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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 6, 2008, 2:47 PM
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---->>>"Leaving dA" article by Kiko-Chan-64<<<----

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|D; yeah... the last journal I made was on the third it seems. New record? Three days since my last journal 8D

seriously, I wasn't really submitting much, or having much to talk about XD;

It's been way to hot recentl >_< so there isn't much I can do. And I've mostly been chatting with ppl, or just checking things all over the net about randomness.
Some nostalgia as well...

[ - Warning! the following in this journal may be considered spoilers for my Pokémon OC's! - ]

<3 I was having lots of fun talking out some randomness about older Wallace, once he's married [with kids] |D

and it seems he can end up with just about anyone XD;

Mostly talked about him and Lita. And then some Micheal and Jovan. Of course Gwyn wouldn't be out of the picture in Wallace's life if he didn't marry her |D

Yeah, and then there was the obligatory discussion of Emoshipping being the result XD;

But yeah, Wallace will be a changed guy once he comes back in "Wallace Decides"
|D yes, he is coming back. eventually. I don't have details worked out, but I do have basic ideas floating around.

and the idea of using that design I just submitted:
WIP - Wallace - Diff Design by Aisuryuu
came to mind for Wallace when he does come back.
Though, I'd probably fix up his footwear a little, and have him wear Micheal's bandana around his leg?

And oh yes, marredness ideas abound for when he comes back XD;

About the only two I can't really see him ending up with would be Fredrick or Hoops... LAWL

I also sort of came up with how the gang first meets Fredrick when they go to the Hoeen Region |D
I had the idea before, but not as clearly in my head as it is now.

And I wasn't sure how old they'd be then, but now that I think about some more, I'm pretty sure I have in their bio's that Wallace hadn't seen Hoops for two year since they split up in Johto. That would've been when Wallace was just turning 11 or so. So I guess he'd be 13-14 when they get to Hoeen after coming from Johto.
Jovan: 14-15
Micheal: 18-19
Hoops: 13-14
Fredrick: *subject to change* |D I'm not sure how old to make him anymore... but he's one of the oldest, that's for sure.

And I think they'd spend about two years in Hoeen? if not maybe a year and a half, then a year and a half or so in Sinnoh.

Also, I'm pretty sure Micheal will be traveling with Jovan instead of Wallace.
Since Jovan will be with Fred |D;
[Wallace is going to be traveling with Hoops in Hoeen]
Because, yeah, Jovan and Wallace split up for the first time for Hoeen. They get back together after though, just before they head to Sinnoh, but they break off with Fred and Hoops, who stay in Hoeen for a while longer.

As for Lita and Gwyn... I'm not sure.

It'd be fun if Wallace's group and Jovan's group do run into one another sometimes though. And they'd likely only be seperated for a year or almost that long, and then start traveling together again just a little while before they leave the region.

Oh yes... but I'll never forget Micheals' "trump card" as Pidge puts it. Micheal and his "Super Potion" >D

I do wanna post up their meeting with Fred but...
I still have Wallace Decides on the go |D;

I never did seem to write out "the Mystery Co-Ordinator Arc" XD

That would be mostly about Walt and Wallace, neh?
Also, for Wallace Decides, I'm goint to be putting in a bit of Micheal's past! *le gasp*

And while walking home today from uptown |D I got the idea of Jovan's first metting of Wallace's mom. While Wallace is there of course.

And then some other ideas I won't put here just yet |D;</b>


o_O wow, that was pretty long for spoilers!

Though, last night I was also updating my deck. My actual cards deck I mean.
Holy man, I forgot how long that takes XD; I agonize over it because I try very hard to keep my deck at the 40 card minimum. But never higher than 50 cards max (though there is no real max for how big your deck can be IRL as far as I remember)
Generally I won't go higer than 45.
I also try keep my monsters ratio higher than my spell and trap cards. And try only have a few tribute summoning monsters.
I do go for a beat down deck. I can't have it slowed down with too many complicated combos in order to pull out my monsters.
Though I do like stalling and messing with my opponents before I finish them off >D

I had such fun with Atticus in our last Duel on the PSP though!
It was so exciting |D we had a big long chain going this one turn...
I haven't felt that exhilerated in a duel in ages!

I perfer to have combos that are flexible. I hate single card specific combos. I guess that's another reason I disliked GX so much. Not that I watched it, but I stopped buying many cards in the series. They are too restrictive in how you can use them. A lot of the good ones I saw could ONLY be used with other specific cards, or only really worked in certian rigid combos.

I like to have variety of combo's with the same cards in one deck. And for it to be 40 cards |D
It's just the way I am.

And I DESPISE being stuck in a stalemate. If possible I'll sacrafice monsters and life points to get out of it. Even if it only seems to hurt my chances of winning. I believe in my skills enough to turn things around. It doesn't always happen, but I refuse to allow my opponent to have me stuck in a stand-still.

Besides, I'm known for flipping a duel around in the span of one turn if my opponent even lets up the slightest bit, or shows any shred of mercy to me.
But it's not often that I'd be backed into a corner |D

>D I can even bluff and intimidate the AI's on Tag Force!

Well, aside from Atticus XD he doesn't fall for them. Even if he tries bluffing me, I don't fall for those either.

I HATE facing someone from Slifer Red =_= so very much. I dont' mind Ra Yellow duelists as much, but Obelisk Blue is one of my favorite dorms to face.

Eh, that should be enough space taken, up. Don't you think? X3




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