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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 23, 2011, 7:43 AM

Well! Just got more RAM for my comp recently! going to see if I'll be able to at least use lag-free now or what.
I'm not sure what to stream though...
so I might just give out free simple sketch/doodle streaming requests for a bit to test things out


Nope... never mind |D; still doesn't wanna work right. Sorry!


Just gonna try stream my lines for the next page of my exam comic |D maybe it'll help me to keep working?


[ - June 23rd, 2012 - ]Well... I'm gonna test this and see if they work. I was doodling in SAI earlier and it seemed to work okay...
Tried procaster, still doesn't wanna work for me |D; so join me it is.


Well... was able to fix things up so I can draw again for now. been testing things. so I want to try see if join me works with my set up as well |D;
I'm actually almost done this pic XD; so I'm not sure what I'll be doing once I'm finished it...


[ - June 23rd, 2012 - ]

|D how nice. Join me works fine. but once someone joins THEN it lags. Seems I just can't win =|


[ - May 6th, 2012 - ]

"OTL spent way too long online. But I got a tumblr ask question finished XD; so I'll stop the stream now.


Gonna try stream again. Only going to be on for a little bit. as I have work later today.

[ - May 5, 2012 - ]

I might get back on later. but I have to get off the comp for a while |D


OTL seems like procaster is too much. It doesn't work for my comp at all. It crashes every time it starts up saying not enough memory...


Okay! so I got a new computer and everything. been thinking about it a while... but I'm gonna try streaming again! hopefully it'll work LOL


[ - Jun 23, 2011 - ]

OTL so that didn't work very well... my laptop was needing too many updates. maybe I'll try again tomorrow or something. Sorry!


OKAY. gonna try live stream using procaster again... hopefully things don't go too badly |D; though I expect my comp to crash so... heads up?


[ - June 23, 2011 - ]

*SIGH* still crashes. so I guess I'll stop trying for today.
Got to 'requests' to do though

*Sarah - Dragon Sandwich
*Anu - Kitty Draco in sheet nest being teased by Rei with grass-like cat toy


Well comp crashed |D; so join me it is!

Join Me Link :below:



Well! Everyone was asleep last time I checked, so now seems a good time to try stream and test out my theory |3
And yes, I'll be trying to use LIVESTREAM this time :XD:

feel free to drop by~
I'm going to be trying to line pages 5-7 of our final exam. I told Anu I would, even though the deadline has passed.
I STILL WANT TO FINISH THE COMIC DAMMIT. she also dared me /brick'd

ha ha yeah, just trying to see if livestream/procaster won't crash my comp this time XD

gonna see if I can try do some sketch requests too if anyone drops by~

drop by if you like!

[ - Jun 17th, 2011 - ]

Okay wow. It even crashed with join me running. It must totally just be because I share this connection with everyone in the house XD;
but yeah! gonna see if I can spend the next couple of hours working on the third page of the final exam 8D;
[join me url changed/updated]

[ - Jun 15th, 2011 - ]

nope... my comp just hates to stream. but it's rare for only ONE person to be using the net connection in my  house =\


Edit: [ - Jun 12th, '11 - ]
Well it didn't crash with Join me running! though I also just realized this also means the stream wasn't recorded now that I've turned it off XD;

Okay... going to try procaster again XD;
I went through the trouble of creating a playlist on YT to listen to while I work. This way I won't have to have iTunes playing music for me 8D
And hopefully I won't have my comp keep crashing on me while I work XD;

btw I'll be working on the line art for the first page of our/my AoHC exam |3

[ - Jun 1st '11 - ]

okay that's a total no go. either my comp just can't handle running procaster, or it has other major issues that are triggered by running procaster. I'm going to try using "join me" instead =|

Just gonna try LS again |D; I've been having probs with procasater lately. so hopefully I don't end up with my comp crashing again.

[ - Mar. 31st '11 - ]
Edit: Don't expect anyone is online this time of night but... I'll try streaming |D
not using my own comp so... yeah
Mostly going to be working on colouring my entry for OneWingedMuse's colouring contest.
I happen to really dislike Pokéshipping [ashxmisty] but I love to support OneWingedMuse... so I'm gonna take a stab at colouring her line art XD;
also because I'm using a new comp and haven't used my tablet in a while... I can't seem to do any line art myself atm XD; so colouring it is! XD;

[ - Mar. 31st '11 - ]

Okay, I'll be on in a few minutes |3 gonna work on something AoH-ish related XD

[ - Jan. 28th - ]
Gonna try finish that AoH meme... then work on the blush meme using teenage Wallace |3

[ - Jan. 21st '11 - ]
Okay! going to LS filling out my half of the OC double meme for Sarah XD
Using Draco and she's drawing Kiri for her half~ so it'll prolly be upped to AoH later.

[ - Jan 16th '11 - ]

it worked! :dance:

And my comp didn't crash~
it got super laggy and sort of froze sometimes XD; but it didn't crash!
Stuph I worked on during the session:
warm-up doodle - Mich by Aisuryuu LS Request - Aqua by Aisuryuu 44,444 kiriban - Kiko-chan by Aisuryuu
Doodle - Can't Stop by Aisuryuu

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