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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2008, 8:12 PM
  • Listening to: "Black Ice" - AC/DC
  • Reading: Yen(plus)
  • Playing: Pokémon

:heart:Terranian-boy = Aisu's Net Husband :heart:


Well, I didn't know what to put in the title XD;

8D! but OMFG! <33333
I got AC/DC's "Black Ice" Album |D
hellz yeah ~<3

I got the yellow cover. I didn't even notice the sticker until I brought it home, saying the yellow and white ones are limited edition XD; I was also thinking of getting the white one, but I went for the yellow b/c it looks more like traditional AC/DC XD;
Ooh... but maybe, if they are still around when I get money again, I'll buy dad the white one.

I saw the one on the ad/poster had blue... but I didn't see any blue ones on the rack >_>;

likely one of the few things my dad and I are surprised to have in common XD;

As far as I remember (and mom remembers) AC/DC is one of dad's (if not his absolute) favorite bands.

I know Ryan was all sad that they were sold out at Sight and Sound in the mall when he went there XD;
and I'm pretty sure Kris likes AC/DC too. Mom's got some of their older albums.
I think "Wallace" is indifferent to then |D;
he's not into music like I am *shrugs*

But oh yes, this album is awesomesauce in a Kick Ass can ~<3
It certainly sounds like AC/DC ^0^

I'm also hoping I can get the special edition crate of their other albums 8D
LOL it reminds me how my dad has his records (yes, records. you know those black circle discs?) in a yellow dariyland crate in the basement in his old room X3 [a.k.a. the dungeon |D;]

I also bought one of those new shirts similar to the one I'm wearing. Yes. Extra Large was just big enough XD; any smaller would be to small >_>;;;

Also, I got some of those speech bubble stickers. I think they were designed for photo's and scrapbooking...
>D but can you guess what I got 'em for? :giggle:

I also got some new material for arm bands. Gonna try sell those this year too <3
And I got this... sky blue brushed suade material XD;
I dunno what I'll do with it, but it's about a meter in length, neh?
Mom said it's even machine washable 8D!

and I asked her about jumper rings for the keychains. I don't want to be attaching the hemp cord directly to the key rings this time >_>;

Also, my bro got some new game off of I can't remember it's title, but it's an RPG. It sounds cool! On the DS. It actually reminds me of the old first FF <3
and he said it's actually hard/challenging too X3
I guess you draw the maps yourself or something?

Also, I still wouldn't mind getting more recommendations for 2009 calanders <3
Thanks to :iconJchampagne1998: for her suggestionls though X3

also, I'm taking suggestions on text for this XD;
Mich + Wal sketching by Aisuryuu

I was also thinking... maybe I'll just collect together some of my comics into booklets and selling those XD;

I alrealdy gave mom some money for the table. I'm getting my own this year |D

And the mall got smart, they don't have us all grouped together in the Community Room >_>;

<3 we're out in the mall now. Mom and I choose the tables outside Gema's former First Nations shop, and it's just around the corner from Sonny's [Collectables aka the card shop XD]

I'll prolly end up making some money... then going over and spending it on cards |D;

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October 23, 2008