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Ya know a heart of gold won't take you all the way

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 9, 2009, 2:46 AM
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Spent a lot of the day watching Dexter. some with mom, some with mom AND Wal, the rest of the night with Wal. Saw most of the first season... will need to re-watch a few eps and then the ep or so I missed while I went uptown.

Granted they are just scholar's... but it is the 60 pack and they are prismacolors!
More than the set of 12 I had before XD;
Not that they were bad! just... very limiting = could hardly use them. mostly only used the black... sometimes the blue |D;;;
They were primier's though so yeah.

sadly I still need ink for my printer though.
I have more black than colour, so maybe I can just try print off some line art to colour.
I know Sheed said I should try colour this
Micheal and Wallace by Aisuryuu
It's just that colouring traditionally will prolly mean actually going for some shading |D instead of doing the cop-out with flats digitally XD;

Well... surprise! I filled out another meme. And it's about my OC's |D;

Write out the names of your characters and explain
1) how you thought of their name
2) what made you create the character in the first place
3) how the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4) any random fun fact about that character

1) No real thought required XD; it's one of my bro's 3 middle names. It's the one he likes/uses the most. And the one dad seems to try to get eveyone to call him all of a sudden =
2) ah... for comic's XD I had all these ideas based on my bro's and my playthrough the pkmn games, neh? Specifically his Pearl and my Diamond. But that's only the beginning. they've become something much different |D;
3) He's changed a lot. I don't know how to say how much, but a lot. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with his initial/teenager design. Initially he was more an avatar for my bro. But now he's become his own sort of person, yanno?
4) Not many people would probably guess it... but he actually really likes kids.

1) It's one of my cousin's 2 middle names. The one he prefers I guess?
2) Well... I needed more than just the two of us. Wal and myself I mean. I wanted to include the others. I forget how Mich got mixed up into it all XD but he did. Guess because we started spending more time together. all of a sudden. I dunno. Even I don't get it XD;
3) he's changeda  helluva lot. A lot. But somehow... I think he's remained the most the same while being developed. His personality and apperance never changed very much. it was more his past and what-not that I gave detailing.
4) I think a lot about Mich can seem random |D; as I don't talk much about him specifically. or give details about his history to anyone but pidge. even then I think I haven't told her a lot = But one thing I think I noticed... is he's more sentimental than you might thing. He's not emotionally dead. He's just good at hiding his emotions.

1) ha ha it's my other cousins middle name. this was the cousin I grew up with practially like a brother.
2) We were uber close as kids. There was no way I couldn't include him. Though, I actually did ask him over MSN once, on what he'd like for his characters appearance. I didn't ask Michy. [We (that is Michy and I) weren't really on close speaking terms atm |D; but that's besides the point] What Fred said he wanted was an outfit like Itachi's... but a hairstyle like Kadaj XD so specific... I didn't want to plagurize or anything. it's taken me a long time to design him as a result. I never told anyone about him for a long time because it was so hard figuring out his design
3) Oh hell... he's actually changed quite a bit. He used to be more a mysterious ruthless pokemon trainer. He was very mean and sarcastic. Nothing like the popular womanizing rich pretty boy he is now XD Well... maybe a little.
4) I actually gave him golden eyes because of an anime eyes quiz result I read once. I can't really remember what the result was, but at the time I thought it suit him nicely. Also... he's not actually quite as charming as you may think. He's not exactly harmless either.

1) OH GAWD. don't ever make me say it again... but her name is my middle name. I don't like my middle name, okay? And I cringe every time dad calls me by it. Though he calls everyone ['cept mom and Michy by their middle name. Not mom b/c she doesn't have one XD; and not Michy... iunno, just b/c he uses his first name]
2) She was suppose to be the anchor point for my stories. My main character, neh? She WAS suppose to be me |D; but she's so not.
3) She's changed QUITE a bit. She used to be more of a tough tomboy at first. But she was too cute and it overtook. I couldn't change who she was. It was just who she was. She was a cute naive tomboy. Though she does get mistaken for an airhead... she's actually intelligent.
4) She hates being called cute. Or compared to cute. Or compared to her mother or co-ordinators. She doesn't like co-ordinators or contests because of her flighty mother.

1) I don't know where her name came from really. I would just dream about her and that's what Mich always called her. "reh-nay" I know the female version is usually with two e's but... *shrugs* I'm used to it as is now.
2) I created her... because I'd dream about her. And Mich. And I didn't want Mich being utterly alone in his childhood and his past once his parents died. It felt wrong for Mich to be alone. So she's what came out of that once I started developing Mich's past before Wallace
3) Ah well... I'm not quite sure how much she's changed... She's mostly the same. Maybe with more of a high-charged libido. If anything I guess she's become more manipulative over time. Her dedication to Mich has never changed though.
4) It's true she's manipulative and can seem like she's only out for a good time and herself... but that's not totally true. She does what she thinks is right and is true to... something I don't really know how to explain.

1) Well... it just seems to suit her. And I can imagine it would be a nickname she'd pick up. It's only a placeholder name atm, but it'll likely be a nickname once I decide on a real one for her.
2) I'm not sure when I created her... but she was left undeveloped for a long time. She was pretty much coming into being when I was trying to develop stories for Wallace as a co-ordinator. And she was a part of his co-ordinator adventures.
3) She's not quite as shy and meek as she was initially. Originally she was actually called "hinata!fangirl". Because that's sorta how I envisoned her. As a sort of hinata-like girl who crushed on Walt [Wallace's co-ordinator alter ego]. She's actually got more of a backbone now. She's got the steel. But it's not as obvious as my other characters. A bit refreshing actually. She's not quite as forward or oppressive/aggressive as the others can be. Which could be one factor as to why Wallace is drawn to her.
4) Yes, she is a psychic. She's never been trained to hone her skills however. Her aunt and father have an idea of her powers, but they've never tried having her trained to control them. She can invoke them unconsciously though. Sometimes she uses telekinesis on small objects without realizing it. Any telepathy is limited to her Pokémon. However she's actually got a pretty strong talent for tel-empathy. However she is unaware of such. So she can confuse the emotions she's sensing from others as being her own. Which can be quite conflicting for her. So she's always felt uncomfortable around others. Which is one of the reasons she tends to isolate herself. To keep from feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of those around her.

1) It's the actual nickname of the friend he's based off of. Pretty much everyone calls him Hoops IRL.
2) He was mostly just created for Wallace. For interaction with him. Then he ended up being a character Fred had a lot of interaction with.
3) He hasn't really changed at all. But he's still quite underdeveloped so *shrugs*
4) He did study about Pokemon at Earl's Pokémon Academy in Johto. He has a good grasp of the basics and can hold his own in a lot of battles. However he is not good at thinking outside the box. If something doesn't go as he envisioned or planned for... he tends to fall apart. Book smarts can only get you so far. He's also got low self-esteem in the first place.


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.:*:. OC's Pokéventures --- .:*:. Manga Bullet Account

Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba (c) Kazuki Takahashi. Micheal, Wallace, Dragon design (c) myself.
Sireinita Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009
Yay Prismas! I have so may accumulated colored pencils that I haven't used, roffle. Crayola. Should do something with them sometime, I don't think I can fit anymore into my Betty Boop tin.

Haha, I forgot about Fred's Itachi cloak. Aw, Jovan got flanderized! I think I keep purposely forgetting that Chastity is just a placeholder name, roffle.

Yaym I knew all of the funfacts except formaybe Hoops' and Fred's. I tried coming up with some that you might not have known or that I might not have explicitly told you for my meme, but it was hard. XD
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
ha ha I have a few others myself. Prisma's are what I really wanted though. I'm not very fond of the other ones I have.
I have like 4-5 pencil cases to hold my supplies. some of them are still in their original boxes too. But maybe half are ink. Like markers and pens.

well I guess it's a good thing you can't easily recognize Fred's cloak as Itachi's XD
Falnderized? ha ha I don't really know what you mean... |D;
yeah, I still call it a place holder name.

well it was hard trying to come up with fun facts for my OC's XD I thought you already knew both Fred and Hoops' own? and this was more a genearl thing because I have made it public |D yours wasn't public to a lot of the net community XD
Sireinita Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009
Flanderization! 8D

You probably have told me those fun facts at some point~ Haha, yeeeaaah, mine wasn't too public... |D;;; *hermit*
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