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Khaybar by Jelle Dekkers


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I wanted to make something that could do everything I wanted it to without taking up my entire desktop, and I was quite inspired by the top bar in Elementary OS. So this is what I did. This 'top bar' is NOT a replacement for the taskbar or any other Windows functionality. Unfortunately, you really do need the latest version of Rainmeter for this skin.

As always, right click the skin and press 'Settings...' to change the settings. You can replace the user image in Khaybar\@ Resources.

I don't usually make skins this big, so please report any issues you might encounter :)

Change log
  • Added the option to have the calendar in the Time module start on Sundays instead of Mondays.
  • The weather parser will no longer parse weather info if the module isn't included.
  • Fixed the offset of the first module if 'Module01' was left empty (in which case the first would be Module02 or 03, etc).
  • Greatly reduced the amount of errors reported by Rainmeter.
  • Changed the display of the currently displayed month in the Time module to be a full length month instead of a number.
  • Added a 'free floating' mode, which will allow you to place the skin anywhere without using the Alignment and Padding options. I do not recommend using this however.
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I'm having trouble connecting Spotify to music player. What do we change in settings? I already have WebNowPlaying

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You have to set up Spicetify as well, there's a link to the guide on how to do that in the settings.

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Do you want to use the music player without the bar? Anyways, undo al of the changes you've made, and in @ Resources\, change the Player option to 'WebNowPlaying' and follow the guide for Spotify which you can find right below the Player option.

How can i use the music player Deezer?

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I use Roboto for everything :)

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ty so much ! :)

Hey man awsome work. But how do I get the music player working. 'Nowplaying' lets me play/pause. But no album art/ title/ album. Everything is N/A.

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What player are you using? Foobar2000, MusicBee, or something else?

Microsoft Groove Music.

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UWP apps are not compatible with Rainmeter, sorry.

Oh..... But thanks man. For the quick reply and the insanly good looking rain meter skin. Seriously awesome work.

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I assume you're using local files to play music rather than streaming it? If so, I recommend Foobar2000, which is compatible with RM. It won't look as good as Groove, but it's extremely versatile. It also has a bit of a learning curve.

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here is my setup really loving this setup

huge thanks to this guy and that youtube video

link -

Screenshot 2021-08-25 163253
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nlg that setup pops because of your rainmeter skin

and for this wallpaer

very nice choice of wallpaper

can you make windows 11 start menu rainmeter skin that exactly look like windows 11 for windows 10 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee make

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how do i change weather?

Hey, i love it. Im new to this rainmeter. Your skin is my first one that i have ever used. I have one question, why is the picture of the song blurry, i downloaded the spotify thingy, and it works flawlessly, well except the picture is blurred. Can you help me, thank you in advance.

Looks amazing!! Also where canI find this wallpaper?

how do i put the music player to show when im putting songs

and profile picture

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I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to say about the music player, but you can change the profile picture by replacing User.jpg in the Resources folder of the skin.

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