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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2008, 10:29 PM
  • Listening to: Sympathy - Billy Talent [Delux Live]
  • Reading: Dreamcatcher - Stephen King

:heart:Terranian-boy = Aisu's Net Husband :heart:


the Z-Store has Hexors |D;;;

do any of you even know what the hell those are, and if not (or even if you do) how FREAKIN' RARE THOSE DAMNED THINGS ARE?! SO RARE THAT I AM SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS!!!!
Well, they were rare for me anyway. And even more rare to find anyone who would play them or knew what they were XD;

I used to wear my BEWD Hexor on my burgunday ribbon as a pendant/necklace for a long time <333

It got a little beat up and worn out XD; but hey, I loved it.
I used to play with my little cousin Emileen. Not that she has any respect for anything |D; but I had no choice since she was the ONLY one I knew who had some Hexors, or even knew how to play |D;

I want more Hexors now! I have a little collection, but not many. LOL and they are in my little mini treasure chest XD I guess I could photograph them. I had totally forgotten about them!

Also, after getting comments from :iconbrotherlyfluff: and seeing this in their gallery:
Yu-Gi-Oh Obsession by BrotherlyFluff
it had me thinking of maybe trying to get to gether my YGO things, photographing it, and then posting it XD
I don't have much, a toy or two, a first gen duel disk (hated the GX and Doom Saga ones), a bunch of GN's, some stray DVD's, a few of the video games, and of course my Duel Monsters cards. Maybe a few other random things.

Also, speaking of which <3333
I got season three of YGO!
Well, it's NOT dual audio. just english, and seems to ONLY be episodes. but hell man! it's Noa's Arc! the one I thought was a TV release only!!!!!
I was so sad when I heard that it was only going to be on TV. So I made sure my bro recorded it all on VHS when it first aired on YTV. It is on VHS... and some of it's a little messed up XD; but he got it.
He's so protective of his recordings though. We can usually never touch them, let alone watch them XD;;;
So yeah, now that the set belongs to me it's mine and I can watch it whenver the hell I want X3
If not now make some new AMV's or take screenies |D;

Also, it'll be good for referencing. I still need to do Ginny's request. And even if he's a filler character, I still consider him a Kaiba XD one of the Kaiba Bros. So when I talk about the Kaiba Bros. he's usually included. I am usually specific if I mean only Seto and Mokuba.

and awe man... sorry dear T_T

I told :iconterranian-boy: I was going to rest... or sleep. I tried... I did. but I couldn't D<

|D; and yeah... I got distracted again. check out BrotherlyFluff's gallery!

>_< but it also seems I sprained my toe or somethng. it's agonizing to walk... for long... in shoes. at home it's not so bad. but it hurts otherwise, unless I'm not moving, or putting pressure on my toe ^^;
it's the one right next to my big toe on my right foot.
I was on advil when I bumped it last night... so I guess that's why it hadn't gotten agonzing until a whlie after XD;;;;

I also bought a couple boosters today. A 5D's one (which I was happy Sonny had), and I was AMAZED to see some Metal Raiders packs! OMFG that's the SECOND Duel Monsters booster that was released! Of course I had to buy one XD;
Sadly... my rare was only a... o_o holy crap... what was it now? |D; I forgot, but it's a spell card, and one I have. Maybe Tribute to the Doomed? >_> but it wasn't until AFTER I bought it, when I was opening the pack that I also realised it was first Edition o_o!
I had to stop myself from buying another XD; I have like only five dollars left... and I'll likely blow that tonight... by going to Huskey and buying a snack |D;;;

Tch, but man. that season three was expensive! Holy crap. It was $72 and something cents >_>;;;

don't think there was anything else worth reporting about today XD;


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needs2dAmoar Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008
>.< - no idea what you're talking about -


But that's good that you bought some nice things n-n
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
XD it's okay, you aren't even into the YGO fandom, so I'm not surprised you don't know about hexors. even ppl in the YGO fandom likely don't know abuot them XD;;;;

Mmm yesh, I'm rather pleased to have season three of YGO. I wish I could've gotten a better set of cards in the Metal Raiders booster though v_v
needs2dAmoar Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008
XD Well, that makes me feel better now~

D: Oh yeah?
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 that's good XD

yeah, pretty much had all the cards I got in the booster xD;
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October 3, 2008