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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 27, 2010, 6:53 PM

Still real sick...

holy man. You would not BELIEVE how sick I was yesterday.
I could not sit up, let alone STAND, without feeling like the whole room was spinning. I had to lean on and hold onto something to keep from falling over... ._.
[I'm not even sure what that emote means anymore |D: I just remember Kay-kun used to use it a lot. And I think I end up misusing emotes to mean other things when I use them ANYWAY lol]

but yeah! Why can't I draw kick fucking ass shit like this:
014. Smile - Wallace -post-wd- by Aisuryuu
when I'm not half crazy from sickness?!
Is my genius buried in insanity or something? [LOL that sentence makes me think of Dib |D]
It's usually impossible for me to draw something specific I am inspired to draw. Granted I think I originally saw that image as a... what's it called... full front view. Whatever. it wasn't at an angle anyway.
But yeah, I'm happy with it <3
It's also generally impossible for me to draw what I'm feeling. But that image actually summed it up pretty well 8D

Not happy with my Zim doodle though. The lines bug me. I think I only like using the binary tool for pixel icons or maybe even dolls from doll bases or something. Not that I use doll bases much. Somehow they feel so hard to use = they just feel... restricting.

But oh man... I was reading some awesome Invader Zim [mostly ZaDR b/c of an artist I watch that used to draw IZ things... and influenced me towards it before I ever got into IZ?] fan fics. Most were great. I think there was only one I didn't finish reading because I wasn't liking it much.
But I've only read a few. I'd like to see some more about Zim and Tak though XD;
Is it canon she died? Or did she escape? I wasn't able to watch all the episodes all the way through when Hoops and I went on an IZ marathon using netflix. I had to cook and do other things while he was watching TV =
But I liked Tak <3 and the Tallest. GIR could be amusing too. But I think Zim is my favorite. And interaction between Zim and Did always amused me.
I don't think there was a character I didn't like. Well, maybe one or two that I sort of inched away from, but overall I liked the series. I think it was a bit of an acquired taste? But after a bit of it [not much] I got to really LOVING it <3
unlike Desert Punk. Which I don't hate, but don't usually feel in much of a mood to watch. It can be amusing. but more in a facepalming-headshaking-I-can't-believe-what-I-just-heart/saw kind of way.

Whoa though... some of that ZaDR art is just... I don't even know. I have a feeling I should be more disturbed than I am when I see it XD;
But after seeing some of those should-be disturbing fan arts and concepts... it had me realize that I think I have a thing for aliens too. Not as big as my thing for Dragon's of course! But still... I think I really like certian kinds of aliens |D;
OTL and that maybe that's a bad thing.

Some Random Favorites:
IZ- I'm Sorry by flying-monkey-army How To Draw Irkens by Crow1992:thumb187479811::thumb176048745::thumb145282231: Team Galactic Tallests by JailbotNinetales:thumb179618625::thumb179495763: ZADR: Closer by TheSmallestInvader So I Can Talk My Way Through by Yao-Ling Zim and Dib Invader-Back Ride by DarkFallen0:thumb156649987::thumb129297883::thumb105380968:

Fan Fics:

Mature Content

Mature Content

and the fics based off them:

This is one of the fics I REALLY liked <3 because it was an interesting AU and had/has me wondering about Dib's sanity more than I usually would XD

Mature Content

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November 27, 2010