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Hey-o, beautifuls! Peanuts - Snoopy Finger Guns Commissions are officially open (and now with the added feature of Sketch Dumps)! To contact me about a commission, please either send me a private message on DA, Tumblr, or Twitter. Payment can be in either USD via PayPal or DeviantArt Points (though I do retain the right to turn down commissions paid in points).

DA Points Calculator

-All Fandoms
-OCs / OC x Canon
-Real People
-Furries / Sonic
-Most Ships
-Anime / Manga style
-Action Poses

-Certain Ships
-Incest / Excessive Gore/ NSFW (includes profanity and fetish art)
-Excessively Complex Machinery
-Hate Art

*Please note that I have the right to turn down any commission I don’t feel comfortable with* 

In your message, please detail what you’d like me to draw and include a reference pic if you want me to draw a real person, an OC, or a personal redesign (don’t worry about the quality of the reference, I can work from very little). If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

If you are unable to commission me but still want to support my work, please consider donating points here!
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Where are the prices in USD and points ?
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USD prices are listed on the commissions sheet. You can use the link to the Points Calculator I included to see how those prices would equate to DA points.
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'ts a good thing im doing commissions too!
(bribe everyone to get art using munnyyyyy X3)
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For the sketch dump commission, how many characters can I get in the sketch dump and what's the max number of sketches? 
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You can request as many characters in the sketch dump as you'd like. The number of sketches I'd be willing to do is between 3-7 (depending on how many characters you want in there).
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Your recent drawing say it was done with points, but I don't see point prices on this commission sheet. What's the point equivalent for each style? 
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There's actually a very helpful Points Calculator that converts USD into their equivalent point amount.

DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade

(I should probably put this in the description)
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Hmmm...Rather good prices *ponders and goes to check his wallet*
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