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[ - V-Day Report - ]

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 15, 2010, 5:38 AM

I can put this here because nothing nsfw happened!

to be blunt... NOTHING really happened at all XD;

My v-day was slow and uneventful.

About the most exciting thing that happened was me spilling some soapy water on the cement floor of the warehouse.... TWICE. and once in a narrow strip that is the only path to the offices on the one side of the whole building XD;
So that sorta sucked. Had to walk through it whenever I needed to go that way. The other one was near some boxes but not close enough to get them wet or where there is much traffic |D;

So yup. I woke up too early and had to sit around for hours waiting for my ride to call to pick me up for work.

Had a lot of free time so I drew Hideaki finally!
giftart - Hideaki for shock777 by Aisuryuu
that'd be shock777's fan character |3
I always liked him a lot~
ha ha! and her doujinshi is awesome xD you should read it!
:thumb137254520: Ano Yuuwaku pg. 1 by shock777
It's NaruHina centeric. But there is crack and ecchi abound! 8D my favorite |3
and luckily there is no SasuSaku force pairing just because of NaruHina =|

Sat around downstairs and hung out with my bro before work.
didn't do anything. We were just eating and making small talk.

LOL and I converted this:…
into an mp3 file XD so I listened to it the entire ride to work |3

I also did some more doodling for "Spare Moments"... but the page isn't finished yet XD;
And I try usually upload those on Wednesday. If not Thursday or Friday. Just so it's near the middle or end of the week rather than at the start.
Personal decision, that's all XD

Though I find my work drawn out of the home tends to be more creative.... it's usually way more messy and... has so many inaccuracies XD;
But when I draw in my room or at home it tends to look better line-wise and anatomy-wise... it can loose the crack-like charm is has where I seem to feel less inhibited and doodle anything I want when I'm not at home XD

wtf is up with that? shouldn't it be the other way around? Feeling more inhibited OUTSIDE my home when I draw I mean?

Sorta noticed because I didn't finish the page. only got about a third of the way done. one and a half rows. so I had to do two panels when I got home to get half a page.
The panels I drew at home do look a bit better IMO... but they aren't as... impacting I guess. They don't look exciting and look plain and boring compared to my erratic scribbles from work XD;

and it reminds me of that f'd up dog.... THING I drew at the casino a few years ago or so XD;
just sittin' there doing my volunteer work handing out pamphlets and pens... but with bingo going on it was pretty dead as most everyone was seated and playing |D; so I started doodling. I don't even remember what it was on! was it a napkin from my nachos earlier? maybe XD;;;
Initially I was going to try draw Gaara from memory. OH MAN AMBITIOUS OR WHAT. I don't even draw Gaara XD I've only drawn him twice. And that was with a reference XD;
I got the eyes... but the rest of my lines didn't look good. So I started turning it into a frog... but that didn't look right. so I tried turning it into a dog XD; but it still looked messed up. as I was drawing with a pen and couldn't erase any of my lines I just had to keep adding XD;
I don't even KNOW what it ended up looking like. It made most ppl laugh or go "what the f-" when they saw it though XD "What the hell is that?" I think I even got a few times XD

ah~ but it gives me fond-ish memories of playing through Emerald for the first time |3
I was trying to defeat those fugly twins. my team was at a disadvantage and it actually *LE GASP* took more than two tries XD;
I think I won using a Haunter though? Haunter and my... Swampert? It was levitate that gave me problems. and I think I usually used Muddy Water XD
Pretty sure I'd tried using one of my Duskull but... she wasn't trained enough?
Think it was Claydol and Lunatone that were the ones I had trouble with. and a bit for Solrock. Xatu was no sweat. I only had trouble wtih Solrock when it was paired with Lunatone.
It was irritating that I lost. I mean... I DON'T LOSE. But the challenge was nice when it wasn't ticking me off XD;
actually had to re-think my battle style and come up with new strategies. since my Litaesque one wasn't working that time XD
Usually I don't have to worry about battles until I get to the E4 or the Champion, neh? the Champion is usually the one to give me trouble.

But I so want to finish migrating my pokemon from Emerald over to Diamond and platinum that way I can re-start <3 I want to replay it again XD
Though I'd prefer to play Ruby or Sapphire so I could face Steven as Champion instead of Wallace... ¬_¬

this was suppose to be about valentines day XD; man did I EVER get off track ^^;

but yeah. Nothing happened. Just got 3 cans of BC Bud from Jose. Haven't tried that yet.
How widespread is this energy drink? It's new to me at least XD
Mom said it doesn't taste any different from red bull. But it's made using hemp so... yeah?

I still wanna go back to the comic book store and buy some of those novelty energy drinks!

  • Listening to: Due Him! - Little Kuriboh
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February 15, 2010