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Waluigi Time

a few people suggested that I make a Waluigi Picture. And since he has become one of my favorite characters on Nintendo, I had to draw him :love: (because I always pick the cracked-out eccentric characters. or the cool villains)

Also, here's Daisy

:star: Also You can buy a print of this! >>> [link]

:star: Commissions are open [link] :D
Animosity Sonata drunkduck has been acting weird lately, so here's the Smackjeeves site>>> [link]

:star: Prints! [link]
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Nice! Waluigi looks wonderful in your style!
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I'm not a huge fan of him, but I even have to say that this is amazing. O.o
Its eary and cool.
And yeah, his laugh is funny though. :D
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this painting is god like.
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lol thank you :D
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thats ausome

great work done here
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I have an unhealthy love for this guy, so I find this pretty awesome. :crazy:

I almost like him better than actual Luigi, lol.
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lol same here :love:
I do like him more than the
real Luigi
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Expecting Luigi to finally get some spotlight?
I have to admit, he has a certain charm. That's probably why I replaced Pit with him in Brawl.
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I wish I can play waluigi in Brawl :\
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[link] Right here, and as a bonus, it gets rid of that cheap little prick Pit. His B's range is underpowered if you ask me, and there's no sound (I'm trying to get a pack together), but he's a fully functional character, complete with different colours.
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what?? How did they hack the game like that? :wow:
This is the wii right?
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Yeah. If you haven't updated your Wii, it's actually pretty easy. I had JUST updated mine, so I had to use this elaborate method of deleting all of my custom stages to get Homebrew Channel installed.
Still, once it's all set up, altering the fighters with mods others have made is quite easy.
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Sweet! It won't mess up you're memory
or saved progress will it?
I bet you can get other characters too! :D
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[link] Aside from maybe having to transfer all of your custom stages to an SD card, desynced wifi, and replays not working in modded Brawl (because they remember button presses, rather than what happened), it's perfectly fine. You keep all of your records and characters (and could basically cheat if you wanted).
Plenty. There are a few Shadow mods, but I found one which is way more fun than Sonic.
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Sweet!! I think you just made my Friday afternoon lol.
I have to check this out. Thanks! :w00t:
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OH MY GOSH I LOVE WALUIGI! This is super cool~
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Thank you!!! :)
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