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September 17, 2008
plush toast keychain tutorial by ~aiwa-9 is a fantastic easy to follow tutorial - I made one of these little guys myself and found it a real help for the novice plushie maker.
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plush toast keychain tutorial

By aiwa-9
I made this in MS Paint, so it might be a bit pixelated.

This tutorial is made for those ppl who wants to start plushie making in an easy way.

That's why I choose to do a piece of toast XD It's fairly simple & straight forward.

Well...actually, I am planning to start a breakfast keychain plushie series, but school is starting TOMORROW!

So, I don't know when is the next time I can start making plushies again T-T and I probably won't have time to finish the "Nyanko Fries" to go along w/ the Nyanko Burger for the junk food contest either....oh well

Thanks to :iconhanratty-stock: for the DD feature
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ashe14's avatar
Sorry but I dont get the +/x for the eyes. :(

EDIT: Now I get it. XDDD Thanks for this tutorial btw :))
Bigsisnat533's avatar
Nice tutorial! I made a piece of (over toasted) toast. It's not nearly as good as yours, but here's a link if you want to check it out.
ElizaTeny's avatar
So adorable! ty for the tutorial :)
sandkitten16's avatar
holeh crap thank you XD i could never figure how to get the eyes sewn on, and i could never figure how the heck to get the little bead chain on there. that little toast you made is so cute~
Gwendolinh's avatar
stumbleupon brought me here. This is super adorable, thanks for making it.
crossglaive's avatar
Thank you so much for the cute tutorial! :love:
starshine925's avatar
u embroider on the eyes sooo well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GF00's avatar
This may seem like a silly request since you are so good at sewing and this is a super basic thing, but could you please make a tutorial on how to finish the string and hide it when you are done sewing?

The hardest part I have when I make felt plushies is tying off my string and then trying to conceal the knot at the end.

Also thanks for this great tutorial! It's super super cute ^^
ZombieUnicorn41's avatar
Thank you for the awesome tutorial :hug: I used it here [link] :)
runningfreely's avatar
Hi! :D
Thank you for that awesome tutorial ^^ I've used i
t for making that toast: [link]
wardnah's avatar
That looks soo fun to make! :3
artemecia's avatar
munchii3's avatar
the is amazing. thank you so much
PurpleMoonFang's avatar
what kind of stitch do you use to bond the white and brown?
starshine925's avatar
sorry i meant fell stitch for sewing on the white part and blanket stitch for around it
starshine925's avatar
AlexanderCupcakes's avatar
I think it was a fell stitch but I could be wrong
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