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[ - You know... I've Learned Something Today - ]

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 7, 2009, 6:15 AM
  • Listening to: undecided... I keep changing the song |D;
  • Reading: Red Dragon - Thomas Harris
  • Playing: Pokemon Platinum
  • Eating: nothing T___T
  • Drinking: my own saliva |D

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Drawing Wallace changes my mood!

Well, I learned that maybe yesterday, actually |D; but still, it FEELS like the same day to me because I didn't sleep all night again!

yeah, I'm tired.

Though I already knew drawing Mich calms me. I wanted to experiment and draw Mich AND Wallace to see how things went. I can't remember what mood I had before... but after drawing
Confessions of Loneliness by Aisuryuu
my mood seemed to turn more positive AND I felt much more at ease |3
Or is it just the sleep deprivation slowly driving me insane by me thinking I'm feeling good when I'm really dying on the inside?
LAWL I don't know |D;;;;;

There were/are so many posibilities for text in that image... I just could NOT decide.
also if you coldn't tell... I had to scan it twice and paste the image together |D; there is more blank space up top in the original, but I cropped it out.

I am putting wing designs on the back of Mich's shirt. I... just can't decide what kind yet |D;
Also, I can't decide how to draw his arm bands or wrist cuff(s) >_>;
LOL and sometimes I draw his left sleeve rolled up [matching the right-side] other times I leave it to hang down with the black strap going around it right close to his underarm...
and somehow he puts his pack of smokes on that at times |D; don't ask me. I guess it's the same technology as the pokeballs to the belt sorta deal? You know how much Mich values his cig's :paranoid:
So yeah, if his sleeve IS rolled up on the left side, he still has the belt thing around his arm.

It's been so long since I really paid attention when I draw Wallace... but I have the feeling that I tend to gain a slight improvement in my mood when I draw him. Like, it gets a little more positive?
Mich helps me feel at ease or calm down if I'm riled up or what-not.

Rene... Oh Rene. I just can't resist you |D; I don't know what it is you do to me but whatever you do it's really strong.

Well, it's my mom's birthday tomorrow and I STILL haven't drawn her anything for her card x_x; I really don't know what to draw her.
And I think I've gotten all I'm going to get for Kris' b-day [which is on the 18th this month].
I can't decide if I'll give him the Papa Roach CD I bought today... or if I'll keep it for myself |D;

Otherwise I'm brain dead atm and can't remember anything else I was going to type or whatever |D; so I think I'll end the entry... and try force myself to go to bed XD;;;

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Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba (c) Kazuki Takahashi. Micheal, Wallace, Dragon design (c) myself.
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April 7, 2009