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Remus Lupin



Yay for original titles >_>

I felt like doing some Harry Potter fanart since I'm going to watch n°7 part 2 (hopefully) in a few weeks at the cinema :D
So I drew my favourite character Remus Lupin (again XD).
(I think I've decided I prefer him a bit more than Sirius Black).
This is sort of like another version of this old picture [link] except here I've drawn him as an adult. Plus this one's much better personaly.

Anyway, so this is him in human and werewolf form :) I'm not sure how the werewolf is suppost to look like, so I just drew a wolf XD
I like this picture, but something seems off about it :P What do you guys think of it?

Btw, his look is based off the films. I don't remember how I pictured the characters before watching the films :P
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LUPIN! :la:
This is really good, I love how you did the creases in his clothes, and everything else looks great! :aww: I can't wait to see Part 2 :la: