless victims… is myself. It was all for my own promotion… for my own selfish gain.

Audience members mumbled amongst themselves as Shido’s assistants freaked out and tried their best to call off the recording, but to no avail. The Phantom Thieves turned to Toriko as she stared in shock at Shido’s confession. Never in her entire life has Toriko seen a hint of remorse or shame in her father’s eyes.

“I’ve even used people’s lives as stepping stones in order to claim this country as my own ship. I am a true criminal that can be tried for any crime, and it still wouldn’t be enough! Toriko, if you’re watching this, I will confess everything! Please, I beg you to pass judgement on me…” Shido begs, on the verge of tears.

Toriko couldn’t believe her ears, her own ‘father’ wants his daughter to forgive him after everything that’s happened. How could such a heartless man want judgement passed? Are those tears for his children or for himself?

“If I could atone for all I’ve done with my life, Toriko, I request that I be judged at once…” Shido finishes, holding back his tears and the screen changes to blue with the words ‘PLEASE STAND BY’ all over the screen.

Immediately, Soijiro turns off the TV as everyone gets ready to celebrate.

“Hell yeaaaaaaaaaah!” Ryuji laughs, hugging Toriko.

Toriko sheepishly laughs at Ryuji’s excitement to the confession.

“Everyone, raise your glass.” Soijiro begins, lifting his glass of iced tea. He clears his throat before continuing on. “Allow me to say a few words. Now then…”

“He started taking charge.” Futaba interrupted.

“Come now, don’t be that way.” Makoto replied, taking note of Toriko’s emotional state.

“If you’re gonna complain, say it to Shido. A legislator’s pin’s worth almost nothing.” Soijro added.

Toriko lowers her glass a bit to relax her arm, and then remembers of Goro. Her big brother. How he sacrificed himself just like all the other victims have had before him to try and shut Shido down. She remembers how badly she and Goro wanted to get back at him, but while Toriko wanted to help her country and save everyone from a corrupted political mindset, Goro could give two damns less. He only desired to boost his ego just like his father before him.

But despite the abuse and the dark days, Goro still wanted justice. And that’s exactly what Toriko has done for her brother.

“Well then,” Soijiro starts up again. “So, since the source of evil, Masayoshi Shido, has been–”

Tears began to well up in Toriko’s eyes from long years of abuse, hatred, and injustice. She could feel her shoulders tremble as she spoke up.

“Goro always wanted to bring justice upon Shido, and we did just that. We got to avenge him as well as many others inflicted. And it’s all thanks… thanks to all of you.” Toriko said as tears began to fall down her pale cheeks.

“We all worked so hard for this…” Ann added, wiping away her tears.

In an instant, tears fell down Toriko’s cheeks harshly. For the first time in her life, Toriko no longer felt afraid for people to hear her voice. For she was always told to stay silent by people from the political ladder moreless. People who desire to hear the voice of the masses, who desire for change. But that was never the case for this broken bird. She then thought back of the deal she made with Goro, and the image of seeing her brother shot by their father’s cognitive thoughts was too much for her to handle.

“I... I… I’m so sorry!” Toriko cried out as she ran up the stairs. The others reacted in shock as Toriko darted off.

While the group called out for Toriko, she could barely hear them over her light sobbing. She rushes over to a door, quickly opens it, and locks herself in an empty guest room. Toriko could feel her knees beginning to fail on her, making her whole body silde onto the ground against the wooden door. Toriko’s mind was nothing but blurred thoughts and memories as she sobbed uncontrollably, tremors taking over her whole body.

Justice was served, yes, but the pain from the past have still made her mark. And no pancakes nor fresh Russian takoyaki will bring back her older brother or the victims before him.

Suddenly, Toriko heard a knock at the door, bringing Toriko back to reality.

“Toriko? Are you in there?” A deep voice asked softly.

Toriko’s tears faded a bit as she looked up from her knees and turned to unlock the door. There stood Yusuke with a soft concerning look on his face. Toriko looked down at the ground in humiliation, tears still staining her face and ruining her makeup.

“Oh God,” she mumbles, realizing what a mess she is. “I’m sorry you had to see me like this.”
Yusuke bent down a bit to Toriko’s height, and lightly brushed away a few tears. More tremors took over her body, and Yusuke immediately picks up his younger classmate bridal style over to the couch at the corner of the room.

Next to the couch was a small television playing the news about Shido’s victory and confession. Toriko turns to the television as more tremors took over her body. Yusuke took note of this and grabbed a nearby blanket next to the couch and wrapped Toriko in it like a small sushi roll. He then brought the young teen to his chest, and gave her a tight hug.

Toriko could smell the scent of paint on his figure and feel his gentle blue hair lie ontop of her head. She hid her face more into Yusuke’s chest as he held her and traced familiar patterns onto her back, like a brush to a canvas.

“Is it because of Shido?” he asks softly.

“No,” Toriko mumbles into Yusuke’s chest. “There’s something seriously wrong with me, Yusuke.”

Toriko looks up at Yusuke, and dries her eyes with her cardigan sleeve.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Yusuke asked, wrapping the blanket close to Toriko's form. She stayed silent for a moment and took a few deep breaths before responding.

“It took me so long to get justice from Shido, and that’s all me and Goro wanted.” Toriko started. “But I only wanted to get away from the abuse from both Shido and Goro.” She added. “I joined you guys for my own personal wants, I’m just as selfish as Shido.”

Yusuke’s hold on Toriko loosened up a bit as she sat up in Yusuke’s arms and adjusted the blanket on her body so that Yusuke’s leg could be covered by the blanket.

“Every time I wanted to tell someone with either one around, they would just brush it aside like some joke. Then when no one was around, I was beaten and silenced to a pulp.” She went on, staring at the news reporter on the television as well as Shido’s profile on the top right corner. “Akechi’s abuse towards me was bad, sure, but it was Shido guiding him through it behind my back. That was the worst trap. But a couple of kids can’t fight against an uprising prime minister.”

Yusuke looked down at Toriko with his soft grey eyes as one of his hands traveled to her head to pat it lightly. Toriko reacted by resting her head on his chest.

“Have you tried running away?” he asked.

“Several times, but to no avail. Then Shido would guilt trip me into realizing what my identity means to him; that if I revealed myself to the public it would simply ruin his own. And he also rubbed my mother’s death in my face a lot too… I only have a few vague memories of my mom… sweetest woman in the world. Then one day, when I was coming home from preschool, nobody was home and I figured my mom was in kitchen making lunch or something. She wasn’t there. I then went to the bathroom, and there she was…”

More tremors filled Toriko’s body as Yusuke began to trace more patterns onto her lower back. His fingers on Toriko's back felt a brush painting thin blades of grass onto a clean canvas.

"I'm terribly sorry to hear that," he starts, listening intently to Toriko's story. "And what happened to your brother was not your fault."

Toriko nodded in agreement, and continued on.

"I know that," she said. "And I know that Goro would say the same thing. We both hated the foster care system, and we thought of someday running away back to our old home. But then when Shido took us in, we did everything to make him happy. But everything changed when he got into politics… He would force me and Akechi to never call him ‘father’ but by his name alone. He then began to neglect us and abuse us over bad grades.” Toriko went on as she reached out for the television remote to mute the television.

“But… the worst of it all happened about three years ago… I was in the shower, minding my own business… Suddenly, I felt the shower curtain open, and I turned and saw Akechi, naked in the shower with me. The next thing I knew, he was kissing me all over, touching me in places I didn’t even know were actual places and... he raped me.”

Toriko looked down at the small space between her and Yusuke, waiting for him to let her go. Nothing happened, though. Instead, Toriko felt Yusuke’s hands rub her shoulders gently.

“And when I told Shido about what happened, he just shrugged it off and said that if I told anyone, he would kill me right on the spot. So, when you guys mentioned the mental shutdowns and if I knew anything, I desperately wanted to tell you, but… I… I couldn’t. Not with Akechi around just waiting to try and kill me… I was such a coward, and I know you guys are pretty pissed that I dragged you all into this but…”

Again, the tremors took over her body again as she spoke. As she trembled in his arms, Yusuke thought back to when he first joined the Thieves and discovering of Madarame’s true colors. It was a lot to deal with, mentally and emotionally, but he learned to find his own way in life after breaking away from this abuse.

Yusuke brought his hand from Toriko’s lower back to tilt her head up with two fingers.
“I understand exactly where you’re coming from.” Yusuke starts. “Before I joined the Thieves, I clouded my vision from the truth the same way you had. I tried so hard to fight it but all of that injustice was too powerful for me to fight against.” He explained, his fingers beginning to intertwine with hers.

“But as soon as I joined, I began to see that people are both distorted and beautiful all at once. And I discovered that through the Sayuri and my further works. I wanted to give hope to those who saw my paintings, and bring them the same justice my mother did not receive. The past may a be a part of who I am, but I do not let it define me as an artist. Nor should you allow these marks to identify your own being.” He concluded.

Toriko stared up at her classmate in awe and then saw her hands tangled with his. She then shed one final tear before turning to the muted television one more time. She then smiled gently before turning back to Yusuke.

“I finally gained my justice again because of you guys, and I appreciate everything that you’ve done.” Toriko said, cleansing away her tears. She then realized that Yusuke was finger framing her angelic face and she stared at him with puzzlement.

“Why are you-?” Toriko asked him before he inched closer to her.

“A woman’s natural beauty has been emerged.” He replied with a smile.

“Are you just saying that to make me feel better or is that a metaphor for something?” Toriko asked, tilting her head curiously.

“A bit of both,” he replied with a charming smile. “You look more like a masterpiece with that look. Your aura screams justice and beauty all at once… I can see this becoming my magnum opus.”

Yusuke then placed his hands onto her shoulders and pinned her down onto the couch. While surprised at first, Toriko got a rush down her spine as she looked up at Yusuke’s grey starlit eyes.

“My sweet dove… I love you too much to let another wretched man harm you.” Yusuke whispered ontop of Toriko’s lips before filling in the small space between them.

Toriko eased into Yusuke’s kiss very quickly. Unlike her brother, who would force himself onto her with his power, Yusuke delicately painted her like a goddess, and made her feel as fit as a sweater. His lithe fingers travelled all the way down to Toriko’s waist while Toriko’s hands rested on Yusuke’s shoulders.

Pulling away, Yusuke saw both fire and stars in Toriko’s eyes. She cooed out his name while stroking his face with her tiny fingers.

There it was. Her justice. Her beauty. Something about the small girl before him was drawing him to her like waves to the ocean. Her passion set anything before her a blaze, and her smile lit up the room around them. It was there he knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that this young lady was meant to be cherished and loved by all means possible.

“Yusuke,” Toriko started, leaning up to Yusuke’s ear. “If you wanted to date me, you could’ve said something.” She whispered softly in his ear before giving it a small kiss. Yusuke’s face flushed pink as he hugged her once more and brought her closer to him. His lips brushed lightly onto Toriko’s shoulder gently, and smiled on her shoulder.

“I think you know my answer, my dove.” He muttered on her shoulder. He then looked up at Toriko and pulled away strands of hair that covered her face. “I don’t just want to date you. I want to make you my masterpiece, Toriko.” His voice registered down a couple of octaves and his hands were massaging Toriko’s waist. Both of these motions sent chills down her spine, but made her smile from ear to ear. Her smile was full of passion. Full of love. She wanted him to be part of her just as she was a part of him.

“Oh, Yusuke… You sly little-” Toriko was cut mid-sentence by Yusuke’s lips once more. Unlike the first kiss, this one was more passionate and full of satisfaction. Yusuke’s tongue tapped Toriko’s upper lip, causing her to gasp lightly and gave Yusuke full exploration of her cavern. Smiling into the kiss, Yusuke paints Toriko’s cavern and fought Toriko’s tongue for dominance in a flightless dance. Her fingers began to mess around with Yusuke’s blue locks while Yusuke’s hands travelled up through Toriko’s white tank top and on her abdomen. His fingers paint light circles on her stomach, causing Toriko to giggle into the kiss.

Yusuke pulled away once more, a trail of saliva keeping them a bit together. After catching her breath, Toriko’s vision was slightly blurred from the amount of passion from the kiss. But as soon as her vision was set, all she could see was her unleashed fox, protecting and cherishing his tiny owl.

“I love you, Yusuke.” She chuckled before pecking his lips once more.

“I love you too.” Yusuke replied, pressing his forehead to hers. Then he smirked at her and whispered in Toriko’s ear, “Now, that your justice is served, let me show how I create my magnum opus.”

And from there, the fox and the owl were unleashed, wild, and free.


Meanwhile downstairs, the others began to the sounds of pounding and moaning from upstairs.

“What’s that noise?” Morgana purred.

Then after a moment of pounding, they hear a familiar feminine voice moan out in pleasure.

“Oh God, Yusuke! I think I’m-” the voice stops mid-sentence before letting out a slightly loud moan.

Soijiro chugged down what was left of his drink, and face palmed lightly.

“Whoo, yeah! Get some, Yusuke!” Ryuji cheered, and Ann nudged him in the arm to shut him up.

"I didn't know Inari was such a ladies' man." Futaba giggled.

“Well, the heart wants what it wants.” Makoto sighed while Haru giggled and Ren gave a thumbs up to the ceiling.

Yes, justice was served. While justice is properly served cold, tonight, justice was served hot and steamy.
A Change of Perspective (Yusuke x Toriko)

This is my first fanfic so don't laugh at me and enjoy! And I wanted to write a Yuriko fanfic so badly.

Toriko Akechi belongs to me

Everyone else belongs to Atlus
Love Bites
This is what happens if you give Yusuke too much artistic inspiration. Enjoy!

Toriko Akechi belongs to me
Persona 5 belongs to Atlus
What's up Internet,

I just made a new club for anyone who's interested in showing off their OCs from the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona franchise. For anyone who's interested to sumbit their art, the link is down here:…

Thanks for the support!


AJ-McNerdy's Profile Picture
Alexandria Hogan
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
What's up internet? This is AJ-McNerdy! I'm a BA Theater Arts Major at Salem State University, but I do this as a hobby. I enjoy anime and cartoons, and mainly draw OC stuff. If you ever want to draw my OCs, make sure you credit me and enjoy my art!



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