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[ - still nothing... - ]

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2009, 2:36 AM
  • Listening to: Rex and Weevil Watch AMV's
  • Reading: Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

-----> dA Family</b><-----



No... no art, nothing |D;


IT'S OVER 1,000!!!!ONE!!1!!11

yeah, the deviations in my watchbox were over 1,000 :dead:
So I had to force myself to stop watching a few :iconmoarplz: artist, and quite more clubs T____T

but in other news...

Kris was actually visiting from Friday to tonight. He left a few hours ago.
I was SO suppose to update my LJ for what's been happening this week but I got no time D:

Next week I'm going to be at a one-day job from 8am - 7pm |D; so yeah, I'll prolly be f'n tired b/c it's an 11 hour shift, and I'm helping move crap from one place to another, neh?

I'm torn about what to commish pidge for D: I can't decide! :cries:

I did get a $2 commish from :icondemandincompensation: for that thing about helping that chick get some surgury or something:
$2 Commission- Luxray by DemandinCompensation
view her artist comments for more info and such.

Mostly watching Wallace play Condemed 2 on Kris PS3 when I was in there with them. or other randomness that was going on in Wallace's room.
and then had their little cycles of coming into my room and bothering me for the hell of it.
I really will try update my LJ with lots of crap that's been going on XD; I'll TRY.

but... I'm in an art block
I really am. I CAN'T draw. AT ALL.
I have ideas, but I can't get them out, or they fly outta my head, or I just can't pick up my tablet for them. (seems like my paper and pencils have a ward on them, I can't touch them...)

Chattin' with pidge about Narutoverse related things. she's working on one of her OC's, so she mostly just asks me things. We and up trading info on our OC's. I really should give Kitra more attention |D;
She's more developed than Aisu is at least XD; poor poor Aisu |D;;;

Been listening to my 3OH!3 album...
and lovin' it ~<3
seems my other two fav songs [besides the two I mentioned before that I already knew] are Colorado Sunrise and I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby. but PunkBitch was interesting. I'm always doing something else while I'm listening to the song XD; but Hollat Til You Pass Out is playing atm and it sounds interesting too X3 LOL somehow it's got me thinking about Condemed 2 some more.

and WANT [the album name] has given me a few new ideas for images to draw.

As for my poll:

Is Someone Getting The best, the best, the best of you?

deviants said has someone taken your faith? it's real, the pain you feel
deviants said D: but... I do like this song!
deviants said You trust, you must, confess
deviants said Make a real poll, damit Aisu!
deviants said 8D will you be drawing something to this song next...?
deviants said [other]
deviant said nothing kills a boner faster than the foo fighters
deviant said heh-heh... this song sucks.
deviant said Why yes, they are! It sure isn't YOU.
deviant said no... I'm all yours~ :heart:

Wow... ever option was choosen at least once XD; amazing...

*This answer barely got more votes than the others. I remember last time I checked it was a five-way tie or something XD
I did like this line though <3

*you do like this song? that's nice <3

*Oh yes, I loved this line too |D;
though I think I mostly included it to put it below the option that ended up getting the most votes.

*No! I refuse to make a real poll! didn't you see my reasons as to why I'm on dA?

*8D; how could you tell I wanted to draw something to this song too! I actually have a few ideas yes, but it's more due to LK's vid about Rex and Weevil Watching AMV's xD; sorta. Ah, I don't think I could explain it to you.

*oh yes, one of my most hated options to include... [other]

*"It's like, I'll need to listen to some Pearl Jam if I'm going to, you know, sow my seed.  heh-heh"

*|D; orly nao? did you change the channel?

*D: why do you torment me this way!?

*Awe... are you fo' srs? :iconhuggleplz:

Ah well, got some Meme's to put up |D

stolen from :iconsamantha-kun:

1. List facts for 10 different people you want to say but will never tell them out loud.
2. Don't reveal who they are.
3. You can comment but don't answer to guesses. The idea is that no one knows who the facts are indicated to.
4. Tag three (3) people.

1. Do you seriously think we could ever make it work between us...?

2. You've dissapointed me so many times... why do I still believe in you?

3. I REALLY admire you. More than I could ever find ways to express.

4. Can't you say I Love you just once? Seriously I mean?

5. I actually do think I could try you on for size...

6. I. HATE. Your personality. SO. FUCKIN'. MUCH. That's why we don't talk anymore. I can't stand being around you anymore.

7. Was it really because of persuasion from her why you killed yourself? Was it just an accident? Were you just kidding around and it happened anyway? Or was it b/c of the booze and drugs?

8. Did you really love him more than me...? I know you cared for both of us but still...

9. Just how badly do you want to tell me what to do?

10. Was she worth it? After all that's happned, was she?

this is a really long one...


[x] Female
[ ] Male

[ ] 10-13
[ ] 13-17
[ ] 18-21
[x] 21-older
[ ] Guess.

[ ] Middle School
[ ] High School
[ ] Home School
[x] College/University
[ ] Don't go to school.
[ ] Guess.

[ ] Asian.
[ ] Caucasian
[ ] Black/African Descent.
[ ] East Indian.
[ ] Latino/Hispanic.
[ ] Middle Eastern.
[ ] Native American.
[ ] Pacific Islander.
[x] Other. [First Nations, like Canadian Native American's]

Living Arrangments.
[ ] House.
[ ] Apartment.
[ ] Condominium.
[ ] Trailer.
[ ] Mansion.
[x] Other. [town house]
[ ] Homeless.

Living with ...
[ ] Parent(s).
[ ] Your kid(s).
[ ] Entire family (nuclear & extended family).
[x] Relative(s) (grandparents, siblings, aunt/uncle, cousins, etc).
[ ] Significant other (wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc).
[ ] Roommate(s). (Housemate.)
[x] Pet(s). [gerbils]
[ ] Alone.

Sexual Orientation.
[ ] Straight.
[ ] Gay/Lesbian.
[ ] Bisexual.
[ ] Not sure.
[x] Rather not say.

Marital Status.
[x] Single.
[ ] Single, and looking.
[ ] Single, and loving it.
[ ] Single, and hating it.
[ ] In a relationship, and loving it.
[ ] In a relationship, and hating it.
[ ] In a relationship, and not sure of it.
[ ] Engaged, and loving it.
[ ] Engaged, and hating it.
[ ] Enagaged, and not sure.
[ ] Married, and loving it.
[ ] Married, and hating it.
[ ] Married, and not sure of it.
[ ] Divorced, and loving it.
[ ] Divorced, and hating it.
[ ] Widowed, and loving it.
[ ] Widowed, and hating it.
[ ] Swinger.


Hair Type.
[x] Straight. [Naturally, but the ends do curl a bit]
[ ] Curly.
[ ] Wavy.
[ ] Nappy.
[ ] Wouldn't know, dont have hair.

Hair Length.
[ ] Very short.
[ ] Short.
[x] Medium. [want it long again...]
[ ] Long.
[ ] Very long.
[ ] None, I'm bald.

Hair Color.
[ ] Blonde.
[ ] Brunette/Brown.
[ ] Black.
[ ] Red.
[ ] Gray.
[ ] White.
[x] I have more than one color.
[x] I've dyed my hair.
[ ] I have never dyed my hair.
[x] My hair is currently dyed.
[ ] My current hair color is my natural hair color.
[x] My current hair color is NOT my natural hair color. [it's a mixture XD]
[ ] I'm bald.


Eye Color.
[ ] Blue eyes.
[ ] Hazel eyes.
[ ] Gray eyes.
[x] Brown eyes.
[ ] Green eyes.
[ ] I have heterochromia.
[ ] I wear color contacts.
[ ] I don't like the color of my eyes.
[x] I like the color of my eyes.
[ ] My eyes change color.

[x] I have glasses.
[ ] I have contacts.
[ ] I have glasses but don't wear them.
[ ] I have contacts but don't wear them.
[ ] I need glasses.
[x] I've had glasses/contacts for a while/long time.
[ ] I've had glasses/contacts just recently.
[ ] I only use them for reading/driving.
[x] I always use my glasses/contacts. [unless I'm sleeping, swimming, or bathing]
[x] I'm nearsighted. [I think?]
[ ] I'm farsighted.
[ ] I have perfect vision.
[ ] I'm blind as a bat.
[ ] I don't need glasses/contacts.
[ ] I want glasses/contacts.
[ ] I hate wearing glasses/contacts.
[ ] I'm embarassed wearing glasses.
[x] I don't care, as long as I can see what I'm doing.


[ ] 4' (feet) or shorter.
[ ] 4' - 5'
[x] 5' - 6'
[ ] 6' - 7'
[ ] 7' or taller.
[ ] I'm really/etremely short for my age.
[ ] I'm short for my age.
[ ] I'm average for my age.
[x] I'm tall for my age. [I always was growing up]
[ ] I'm very tall for my age.
[ ] I get made fun of my height a lot.
[x] I get made fun of my height sometimes.
[ ] No one's ever made fun of my height.
[ ] It hurts my feelings sometimes.
[x] I get annoyed/mad when they do. [it can annoy me at times]
[ ] I don't really care.
[ ] I like my height.
[ ] I hate my height.
[ ] If I could, I'd change my height.
[x] I'm fine with my height. [got used to it]

Body Type.
[x] Slim/Slender. [I really don't know, but I'm told I'm rather skinny, and I have long/slender fingers as well]
[ ] Athletic.
[ ] Average.
[ ] Some extra baggage.
[ ] More to love!
[ ] Body Builder.
[ ] Morbidly Obese.
[ ] I rather not say.
[x] I'm ok with my body.
[ ] I hate my body.
[ ] I love my body.
[ ] I workout alot.
[ ] I sometimes workout.
[x] I rarely/never workout. [I do a lot of walking, but don't really have exercises I do that I'd call a workout]


[x] My ear(s) are pierced.
[ ] I recently got them pierced.
[ ] I've had them pierced since I was little.
[ ] I have more than 2 ear piercings.
[ ] I have less than 2 ear piercings.
[ ] My ears aren't pierced.
[ ] I have things other than my ears pierced.
[ ] My nose is pierced.
[ ] It's not, but I want it pierced.
[ ] My eyebrow(s) are pierced.
[ ] It's not, but I want it pierced.
[ ] My lip is pierced.
[ ] It's not, but I want it pierced.
[ ] My tongue is pierced.
[ ] It's not, but I want it pierced.
[ ] My navel (belly button) is pierced.
[ ] I have piercings in weird places.
[ ] I have more than 10 piercings on my body.
[ ] I want to get more percings.
[ ] I don't have any piercings at all.
[ ] I don't want to get anything pierced.
[ ] I can't get anything pierced.
[ ] I used to have piercings

[ ] I have a tattoo.
[ ] I have some tattoos.
[ ] I have many tattoos.
[x] I don't have a tattoo.
[x] I want a tattoo.
[ ] I had my first tattoo before the age of 18.
[ ] I did my own tattoo.
[ ] I have a tattoo that I hate.
[ ] I had a tattoo when I was drunk or high.
[ ] I love the feeling of getting a tattoo.
[ ] I hate the feeling of getting a tattoo.
[ ] I'm not allowed to get a tattoo.
[ ] I like when the opposite sex has some tattoos.
[ ] I hate when the opposite sex has some tattoos.
[ ] I've been judged from my tattoos.
[ ] Especially from old people.
[ ] I think it's cool that old people have tattoos. [no opinion on it]
[ ] I think it's creepy that old people have tattoos.
[ ] Tattoos are gross.
[ ] Tattoos are awesome.


Nuclear Family.
[x] I know who my biological mom is.
[x] I know who my biological dad is.
[ ] I never met my biological mom.
[ ] I never met my biological dad.
[ ] I'm adopted.
[ ] I'm/was an orphan.
[ ] My dad passed away recently or when I was born/a kid.
[ ] My mom passed away recently or when I was born/a kid.
[ ] My dad's in jail.
[ ] My mom's in jail.
[ ] My parents are still together.
[x] My parents are seperated.
[ ] My parents divorced.
[x] My parents never married. [they had in our culture, but not for cacausian culture with the papers ans ceremony and everything]
[x] I'm closer to my mom.
[ ] I'm closer to my dad.
[ ] I'm close with both.
[ ] I'm not close to either of them.
[ ] I have a stepparent.
[ ] I like my stepparent.
[ ] I hate my stepparent.
[x] I have sibling(s).
[ ] I have a sibling(s) that's in jail.
[ ] I'm an only child.
[x] I have half-sibling(s). [dad's side]
[ ] I have stepsibling(s).
[x] I like my sibling(s).
[x] I like my half-sibling(s).
[ ] I like my stepsibling(s).
[ ] I hate my sibling(s).
[ ] I hate my half-silbling(s).
[ ] I hate my stepsibling(s).
[ ] I've never met my silbing(s).
[ ] I've never met my half -sibling(s).
[ ] I love being an only child.
[ ] I hate being an only child.
[x] I love having sibling(s).
[ ] I hate having sibling(s).
[ ] I wish I was an only child. [NEVER]
[x] I'm the oldest. [of all the children]
[ ] I'm the youngest.
[ ] I'm the middle child.
[ ] I argue w/ my parent(s) alot.
[ ] I get along really well w/ my parent(s).
[x] I hardly talk to my parent(s) [my dad anyway]
[x] I don't live w/ my parent(s). [not my dad, hardly my mom XD]
[ ] Thank God.
[ ] Nooo, I miss them. :[
[x] I live w/ my parent(s). [mom, technically]
[ ] And I'm over 30 years old.
[ ] My parent(s) are strict.
[ ] My parent(s) are easy.
[ ] My parent(s) are extremely overprotected.
[ ] My parent(s) don't really care.
[ ] My parent(s) still hits me, if I need a good whooping.
[ ] My parent(s) never punished me.
[ ] My parent(s) say they're gonna punish me, but never do.
[ ] I have a older sister.
[ ] I have a older brother.
[ ] I have a younger sister.
[x] I have a younger brother.
[ ] I have a baby sister.
[ ] I have a baby brother.
[ ] I'm a twin.
[ ] I'm a triplet.
[ ] I have twin siblings.
[ ] I have triplet siblings.
[ ] I wish I were a twin or triplet.

Extended Family.
[ ] My maternal (mom's side) grandmother is stll alive.
[ ] My maternal grandfather is still alive.
[x] My paternal (dad's side) grandmother is still alive.
[ ] My paternal grandfather is still alive.
[ ] My great grandparents are still alive.
[ ] I've never met my grandparents from my dad's side.
[x] I've never met my grandparents from my mom's side. [never met mom's dad]
[ ] I've never met my grandparents because they died before I was born.
[x] I was raised by my grandparent(s). [sorta, when I lived with dad]
[ ] I have step grandparent(s).
[/] I hate my family. [sometimes]
[/] I love my family.
[x] I have alot of cousins. [LOTS of cousins...]
[x] I have a lot of aunts & uncles. [mostly aunties, only a few uncles]
[ ] I don't have a really big family.
[x] I have a HUGE family.
[x] I have relatives (that are alive) that I still haven't met.
[ ] I have relatives all over the world. [in other parts of Canada for sure, pretty sure some in the US, dunno about anywhere else]
[ ] All my relatives live close to each other.
[x] My family's fucked up. [totally]
[ ] I have a good wholesome family. [LOL hell no.]
[x] My family has a lot of deep secrets.
[x] I hardly see my family. [most of them I don't see, not since I moved to where I am]
[ ] All I ever see is my family, they're everywhere.
[ ] I've had friend(s) that I call brother(s)/sister(s) or cousin(s).
[x] I'm the black sheep in my family. [both sides |D;]
[ ] I love family reunions.
[ ] I hate family reunions.
[x] I've never have/been to a family reunion.
[ ] I've never seen my family from my dad's side.
[ ] I've never seen my family from my mom's side.
[x] I have a mean grandma/grandpa. [paternal grandma]
[x] I have a nice grandma/grandpa. [paternal grandpa]
[ ] I've gotten my butt whooped by my grandma/grandpa.
[ ] Someone in my family's in jail. [they had been, not atm]
[x] My best memories come from being w/ my family.
[x] My worst memories come from being w/ my family.

When you were a kid.
[x] I was a good kid.
[ ] I was a bad kid.
[x] I was a shy kid. [for some of my childhood]
[x] I was a funny kid.
[ ] I was a mean kid.
[x] I was bullied around. [for a while]
[ ] I bullied kids around.
[ ] I was never bullied.
[x] Kids are cruel.
[ ] Kids are sweet.
[x] I was made fun of alot.
[ ] I made fun of people alot.
[ ] I got my ass kicked all the time.
[ ] I always kicked people's asses.
[ ] I'm surprised I never got my ass kicked.
[x] I loved school. [for some things, but not always]
[ ] I hated school.
[x] I was a good student. [until the last years of college]
[ ] I was a bad student.
[ ] I always had a note attached to my shirt.
[ ] I knew it was a bad note, so I'd rip it off.
[ ] Teachers didn't like me.
[x] Teachers loved me. [most of them]
[x] Things were easy back then.
[x] Things were hard back then.
[ ] I miss being a kid.
[ ] I hated being a kid.
[ ] I had a great childhood.
[ ] I had an OK childhood.
[x] I had a bad childhood.
[ ] I had a horrible childhood.
[ ] I don't remember my childhood that much.
[ ] I'm still the same kid.
[x] I've changed a lot.
[ ] Both.


In General.
[ ] I'm not picky at all.
[ ] I'm a bit picky.
[x] I'm EXTREMELY picky.
[ ] I have food allergies.
[x] I don't have food allergies. [that I know of]
[x] I rather cook my own food than go out. [cooked for but not out? LOL]
[ ] I rather go out than cook my own food.
[ ] I don't know how to cook.
[x] I can cook some things.
[ ] I can't cook to save my life.
[x] I can make cereal!
[x] I love takeout.
[ ] I love fastfood.
[x] I love junkfood.
[ ] I hate takeout.
[ ] I hate fastfood.
[ ] I hate junkfood.
[ ] I'm a healthfreak when it comes to food.
[ ] I always look at how many calories I'm eating.
[x] I never look at how many calories there is.
[ ] What's a calorie?
[ ] I always watch what/how/& how much I eat.
[x] When I'm hungry, I don't give a fuck.
[ ] I'm a vegitarian/vegan.
[x] I'm a omnivore
[ ] I'm a carnivore.
[ ] I'm a herbivore.
[x] I don't think I can ever be a vegitarian/vegan. [I don't love meat, but not eating it at all wouldn't be something I would wanna do]
[ ] I cook my own food.
[x] I wait for my parent(s)/relative(s)/significant other to cook, so I can eat.
[ ] I usually order something to eat (resturant/fastfood/etc).
[x] My parent(s)/significant other know how to cook.
[ ] My parent(s)/significant other can't cook for shieeet.
[x] There's always food in my house.
[ ] There's never food in my house.
[ ] I eat at other people's house. [I don't like to eat at other ppl's houses]
[ ] I raid my friend's refridgerator/cabinets.
[ ] We're cool like that.
[ ] Not really.
[ ] I'm trying to lose weight.
[ ] I'm trying to gain weight.
[ ] I eat when I'm sad/happy/etc.
[x] I'm the opposite, when I'm sad, depressed, etc, I don't eat.
[ ] The microwave is my friend. [nooooo. Long story |D;]
[ ] I almost set the kitchen on fire.
[ ] More than once.
[ ] Everytime I try to cook something the smoke detector goes off.
[x] Everyone loves my cooking. [but I rarely cook]
[x] We usually go to the grocery store or super market to buy food.
[ ] We have to go to a warehouse like Costco, or Sam's Club to buy our food. [Jose works at the local warehouse so we get food there sometimes]
[x] The food in our house finishes quick.
[ ] Right after we go shopping for food, I always say "There's nothing to eat".
[x] My parent(s)/significant other hates when I say that. [mom does. b/c she just calls me too picky to eat what's there or too lazy to make somethng XD]
[ ] I drink from the bottle or carton and put it back. [Noooo]
[ ] I used to do that.
[x] That's fracking disgusting.
[ ] Other people in my house do that.
[ ] I mostly drink water/flavored water.
[x] I mostly drink juice.
[ ] I mostly drink soda. [disgusting!]
[ ] I mostly drink milk. [I can't... it upsets my stomach]
[ ] I mostly drink beer.
[ ] I drink anything, I'm fucking thirsty.
[x] I can't eat without drinking something. [I can, but prefer not to]
[ ] I can't drink without eating something.
[ ] I can eat without drinking something.
[x] I can drink without eating something.
[x] I know how to read directions on the box/cooking book.
[ ] There's directions?!
[ ] I'm a danger to myself & others when I use a knife.
[ ] I can't peel foods w/ a knife (ie: potatos, onions, etc)
[x] I learned how to cook at a young age.
[ ] I'm just learning.
[ ] I never learned how to cook.
[x] I've gone a day or more without eating because we don't have enough food or money.
[ ] I've used food stamps. [not personlly, but I think mom has before]
[ ] I'm always eating.
[x] Can't help it, I love food.
[ ] I hate food.
[x] I eat a lot & never gain weight.
[ ] I eat alittle & gain 29374729379 lbs.
[ ] I like trying new foods.
[x] I'm good with the same ol' foods I always eat.
[ ] Soup actually doesn't help me when I'm sick.
[ ] I still eat baby foods.
[ ] They bring back memories.
[x] I can't imagine if my sense of smell or taste was gone.
[x] That would suck some hard ass.
[x] I love vegetables.
[ ] I like some vegetables.
[ ] I'm pretty sure vegetables will kill me.
[x] I like fruits.
[ ] I hate fruits.
[x] All this food talking is making me hungry.


Genre of Movies.
[x] Action.
[x] Adventure.
[x] Comedy.
[ ] Drama.
[ ] Horror.
[/] Musicals.
[/] Mystery.
[ ] Romance.
[x] Thriller.
[x] Documentry.
[x] Animation.
[ ] Other.
[ ] None.
[ ] All of them.

[x] Red.
[x] Orange.
[ ] Yellow.
[ ] Green.
[x] Blue.
[x] Purple.
[ ] Pink.
[x] Black.
[x] White.
[ ] Other.
[ ] All.
[ ] None.

Time of the Day.
[x] Morning. [like pre-dawn?]
[ ] Noon.
[ ] Afternoon.
[x] Evening.
[x] Night.

Day of the Week. [I don't really have a preference anymore]
[ ] Sunday.
[ ] Monday.
[ ] Tuesday.
[ ] Wednesday.
[ ] Thursday.
[ ] Friday.
[ ] Saturday.

Month of the Year.
[x] January.
[x] Feburary.
[ ] March.
[ ] April.
[ ] May.
[ ] June.
[ ] July.
[ ] August.
[ ] September.
[ ] October.
[ ] November.
[x] December.

[ ] Fall.
[x] Winter.
[ ] Spring.
[ ] Summer.

Original Skittles.
[ ] Red One.
[ ] Purple One.
[ ] Yellow One.
[ ] Green One.
[ ] Orange One.
[ ] None.
[x] All.

QUICK! What's 2 + 3 =?
[ ] 23.
[ ] 1.
[ ] 7.
[ ] Blue.
[x] Cinco.
[ ] Math is for rectangles. [LAWL]


Your Bed/Sleeping in General.
[ ] A twin size bed.
[ ] A full size bed.
[ ] A queen size bed.
[ ] A king size bed.
[ ] A california king size bed.
[ ] My bed's a futon.
[ ] My bed's an air matress.
[ ] I have a bunkbed.
[ ] I have a waterbed.
[x] I have a soft bed.
[ ] I have a firm bed.
[ ] I prefer my bed soft.
[ ] I prefer my bed firm. [I like it in between...]
[ ] Relatively new bed.
[x] Relatively old bed.
[ ] I have a headboard.
[ ] I have a footboard.
[ ] I do my bed everyday.
[/] I never do my bed.
[/] I sometimes do my bed, if I'm not lazy or late for something.
[ ] I'm forced to do my bed.
[x] I have a bedskirt. [don't use it]
[/] My sheets are old.
[/] I bought my sheets recently. [just got some new sheets, but have old ones too]
[x] I have a comfortor.
[ ] I have a lot of pillows.
[x] I have one pillow.
[x] I sleep alone. [I just fit on my own bed!]
[ ] I sleep w/ my signifcant other.
[ ] I sleep w/ my pet.
[ ] I'm afraid I might squish my pet.
[ ] I sleep w/ stuffed animals.
[ ] I can't sleep w/ stuffed animals.
[ ] I sleep w/ a pillow between my legs.
[ ] I love my bed.
[ ] I hate my bed.
[ ] I want a bigger bed.
[ ] I want a smaller bed.
[x] My bed is squeaky.
[ ] My bed is quiet.
[ ] I always wipe my feet before I get in bed.
[ ] My bedsheets match w/ my room. [LOL hell no]
[x] I have the most randomest bedsheets.
[x] I still have blankets & bedsheets from when I was little. [a blanket I don't use]
[ ] I still sleep w/ them.
[ ] I love when my bedsheets come out of the dryer, so warm.
[ ] When I wake up, everything's on the floor. My pillow, blankets, etc.
[/] I'm a kicker. [used to be]
[ ] I've been told I snore.
[ ] I've been told I grind my teeth.
[/] I've been told I talk in my sleep. [used to, a little]
[ ] I sleepwalk.
[ ] When I wake up my nose is itchy.
[x] I hate waking up.
[ ] I love waking up, so refreshing.
[x] I hate when my room is cold & my bed is so warm. It makes it so hard to get up.
[ ] I love having company in my bed.
[ ] I hate having company in my bed.
[ ] I don't even have a bed. Sad face :C

On Your Walls/Ceiling.
[x] I have tons of posters on my wall(s)/ceiling. [no posters on my ceiling, but fan arts I printed off]
[x] I have tons of pictures on my wal(s)/ceiling.
[ ] I mostly have hot guys on my wall(s)/ceiling.
[ ] I mostly have hot girls on my wall(s)/ceiling.
[ ] I mostly have bands on my wall(s)/ceiling.
[ ] I have movie posters on my wall(s)/ceiling. [none for movies, but I had a 007 one up once]
[ ] My name is somewhere/EVERWHERE in my room.
[x] All four walls have something on them.
[ ] 3 of my walls have something on them.
[ ] 2 of my walls have something on them.
[ ] 1 of my walls have something on them.
[ ] I have flag(s) on my wall(s)/ceiling.
[ ] I have ribbon(s), award(s), and/or medal(s) that I've won, on my wall(s).
[x] I have frame(s) of me, family, or friend(s) on my wall(s). [Ginny's on my cork board above the head of my bed, and one OLD pic of myself, Wallace, Ryan, Em, and Kasia when we were little]
[ ] I can paint my walls.
[ ] My walls are painted something beside white. [an off-white?]
[ ] I have wallpaper.
[ ] I don't have anything on my walls/ceiling.
[x] I can't paint my walls. [rental, though I prolly could I don't need to]
[ ] My walls are white.
[ ] My room is pretty plain.
[ ] & I hate it.
[x] & I'm OK w/ it.
[ ] I have those glowing stars on my ceiling.
[ ] I have a mirror on my ceiling
[/] I love my room. [I love it, but it could be better/bigger]
[ ] I hate my room.
[ ] I don't have a room. :C

Items In Your Room.
[x] I have a window in my room.
[ ] I have more than one window in my room.
[ ] I have no window(s) in my room.
[ ] I have a TV in my room.
[ ] It's pretty big.
[ ] It's medium size.
[ ] It's tiny.
[ ] I have digital cable.
[x] I have my own telephone line in my room.
[x] I have heat in my room. [still cold most of the time b/c mom doesn't want it as high as I usually like it]
[x] I have an A/C. [a fan sorta thing count?]
[x] I have a computer in my room.
[x] I can use the internet on it.
[ ] I have a laptop.
[x] I have a bureau/dressor/vanity. [dresser?]
[x] I have a closet in my room.
[ ] It's a walk-in closet.
[ ] It's a big ass closet.
[x] I have a tiny closet.
[ ] I don't have a closet.
[x] I have a portable fan.
[ ] I have a ceiling fan.
[x] I don't have a fan.
[x] I have an alarm clock.
[x] I have a nightstand.
[ ] I have 2 nightstands.
[x] I have a lamp. [doesn't work. I use a nightlight as my lamp XD;]
[x] I have a lava lamp. [somewhere I think |D;]
[ ] A radio system in my room.
[ ] It's quite delicious.
[ ] It's pretty lame.
[ ] It's alright.
[x] I don't have a radio system.
[x] I have a game console in my room. [broken PSone]
[x] I have real flowers/plants in my room. [dried]
[ ] I have fake flowers/plants in my room.
[ ] I have no flowers/plants.
[x] I have candle(s)/potpurri in my room. [candles that I don't light]
[x] I have a DVD player in my room. [I think I do]
[x] I have a bed in my room.
[ ] I don't have a bed in my room.
[ ] I have a large instrument in my room (piano, drums, cello, etc)
[x] I have a small intrument in my room (guitar, flute, etc)
[ ] I have no instruments.
[ ] I have a mini-fridge in my room.
[ ] I have a microwave in my room.
[/] I have a calendar in my room. [not anymore! LOL not for 2009 anyway]
[x] & it's for 2008. [and below |D;]
[x] My room's floor is a carpet.
[ ] My room's floor is hardwood.
[ ] My room's floor is tiles.
[ ] I have weights in my room.
[ ] I have adult magazines somewhere in my room.
[ ] I have a carbon monoxide monitor in my room.
[ ] I have a smoke detector in my room.
[x] I have a door in my room.
[ ] I have privacy in my room. [absolutely not]
[x] I have absolutely no damn privacy in my room. [LOL]
[ ] I share my room w/ a relative/friend.
[ ] I have curtains.
[x] I have blinds.
[x] I have a hamper/dirty clothes bin.
[ ] I have a basketball hoop in my room.
[x] I have a trash can in my room. [tiny one]
[ ] I have a webcam.
[x] I have a digital camera.
[/] I have a bookshelf. [not really, its a tiny wooden thin taht holds like 12 books on my cupboard thing]
[x] I have books in my room. [LOTS of books]
[ ] I have my own bathroom.
[x] I have a lot of dolls/toys in my room. [stuffies + action figures]
[x] I have a lot of action figures in my room.
[ ] I don't have a lot of things in my room.
[x] I have a lot of shit in my room.


In General.
[ ] It's pretty empty.
[x] It's packed.
[ ] There's always random people in it.
[ ] I wouldn't know, I'm never at home.
[x] I'm always at home.
[x] It's never quiet in my house.
[ ] I think my place is haunted.
[x] I have a washer/dryer in my home.
[ ] It has a basement.
[x] It has an attic. [we can't use it]
[ ] My place's pretty big.
[x] My place's small.
[ ] My place's not too big, not too small.
[x] It has two or more floors. [upstairs and downstairs]
[x] I have more than 1 bathroom in my house. [two]
[ ] It has a den.
[x] It has a backyard.
[x] It has a frontyard.
[ ] It has a garage.
[ ] It has a pool.
[ ] I love my house.
[ ] I hate my house.
[ ] I love my neighbors.
[/] I hate my neighbors.
[ ] I've never seen my neighbors.
[ ] I live in a pretty safe neighborhood.
[/] I live in a dangerous neighborhood.
[x] My house has stairs.
[x] I've tripped on the stairs.
[x] It was quite funny.
[x] It was quite painful.
[ ] I slide down the rail.
[ ] I don't have rails.
[ ] My house is always messy.
[ ] My house is always clean.
[x] My house is in the middle.
[x] I hate cleaning it.
[x] Especially the kitchen & bathroom.
[ ] I have a dishwasher.
[ ] I know how to use it.
[ ] My neighborhood has a neighborhood watch.
[x] I don't know if we have a neighborhood watch. [and if we do it doesn't work]
[ ] Wtf is a neighborhood watch?
[ ] My house is very plain.
[ ] I can't wait to move out.
[x] I hate when people come into my room & touch stuff.
[x] Our walls are paper thin, and you can hear EVERYTHING. [yes... >_>;]
[x] I live in the middle of nowhere.
[ ] The cops constantly come to where I live.
[/] I've thrown a party in my house.
[ ] I've thrown many parties at my house.
[ ] Something always seems to be missing after the party's over.
[x] My house is too small to throw a party.
[ ] When I was a kid, I would climb up the walls in the hallway. [I didn't grow up here]
[ ] I've tried it when I was older, & failed miserably.
[/] I still have that chart that showed how tall I've grown over the years. [at dad's house]
[ ] I've never done that.
[ ] I've lived here since I was born.
[x] This is my 32784628374 house, bcuz I've moved so many times. [LOL]
[ ] My house has been robbed before.
[ ] I have a home security system in my house.
[x] We're allowed to have pets in our homes.
[x] I've had some bad memories in this place.
[x] I've had some good memories in this place.
[x] My room is my sanctuary.
[ ] I can't stand living in this place anymore.
[ ] I hate the people I live with.
[/] I love the people I live with.
[x] I'm gonna keep living here when I get older. [I hope not]
[ ] Fuck that, I'm going as far from here as possible.
[x] I live in a cold place.
[ ] I live in a warm place.
[/] My school is close to where I live.
[/] My school is far away from where I live.
[x] I don't go to school.
[ ] I live in the school dorms.
[ ] I live in a box outside.
[ ] I don't have a home. Sad face :C

[ ] happy.
[ ] ok.
[x] eh.
[ ] shitty.
[ ] bored.
[ ] excited.
[ ] annoyed.
[ ] hot.
[x] cold.
[ ] hyper.
[ ] horny.
[ ] evil.
[ ] guilty.
[ ] pissed off.
[ ] loved.
[ ] heart broken.
[x] depressed.
[ ] bitchy.
[ ] drunk.
[ ] high.
[ ] retarded.
[x] lonely.
[x] sore.
[ ] i really don't know.
[ ] all.
[ ] none.


Because everyone hates you.
[ ] I'm not wearing underwear at the moment.
[x] I had a crush on someone who's older than me.
[x] I had a crush on someone who's younger than me.
[ ] I am not a pedophile.
[x] I might be.
[ ] I'll never be on To Catch A Predator.
[ ] I was on To Catch A Predator.
[ ] Hansen's an ass. I was so close to banging that kid that obviously looked like an actor.
[x] OMFGWHAT?! B&.
[ ] Wow, I'm kidding.
[ ] I have a headache.
[x] I was extremely bored when I started this.
[ ] I still am extremely bored.
[x] I've stolen things.
[ ] I might be a klepto.
[ ] What is this "klepto" you speak of?
[ ] I shall Google it!
[ ] I love Google.
[ ] I search for porn on youtube.
[ ] I am retarded, bcuz there is no porn on youtube.
[x] I checked.
[x] Or is there?!
[ ] I'm too lazy to check.
[x] Wow, this seems to be going on forever.
[ ] I've been caught fapping.
[ ] By my parent(s).
[ ] OMAN, that's traumatic.
[ ] I still fapped after they left. [LOL]
[ ] WTF is fapping?
[ ] I shall Google it!
[ ] O ... M ... G
[ ] I was younger than 10 when I first discovered porn. [I can't even remember TBH, but I was young XD]
[ ] It was quite epic.
[/] It traumatized me.
[ ] I nevar seen porn in mai life.
[ ] I have, but ... I'm ashamed to admit it.
[ ] I don't plan on it.
[ ] Sp1ffy's a n00b.
[x] I've been Rick Roll'd.
[x] Never gonna give you up.
[ ] I get offended easily.
[ ] Bcuz I have a stick lodged up mai arse.
[x] I like funny people/things.
[x] I'm an emo.
[ ] I've hit an emo kid, bcuz I secretly want to be an emo kid.
[ ] I've been ass raped in jail.
[ ] Bcuz I dropped the soap.
[ ] I should've listened!!
[x] Randomness is good for the soul.
[ ] I'm on my period.
[ ] Oh I'm sorry, too much info? YES >8U
[x] OMAN, not enough info! *fap*
[x] She's on her period? Oh thank you, Jesus.
[ ] I've seen EncyclopediaDramatica's pain series.
[ ] That was delicious in opposite day.
[ ] I rather see Goatse, fosho.
[x] What's Goaste?
[ ] I shall Google it!
[ ] I know some people that should become An Hero.
[x] What other interwebz 1337 lingo can I use? None plz.
[ ] I will sell my soul to the devil for a Klondike Bar.
[ ] YouTube Poop describes my life.
[ ] I need to go on Maury, bcuz I am 200% sure he is the father of my child.
[ ] I need to go on Maury, bcuz I am 47539053745% sure that I'm not the father of her child.
[ ] Look at the nose, Maury. He look nothing like me! He light skinned too. & my hair ain't that curly, Maury!
[ ] You are ...
[ ] NOT the father.
[ ] OOOOHHH *beeeeep* OOOHHH *beep* *beep* OOOOOOH
[x] I told you hoe! I TOLD YOU!
[x] *hoe runs backstage*.
[ ] I watch alot of TV.
[ ] I'm doing this early in the morning.
[x] I'm doing this late LATE at night.
[ ] My stomach hurts.
[x] My ass hurts.
[x] I don't want to talk about it.
[ ] I'm telling everybody what happened in Vegas.
[ ] The word Vegas reminds me of the word vagina.
[ ] Vagina is a funny word.
[x] I wonder who's the n00b that made this GREAT survey.
[ ] I got this star on my forehead, bcuz my momma says I'm spechullz in my own unique way.
[ ] I am a furry.
[ ] When is this shiet finishing?!!


Aww, don't go!
[ ] I liked this survey.
[ ] I LOVED this survey.
[ ] I will marry this survey & have several kids with it.
[x] I will later cheat on it & get a restraining order.
[ ] Thank you! You have cured my boredom!
[ ] Where is the "this survey sucked section!?!"
[ ] This survey actually made me want to kill myself for a second there.
[ ] Still bored :C
[ ] I'm gonna go fap now.

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