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[ - THANKS LILI! - ]

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 19, 2010, 11:16 AM

XD; man... I feel bad now OTL
Lili bought me a year subby. late b-day prezzie...
thing is, I still haven't been able to draw up her contest prize from the RichieRealm contest ages ago -@;

well I'm gonna feature here |D

:iconlilineko: - LiliNeko

Fleece Hats! -…

<3 you can commish her for fleece hates |3 see link above for what she's already made. I'll put some thumbs below for a few I love~
Sneasel Hat and Tail by LiliNeko OC Fish slash Whale Hat by LiliNeko Lucario Fleece Hat by LiliNeko Renamon Fleece Hat by LiliNeko 1st Gen - Vaporeon Hat and Tail by LiliNeko 4th Gen - Glaceon Hat by LiliNeko 2nd Gen - Umbreon Hat and Tail by LiliNeko 4th Gen - Leafeon Hat and Tail by LiliNeko 1st Gen - Flareon Hat by LiliNeko 1st Gen - Dragonair Hat by LiliNeko Guilmon Hat and Shirt Cosplay by LiliNeko Red and Black Dragon Hats by LiliNeko

Just GOTTA love these XD!

IT'S OVER 9000 by LiliNeko Vegeta and Panda Toast - 9000 by LiliNeko

She's also one of the biggest reasons I started reading and watching Fruits Basket recently. Considered it before, almost got into it... but then backed away XD;
It's not so bad. it's pretty amusing |3

Kyo and Tohru Collab by LiliNeko Kyo and Tohru ARRG Pirates by LiliNeko

Mature Content

Kyo x Tohru - I don't need... by LiliNeko

I'm not into Egoshipping but...

Oh Noes CG Coloring? by LiliNeko Egoshipping Fan Club ID by LiliNeko V-Day present gone wrong by LiliNeko

:iconmoarplz: pkmn |3

PokEgoshipping 4 -hotspring by LiliNeko Ikarishipping by LiliNeko Poke or Ego Rose ? by LiliNeko Ego+Advance Girls Wet T-Shirt by LiliNeko P-Guys at the Beach by LiliNeko Richie - Hiroshi New Attire by LiliNeko
P-Guys of the Eevee Evolutions by LiliNeko P-Guys WWF Plushies by LiliNeko

other? ha ha

K-CON Loli and CC Aerith by LiliNeko Drunken Pokemons by LiliNeko Umbreon Gijinka by LiliNeko Eggs - Egg Heads by LiliNeko

I haven't read her fics.... but here you go anyway |D

I Want You to Want Me -SummaryI Want You to Want Me - Alternate Universe
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or the characters from Pokemon in this story.
Warning: Rated T for some swear words and mid sexual theme reference throughout the story.
Chapter 1: Summary
Gary Oak is the biggest playboy of Pallet High and he could get about any girl to fall head over heels for him with his good looks, charm and smooth attitude. But then came along Misty Waterflower, the new elite transferred student from Cerulean High, as she wants nothing to do with Gary on the first day they met. Misty, who had wanted to be left alone at her new school, ends up having a little run in with Ash Ketchum, but then soon ended up being tangled up with Gary, his best friend since childhood.
With it being a game to Gary, Gary’s goal was to get Misty to fall for him, just to add another count to his score of the number of girls he has played. With a side bet that Gary and Ash formed, Gary was in denial and confused about his feelings for
- I Want You To Want Me
Anything For Love - Ch.1
Anything For Love
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or the characters from Pokemon in this story.
Warning: Minor swearwords and some violence
A/N: When talking and/or around the guys, I'll be using "Mickey/him" but reference of just herself, I'll be using "Misty/her"…hopefully not too confusing XD
A/N #2: I am in the process of revising each AFL's chapters for a better flow and improved grammar and writing style, so please bear with the current chapters. Also special thanks to all of ya on tips and suggestions on improving my writing, much lovies!
Main Characters Ages:
Misty/Mickey- 18
Gary- 18
Ash- 18
Richie- 18
"…" Talking
'Italic' Thinking
Chapter 1: Entering All-Boys Pokemon Academy
**Viridian Forest**
Lost in the middle of the forest, a little short haired redhead; age eight, in baby blue overalls and a yellow shirt, covered in dirt. Scared and helpless against a couple Caterpies and a few Weedles; that webbed her against a tree, Misty let out
- Anything For Love

and holy man... thanks for the subby XD; I totally did NOT expect that at all!

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LiliNeko Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwww thank you for the feature, I totally didn't expect that :XD: I LOVE YOU TOO A-CHAAAAAAAAN <3 <3 <3 (( <-- HAH THREE <3 , >;3 ))

Hahaha anyways, you are totally welcome! I'm just glad to know that this laaaaaaaaaaaaaaate ass present was something you got excited for ;3 Because seriously I don't know when I would have been able to start/do the other gifty I wanted to do...And to be honest, I was still unsure what to do too :XD:

Anyways, time for sleep, wanted to drop a comment of some Lili's sexual harassment loving ;3 ...Lol, OH! I'm gonna be posting my Lili Neko Trainer today when I wake up or sooo. It's only based color since I don't have time to do the rest of the shading and lighting :XD: But I think you'll like it ;p
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Your Welcome! I didn't think you'd expect it |3

oh yes, very excited! <3
Ah XD; well it's good you found something then |3
wouldn't have had this problem though if the stupid BoGo thing worked around Xmas time, neh?

oh you know how I love your sexual harassment! 8D
oh kick ass! ha ha yeah, most of of my images are base/flats XD
I so have to check it out~
LiliNeko Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
GAWD damn that stupid BoGo thingy back then!!! Curses dA! Haha I guess when it comes around again we should jump on it :XD:

Oh and it looks like I'll be posting my Trainer pic tomorrow :XD: A lot of side distractions keep on popping up and I still got a few more things to finish for my trainer info, like each of my pokemon partner roles and my trainer quotes and etc ;3

Hahaha much lovelooooooooooooooove!!!!
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I know! I was so upset about not being able to get that! but yeah, we'll totally have to jump on that next time~

ah XD okay <3 I can't wait to see it!
I need to make a nice/good reference of my Rory XD;

I'm also making Draco [one of my OC's] a Salamance Gijinka for one of my house events from AoH~ <3
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