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Cleartext (JD Edition) by Jelle Dekkers


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The title says it all: this is my take on the Cleartext skin by Redsaph. I heard it got an update that fixed most of the problems, but I checked it out and it's still pretty lacking in customizability, in my opinion. So, here's my version of Cleartext.

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does it support grove music?, if it does how to set it up?

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Does it work with tidal?

still no fix for spotify ?

how do i use it i am using spotify? its not working

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Spicetify is broken at the moment because of a new Spotify update. Please wait for a fix.

how can i make it work?

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What player are you using?

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You need to follow this guide: and then set the skin to use 'WebNowPlaying' as the player.

What i connect to spotify?

anyway to rotate or skew the text?

i use spotify and im confused how i can get it working, i have installed spicetify and selected WebNowPlaying and it isnt showing the song

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You need to use `spicetify config extensions webnowplaying.js` to install webnowplaying on spicetify.

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Make sure you've set up Spicetify correctly or try restarting Rainmeter. If you still need help, my Discord server is the best way to contact me. Here's the link for that:

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Awesome! Thank you. :)

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