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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2008, 12:53 AM
  • Listening to: Last YGO MAD Enemy Controller vid linked
  • Watching: Battle For the Bronze part 2

:heart:Terranian-boy = Aisu's Net Husband :heart:


Okay, I'm likely not going to be on-line for a while. Starting tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be heading back to the village. My grandpa's urn is going to be buried in his plot next to his parents on Thrusday. Not only that, but there is a major feast my clan is hosting on Saturday.

Because of the burial/funeral (family only this time, last time it was for everyone, and that was before Grandpa was creamated) and huge headstone raising fest (like four headstones at once, including grandpa and great-granny Kathleen), I'm going to be super busy. I'll likely not get much of anything done. Not that I've gotten much done as is... |D;

So yeah, you might not see me being active again until Monday or Tuesday next week.

Amazingly dad told us before he told his other sons, Dean and Nathan. I think it was because he couldn't get a hold of them though.

Blah-blah-blah, no need for me to put anything else to personal in here.

But I think I'll have a tough time. My room back home has been taken over, and so has my brothers. We'll have no where to sleep. Well, maybe the couch, but I'd rather not be in the same house as Cheri and her girls at all. Maybe I'll see if I can stay at Kris' place, or even Granny Jessie. I'd rather stay at Granny Jessie's even over dad's if they are there.

But that's not the only thing, my auntie's and cousins from Vancouver are coming back for a few days for everything that's going to happen. Oh joy...
I get to listen to them whine and bitch about how boring it is in the village, how they want to go back to the city, and about whatever else comes to their mind.

Yes, I love my family, they are just impossible to be around.

At least I'll have "Wallace". And Kris.
Wait... doesn't that mean I should tell Ryan? or did someone already get a hold of him?

Ah well, whatever.

Just thinking about all this is stressing me out and giving me a headache.

New Wallace doodle:
Quick Coloured Wallace Doodle by Aisuryuu

And current results for my new Poll:

Well... I was thinking of giving "voices" to my OC's...

deviants said 8D oh mai gawd... Hell yesh! :heart: plz do!
deviants said Well... how about like a slideshow of RQT with the voices added to your images?
deviants said 8D; does that mean you'll do... like skits or something?
deviant said You must do animation-like things for it 8D!
deviant said Only one! *insert name here* they must have a voice!!

holy man...!?
XD; so many of you voted for voices...

and uh... no offense to who picked it but... if you choose me to do only one voice, it'd be helpful if you told me WHICH one XD;

But yeah, the slideshow deal for RQT is the most likely bet.
I dunno about the skits or whatever. maybe one or two, or tester ones XD;

blah... doing animations for it would be a little tough. I don't have anything to do that with aside from WMM XD; though I prefer that sort of animation anyway. I might do some minor animating-like things.

And I'm not sure what to have them saying.

and it reminds me of that one time [not at band camp] where I got that recording Carlos did of a Seto quote XD

And I haven't forgotten Lili. I remember you wanted me to do some YGO Abridged series quotes...
X3 though I'd likely do some from Seto :XD:

Hmm... and digital-Rat suggested character sheets for my Pkmn OC's. would that be something any of you would be interested in? I have some sort of character sheets XD; but I have a greater tendency to make notes of my characters through text. I also have differing outfits for them at differnet ages and such... so a character sheet might be challenging, and depending on when in the time-line I do it for.

I'm actually sort of love-hating Mich's age 22 outfit now XD;
I love the bandana still, but sort of hate his shirt now |D; And I don't like that outfit as much as I used to... but it's sort of his most common and defining outfit XD;

Also... Jovan only really has one outfit so far XD; and Hoops' own isn't even fully complete or decided |D; I would like to enter him into digital-Rats contest
info here -->…
Fredrick has two outfits... but one I'm not too impressed with (it's almost just like Itachi's, at Ryan's specific request), and the other isn't 100% complete on either ^_^;

Well, if I go back to the village my chances of finding someone to duel will increse at least. I know the guys duel <3
Not that any of them are really a challenge |D; it'd be a duel.
Maybe I'll check out a duel with Lorri. Everyone talks about he's like the 'cheapest' duelist around now. How he wins a lot, or never loses. You know, that kinda rep. He's also the one who won the three God Cards from Al's tourney. If I'd known WHEN freakin' Al had was holding his tourney I would've went back to join. But he'd been talking about it, and rumor of it was flying around so long, I thought it was just that. Nothing but a rumor.
Heh, and it's not like the God Cards are unbeatable. I was able to destroy my brother's Slifer. I have one myself. Sadly it's Slifer XD;
I want Obelisk T_T
I have a Chinese (and thus counterfeit) Ra though. "Wallace" gave me that one. He had Slifer, and Ryan had Obelisk.
But after a while I bought that Worldwide Edition YGO game on the GBA and gave it to him... with the three God Cards.
So my brother was the first to have all three God Cards, and for them to be official ones.
I got my Offical Slifer outta the GN version of the YGO Movie :XD:

Oh crap... D< I have an appointment on wednesday! I'm going to have to tell her some family business came up and I'll be away all week |D;
I'll have to... damn it. My other class was on this Saturday too...

*sighs* I've got a lot of shifting around to do for my schedule...
nothing I can do about the class. That can't be changed.
I was looking forward to it... but oh well.

that also means I'm going to miss my 15,000 kiriban doesn't it?

I guess it's time for thumbnails and links :XD:

:thumb99112076:<---- Epic! LOL
Title to above: "compensating through CardGames"

Seto Kaiba CG by Freai Kaiba Wallpaper by amanderson Happy Birthday Seto Kaiba by TransvestitesFTW
Seto Kaiba_The Dragon Priest_ by Rheien Seto Kaiba: Remember The Night by Go-Preety
Seto Kaiba, CEO by Lomelindi88:thumb99575371:
Gone fishing by Lady-Date Seto Kaiba Character Sheet by yamixkaiba
YuGiOh-Sketches Seth by Daikyu:thumb99075047:
:thumb99111834: Lullaby by Iced-Blood
++  pirates ++ by kaddabo South Park Kaiba by grimmjack Seto Kaiba with poo oekaki bbs by SuzuneSakura Starter Deck Meme YGO - Kaiba by nycken
[LOL they ended up being all Seto XD;]
Seto-kun's birthday is coming up, neh? [25th?] I wanna do something for it... like draw something or whatever... but I dunno what XD;
you all know by now that I'm a puppyshipper. But I also love Trustshipping <3
X3 and pairing my character Aisu with him is just plain ol' fun :XD:
Mmm, but I also have a sort spot for Tabloidshipping, or just the plain ol' Seto and Mokie brotherly love ~<3

Eh, just some vids:…

YGO MAD - Azumanga Daioh op:…

I dunno... tabloidshipping-like?…


【女性向け】 HI☆GU☆RA☆SHI OPパロ 【遊☆戯☆王】…

XD; I have no real idea...…

Seto and Kura?…


I miss this song <3 Overlap…

Wild Drive:…
Warriors:… [I remember Pidge used to love this one years ago]

Awe man... |D yeah

though time for my fav, the one in my siggy XD…

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LiliNeko Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh' damn! Lol suckage! Tonight would have been a night that I would have been able to catch you for I get off work earlier then usual tonight :XD: ...Damn, I guess maybe the end or next week ish! You have a safe/good trip while you're goooone! Lovies :glomp:
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
XD awe man, yeah, guess it'll have to be next week...
:iconbackhug: thanks for the well wishes :aww:
Terranian-boy Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008
n'aw, honey *huggles*

well, i hope you do ok.and just remember, if your family bugs you too much, they're family---you can get away with being obnoxious back XD
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
*huggles back* thanks a lot.

well, not really |D; not in my case, but I can ignore their antics and not be around them too much.
Terranian-boy Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008
that works, too
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 yup
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