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quick thing for PixelFanci really just because I felt like it
character belongs to PixelFanci  
I don't even think I have a pink shirt, but I will have one soon, so excited for that
Now I love how that one turned out-
this one got a sex change and a darker color palette 
The Original One was made in a trade by Orlando-Rain/wiinterkiings (they deactivated their account- I don't know if they have another one now or not, if anyone knows let me know)

that third outfit was a pain because I don't do complex stuff unless provided with a suitable reference (so not sure why I had to do this to myself, guess I just imagined him being fancy without wearing a dress that's clearly supposed to be for a more feminine person)
I wasn't feeling like working on the thing that was planned for today (which is kinda sad because I was looking forward to get to it after my sailor bois) so instead I decided to make some redesigns in hope to finally find a use for these  cuties 
Actually not sure if I ever posted her first ref- she was a design I got in a trade with CrumchyLeaves 
the good thing all these guys can just be thrown into hell and find a place there since there are no rules about what can live there and what not
It's done- and it's huge- I already made it smaller so if you'd zoom in it wouldn't be too big to make out stuff (it's still rather big from what I've seen)
the last four things were the remaining bois that didn't have a specific partner of any kind until then (and still might not have one but I had to pair them up somehow)
(starting to get tired  shouldn't have pulled an all nighter to write this)
Well,well,well- I finally did it- got myself a Paypal, meaning I finally can adjust my prices
so let's just get right into it-


sure thing-
-Animals (both feral and anthro)
(-I will give most things a chance)

maybe (might have to say no but usually I give it a try) -
-Overly complex designs and/or Backgrounds
-Large groups

-any kind of hate art/discrimination
-certain fetishes (not sure which ones specific , would probably depend)
-really anything that would make me feel uncomfortable while drawing it

->I have the right to decline any commission for whatever reason I may have
please respect my choice if I say no to your order- it's not personal by any means

I'll take both points and Paypal - since I'm too lazy to do the math
1€=100 points

I already made a pricelist on paper but it doesn't look "professional" if I just gave you that
however, I still liked it so take it- (just skip it if you want)

Untitled by AJ-H
*though there's one important note you could take from this- for certain things I can work on either my computer
or the tablet (there is a difference within lines (coloring to an extend) and shading) but that doesn't apply for everything
so if you prefer the tablet version please specify it, otherwise the computer will be the default option
I will provide examples for both in the categories where both are an option
Also- I can't provide a transparent background on the computer, but I can transfer the file onto the tablet and do it there,
so if you should want a transparent background you should let me know beforehand (sometimes it might be to late to do it afterwards)


will be-
-Simplified/cartoonish design
-Simple shading
-No/Basic Background

(Additional character +5€ (2nd) +4€ (each following))
- up to +3€ for detail (separate for each)


Gotar3 by AJ-HSweetnumber2 (CT) by AJ-HWhydidwedothis by AJ-H

will be-
-Waist-/hip-/ or thigh-up (up to me)
-Regular style
-Regular shading
-No/Basic Background

(Additional character +6€ (each following))
- up to +5€ for detail (separate for each)


Loyalcustomer by AJ-HBowtothejerk by AJ-HHalfabun (Art Trade) by AJ-H

will be-
-Regular style
-Regular shading
-No/Basic Background

(Additional character +8€ (each following))
- up to +5€ for detail (separate for each)


itsgoatboi(art trade) by AJ-Hidktm (CT) by AJ-H239 by AJ-H

Reference Sheet-
A Basic ref sheet will(most likely) contain-
-One flat colored Fullbody (including color palette)
-One uncolored Profile Headshot
-Close-up of Eye(s) (either just one or both- depending on the importance)
-A few additional infos (if given)

Starting at 10€/1000p- up to +5€ for detail
(Additional things such as alternative clothing,
back view, additional/explanatory sketches will add on to the price)


Agathy by AJ-Hnewclothessamejerk by AJ-HWhy by AJ-H

-Full Illustration
->Character+ Background
->Both regular style and shading

Starting at 15€/1500p
(please note that the price may vastly increase depending on what exactly you want)


Ssunsset (art trade) by AJ-H  Snugglestruggle (Art trade) by AJ-HSol-031 by AJ-H

->Either a couple messy "sketches" or
->A few (meaning less than a couple) colored "sketches" (will be a mix of colored and uncolored)

Starting at 12€/1200p
(please note that the price may vastly increase depending on what exactly you want)

example (I don't have an actual sketchpage example for the tablet but the third one is pretty close to it (just pretend as if the shading was either messy or not there at all)

special agent jam (SP-CT) by AJ-H Myboyfriendsaunicorntree-andhowsyourday? by AJ-H thedaythatnevercomes by AJ-H


The process of ordering and paying pretty much remains the same as before-

->If you like to order something, write me a note (it's easier for me to find your order in my notes than in the comments)

->In your note I need the following informations :
-what type of Commission you want (Doodle, Full Illustration, etc)
-a reference of the character(s)
preferably digital and fully colored (flat) but if not I can also work with
traditional references or shaded drawings but be aware that it will lead to
me "guessing" the colors
-anything else I should know
which could be a certain pose, Personality,
specific things Design-wise,any other additional thing, etc
Note that whatever information you don't give me I can't know,
so please if you have something specific in mind/don't want something specific let me know
(-your method of paying (points/Paypal) would be nice to know as well)

->If I accept your order I will be creating a sketch and show it to you
sketches will be messy- I'll try to make them look decent enough so you can see what I'm going for
(in case you'd like an example of my (actual) sketches you can go to my scraps, there you should find some)
creating the sketch might take up to one week (usually it doesn't)
I will change/adjust things if you're not fine with it, though only to a certain extend,
like I won't redo the whole sketch 10 times- that's why I ask you to be specific if needed

->If you're fine with the sketch, you then can send the payment
if you pay with points just give them through the "give" option
if you pay with with Paypal I'll give you my Email or send you an invoice, whatever you prefer
-I will only continue your order once I've received the payment
Be aware that I won't issue any refunds after this-
the only reason I would refund you your money/points would be if It would take me way too long to finish your Commission

->I'll finish your order- done
finishing your order might take up to one month- usually it doesn't though but in case I would have more
than one order at a time I can't be expected to have them all done within a week (or I just can't work on it right now)
so please have a little patience - I tend to inform the commissioner when I will have what done and what my
time management looks like (having said that- if -after one month (counting from after the sketch was accepted that is)-
I still haven't finished your Commission you can demand a refund)

f there are any questions just ask (I'll probably have forgotten something anyways so-), i'll try not to bite
have a nice day


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