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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 14, 2008, 5:44 PM
  • Listening to: Kizuna - Kra
  • Reading: Dreamcatcher - Stephen King

:heart:Terranian-boy = Aisu's Net Husband :heart:


so awesome! :icontawna222: finished colouring one of my sketches!

It's so awesome <3 I still can't believe it! thanks so much!

I only wish I could draw Gary better myself... so she'd have had better line art to work with!

but yes, that rose is pure magic!

Originally this was a sketch for :iconpichu22cj:, neh? A Happy White Day thing <3
White Day - for pichu22cj by Aisuryuu

We should totally collab some more!


|D I got that Zelos expeiment out of the way. the first one anyway
ToS - Zelos Wilder - Coloured by Aisuryuu ToS - Zelos Wilder - Line Art by Aisuryuu ToS - Zelos Wilder - Sketch by Aisuryuu

I still hate the line art out of all three most XD;
the sketch looked okay, but I cleaned it up a little when I did the line art, and then more when I coloued... but it's still in flats. no shading or texture beyond what happened when I painted it.

>_> his eyes changed hue once it was scanned...
but that always seems to happen when I scan. things scan lighter than they are IRL >_<

Oh hell yes. I certainly want to paint more things now! Well, paint as in colour using my paint and ink XD

Though, testing out copic markers is still on my wish list |D;

Mom did get me some textile paint in a hue that will let me create skin tone. And I have acrylic paints, so I can paint those totes with designs and such too >D

I have a bunch of key rings to use... but if I want to put my charactres on there... doesn't that mean I'd need to draw chibi's or busts? Chibi's and I don't mix well |D; so maybe I'll try some busts or something?
I also HAVE to draw Lucy sometime. Wallace's Luxray. And I want to draw Rene and her Venusaur too <3
And prolly Micheal and his Shiny Charizard.

I don't know what else to put here other than that atm |D;

still can't get over that dream of being Suzaku though... and my bro was like, "What? You feel bad for him that much? That you could put yourself in his shoes? *smirk*

Random images I liked recently:
Happy Birthday ThDarknesswolf by Lion-Babe-09 light to your dark by lulu-LOVE
master of romance by whitedog1:thumb97882562: Sweet Remembrance by Ecthelian

Eh... I stole this meme from :iconslayterwesker:... again |D;
Not so serious througout the meme... the secret one gave me trouble, so I just put something random as it popped into mind XD;

Use your OC's to answer the Questions:

:bulletblue: Wallace
:bulletblue: Micheal
:bulletblue: Fredrick

1) Who are you?

Wallace: >_> My name is Wallace, what do you expect me to say?
Micheal: Micheal Woods.
Fredrick: My name is Fredrick, but many refer to me as Fred, among other things ^.~ I am a star Co-ordinator from Lily Cove city in the Hoenn Region!

2) Do you have family?

Wallace: >_> Yes. <_<
Micheal: ........ my friends are my family.
Fredrick: Oh yes! Mother dear stays in Hoenn, she can not travel very much. And I have two beautiful elder sisters ~<3

3) Who are you closest to?

Wallace: What do you mean by that? Why do you want to know?
Micheal: Not very many people... likely Wallace and Jovan.
Fredrick: Closest to? I suppose that would be Gwyn darling, and Hoops dear.

4) Who's your best friend?

Wallace: Micheal...
Micheal: Wallace.
Fredrick: Oh, best friend? I suppose that would also be Hoops deary.

5) Is there someone you hate?

Wallace: Hate... usually I would say Gary Oak but...
Micheal: Not really.
Fredrick: Heavens no! How could I hate someone?

6) Who do you like?

Wallace: >///> I refuse to answer this question!
Micheal: I like the people I travel with. Otherwise I wouldn't be traveling with them.
Fredrick: Oh, I like a lot of people! I couldn't choose one!

7) At the risk of them killing you, tell one secret about each other.

Micheal: Fredrick actually enjoys being with guys as much as the women.
Fredrick: Micheal! How could you! I never told them about you and Rene!
Wallace: Uh... 0-0;

8) If you had a theme song, what would it be?

Wallace: I hate this question -_-
Micheal: She still says Knights of Cydonia by Muse
Fredrick: The Take Over, The Breaks Over by Fall Out Boy <3

9) What's your favorite color?

Micheal: Red
Fredrick: Any colour can be beautiful!
Wallace: I don't really have a specific favorite... but maybe blue or black... or shades of grey.

10) Name one place you would like to visit and with whom.

Fredrick: I'd love to go back to Lily Cove, and bring my friends to see mother dear and the city!
Wallace: I'd like to go underground Sinnoh and do some digging or treasure hunting with Steven Stone.
Micheal: No specific place, being with my friends is fine.

.:*:. Stamp Collection --- .:*:. Stamp Collection 2 --- .:*:. Clubs
.:*:. Gifts/Requsts/Etc. --- .:*:. Write-Out-Loud --- .:*:. Wtfeva!
.:*:. OC's Pokéventures --- .:*:. Manga Bullet Account

---->>>"Leaving dA" article by Kiko-Chan-64<<<----


Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Pokémon, Gen/Riley (c) Satoshi Taijiri. Wallace, Jovan, Dragon design(c) myself
tawna222 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Omg half a journal about me? XD

Well I'm very happy to hear that you luv my coloured pic I did for you and we should definately do more collabs!
Its actually quite fun as I do enjoy colouring other people's work and also it gives me more practice time for my shading. :D

Well all I can say is that I'm very glad that you like it! :hug:
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess so. I wasn't paying attention to how long it was :XD:

that's awesome! I'd love to collaborate with you more in the future :hug:

yes, working with other ppls work is good practice. You can see things you don't usually notice in your own work, and you can improve and learn faster in somet cases :aww:

your welcome! and I thank you too :heart:
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