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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 27, 2010, 3:55 PM

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ha ha Stolen from mmmaoh

HOW I DO IT!- How do I do my pictures in 10 steps?

Traditional Art
1. generally start with a rough sketch. sometimes use the circle for the head before the head outline, but not always.
2. clean sketch. sometimes I actually start with a clean sketch
3. Darken main lines [so they show up better or are better distinguishable]
4. cross hatch [sometimes I switch the order of #3 and #4]
5. shade in area's that would have color with pencil over cross hatching
6. erase some area's for highlights [don't always do this]
7. though I rarely do this anymore, for traditional line art I use tracing paper to transfer the main lines to a new sheet of paper
8. ink the transferred lines. I never ink directly on intial sketches. and while inking I may change the lines to something that I feel would be better, rather than inking the exact lines.
9. erase the pencil lines after the ink dries, sign with dated and artist signature and/or name.
10. and even more rarely I'll add flat colours to the image. Either with Elmer's paint brush pens, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, but most often with pencil crayon's. though I also have some watercolor brush pens I hardly use.

Digital Art
1. rough sketch. in iScribble, or SAI. sometimes even MS Paint
2. clean up sketch in whatever program I sketched it in
3. do line art in SAI. usually with curve tool. generally I vector my lines. and all at a constant width. sometimes I have some lines at a smaller width than the main lines, but not always
4. add flat colours in photoshop [generally I stop here or skip to #7]
5. cell shade highlights and shading in photoshop
6. if I blend or blur colors it's usually in SAI
7. use photoshop for adding a background if the image didn't already have one [or if I didn't just leave a solid colour as the background from when I was adding flats]. if I do this I merge the lines and colors of the image and save as a transparent .png image, then make a new file, paste in the .png image, then use the gradient tool set with black and white for the colours on a seperate layer below the .png image.
8. apply a colour halftone filter over the gradient
9. create two more new layers. one for a solid colour as the base layer, the other for a new gradient with colours other than black and white to overlay the color halftone dots layer and give it colour.
10. experiment with appling various filters to the gradient layers to create a background


PROGRAMS/TOOLS I USE TO DO IT -Name as many programs/tools as you can that you have used to make artwork in the past. In order, it should go most used to least used.

Traditional Art
1. pencils [mechanical and wood + graphite pencils]
2. various brands of pencil crayons. though I generally stick with my new prismacolor colored pencils
3. acrylic paint + ink
4. Elmer paint brush pens
5. fountain pens
6. Steadtler pigment liners
7. Steadtler fine line pens
8. nib pens + calligraphy ink
9. watercolour brush pens
10. Crayola paint brush pens [don't like them]
11. ball-point pens
12. markers [Crayola and Laurentien]
13. powder paints
14. block paints

Digital Art
1. Bamboo Tablet
2. SAI
3. Photoshop 7.0
4. MS Paint
5. iScribble
6. optical mouse
7. openCanvas
8. Wacom Graphire 7
9. Corel Painter Essentials
10. I can't remember the names of the other two photo programs I used to use. one was from my brothers old Microsoft XP. The other came with my first digital camera...


HOW I WANT TO DO IT - Link to 5 images on Deviant Art that an artist or friend has done, and that you wish to ONE DAY accomplish that colouring style / anatomy / skill.
[this was so hard!]
commission2 for Leik777 by FerioWind DL - Cracked by JigokuHana commish 4 Skye-Wolf by Go-Devil-Dante


HOW I'VE HELPED PEOPLE DO IT - Link as many people as possible that you've helped / taught your ways with art work~! Be it tutorials / red lining / advice!
:icon1black-saber:.... I don't think anyone else I've heped has a dA account XD;
don't think I've ever made any tutorials. and I've never done any red lining or what-not XD;


HOW I USED TO DO THINGS - Link to some OLD pictures and compare them to some new pictures!
Wallace - New Clothes Design by Aisuryuu-----> reference - Wal - post-WD by Aisuryuu
WIP - Pkm - Everyday... by Aisuryuu-----> still around - triangles by Aisuryuu
RQT - Ch. 01: Pg. 01 by Aisuryuu-----> Can't Get Off This Ride by Aisuryuu


WHO I WANT TO DO THIS MEME - Link about 5-10 people you'd like to do this meme~
tagging seems a bit pointless... but anyone is free to steal this~ <3 I'd love to see how any of you fill this ot |3

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