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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 7, 2010, 9:35 AM

I got something done for pidge's bday~
Giftart - Pixel - Lita Volair by Aisuryuu
not as epic as I wanted, but enough. I'm... surprised at how the eyes turned out (I find I noticed them and their colour a lot more in this pic. is it the background? Though I still feel like I cheated, as I just barely altered the shading and highlights of the base |D;]. The pendant seemed pretty good too.
The skin and eye colours are all customized. Believe me it took a while for me to figure a good way to get it all done right |D;
stupid me not being able to figure out how to do what I wanted to do in SAI. I had to bring the image over to MS Paint for colour customization, and some of the pixelation.
But I keep fighting the crazy desire to get close up shots of the eyes and pendant XD; I think I put the most work into those. but after I was done and looked at it after posting... I found I didn't like the purple shade for the clothing/accessories outline... OTL [not even mentioning the way I hate how the hair and clothes over all turned out!]
and yeah, no shading b/c I didn't have much time before work to finish this XD;
Maybe I should pixel things more often XD I find it a bit more rewarding and enjoyable than previous.
I remember Jch told me she liked how I made the RR icon entry |D

speaking of RR! I got my entry done :XD:
RR Entry - Can't Touch This by Aisuryuu
Well, since I couldn't get my original idea done in time. I came up with this... a few days ago?
Main idea was suppose to be Richie dressed up like MC Hammer XD [probably b/c that song has me thinking 80's, and it was one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE songs as a kid XD I even had one of those MC Hammer barbie/action figure things |D it came with a cassette tape with just that song on it too 8D]
I know the song "U Can't Touch This" came out in the 90's. but I still think of it as the 80's. Same with the fashion used in it XD
I tried to go with an 80's feel to it... not sure how successful that was |D;

and UGH. my comp f'n went and slowed down so I had to LEAVE it for a while b/c it froze. so I forgot anything else I had to say since I'm now pissed off. [and b/c the comp is still moving slow = stupid AVG slows every fucking thing down until things freeze so it can update...]

however! I do have a meme I was also going to share |3 a shipping meme XD
decided to stick with the pkmn fandom.

Stolen from :iconboo--xo:

-Only one per letter. Haha, tough.
-Don't leave any blank!
-Comment why you like them.

A: Adultshipping (Prof.OakxDelia) < OH COME ON. IT'S SOOOOO OBVIOUS. But it's also headcanon to me as that could help bring reasoning as to why Gary is so aggressive to Ash at first. Due to some contempt to his grandfather treating his new step-son more favorabley than his own grandson |D; [though this one is for when he's NOT ash's father... I like that idea in a twisted way too XD;]
B: Blackthornshipping (LancexClair) < Uh... I just saw it listed and figured it clicked XD; but... even if it's incest I think I like it |D; [going game wise. they are cousins right?]
C: Cavaliershipping (GaryxDawn) < DON'T JUDGE ME! >_>; ah... it's a cute idea! I really LOVE this idea! though... I stil think Dawn is best with Paul |D; And I just love to both Dawn and Gary. Sure I can see problems but I think there are less here than with Ikarishipping? [which I actually prefer XD;]
D: Darkstreakshipping (PaulxGary) < this was listed from before I filled it. Ooh~ gotta say that sounds somehow appealing XD; Not to mention they are two of my fave Pokéguys |D;
E: Extinctionshipping (RileyxLucario) < OTL okay, I admit I feel bad about liking this so much... BUT I SWEAR THEIR BOND SEEMS CLOSER THAN ASH AND PIKACHU.
F: Fortuneshipping (LucasxDawn) < <3! I love this for the game SO MUCH. I felt there were in-game hints to it. And asthetically it also appeals to me.
G: GirlPowershipping (CynthiaxDawn) < ah... honestly? I'm not exactly sure how to explain why I like this XD; maybe the fan art just swayed me.
H: Huntershipping (GoldxSilver) < yeah, game version, not special version |3 Ah... I just think the personalities work nicely together to make an interesting relationship.
I: Ikarishipping (PaulxDawn) < I'm not sure I can explain properly. but it grew on me as Dawn grew on me. I always loved Paul. And I guess I can see him with her better than anyone else.
J: Jailbaitshipping (BrockxMay) < OTL probably heavily influenced by this one site who's name I forgot (namely their descripion of May, and then of her interactions with Brock, as I never watched much of the Hoenn eps) and some fan fics where this shipping was used |D;
K: Kisshipping (AshxMelody) < probably b/c I just can't stand Pokéshipping, and when I first saw signs of it I was all for it. I thought it was cute! even if I really dislike Ash XD; I like it more than other hetero ash shippings.
L: LoliShotashipping (CynthiaxSteven) < LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! It's just epic IMO XD and the little fan art I've seen of it was... just as epic XD
M: Metroshipping (WallacexRuby) < ha ha! If I can't go with Originshipping I like shipping Special!Ruby with Special!Wallace |3
N: Nephoshipping (WionaxAltiria) < because none of the other "N" shippings struck me as much as this one did. but also... b/c it feels true |D; [though I always hated facing her and her Altiria in-game]
O: Originalshipping (RedxGreen) < Because... because! I just totally love the idea of this shipping. It seems like it could work out so well. They seem super tight that it wouldn't take much to get it beyond friendship |D and they know each othe so well.
P: Palletshipping (GaryxAsh) < You couln't expect me to not list this right? I've loved this shipping for YEARS. I just love the relationship dynampics. and it always felt so cannon |D
Q: Questshipping (JimmyxMarina) < because it's so obvious. I just love the idea of them together.
R: Rocketshipping (JessexJames) < It just feels SO OBVIOUS. and I always loved it as a kid. I think I only grew more attached to it growing up.
S: SoulSilvershipping (KotonexSilver) < 8D it took a bit of time to get through to me. but I fell in love with the relationship dynamics.
T: Tentatclshipping (StevenXCradily) < OH GOD. THE MENTAL IMAGES *shudders* but... I always kinda wondered why a STEEL trianer had a rock/grass pkmn |D; I guess just b/c it was a prehistoric pkmn and he dug up the fossil? but STILL lol
U: Underworldshipping (MortyxKaren) < out of the "U" shipping list this appeals to me the most |3 the concept alone of a dark and ghost trainer getting together >D
V: ViolatedOrgyshipping (Tentacruel/Steven'sCradily/Steven/Wallace) < PFF- I can't get this out of my head now. and... yeah. [I didn't know Steven'sCradilyxSteven was specifically Violationshipping... I thought Tentacfleshipping was the same diff XD; I never watched the ep it was in... but if I had I'd prolly be a valleyshipper for Ash's Charizard and Charla |D]
W: Whitetruthshipping (PaulxCynthia) < HA HA I DON'T EVEN- Yeah... I don't know OTL [though b/c of that meme I think I like GaryxCynthia now...]
X: XylophoneShipping (SceptilexKecleon) < because I can't think of anything better so the same shipping as Boo--Xo had here XD;
Y: Yamushipping (JessiexCassidy) < ha ha! nostalgia I guess |D; and the rivalry 8D and they're BOTH ROCKETS <3! AND GIRLS TOO 8D!
Z: Zombieshipping (StevenxNormam) < OTL plz don't judge me for that... but somehow the concept appeals to me. though I lulz @ the fact that I imagined Steven as Seme as soon as I read who this shipping was of XD;;;;;

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