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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 23, 2012, 10:53 PM…

Edit: Okay! So I was able to lower the shipping price XD;
It's a flat $5 atm. I'm thinking I might be able to fit about 2-3 packs of stationary into the same package for that price? I'm not 100% sure on that but I hope so. That would be just for US and Canada though. I'd still have to check on shipping to other countries. No real idea how much that might cost off the top of my head. But just send me a note if you're interested and I'll look into it for you!


Like with my bookmarks I've built-up quite a bit of stock. I finally had some free time to get all this gathered together so I am making a journal with them all gathered in one place~
I hope to clear these out so I can get some new stock for Farmer's Market this year.

I am also giving free sketches with orders! See below for more information on this.

for sale by aachi-chan

  Stationary Sets:

Stationary Set: $5 each

* 3 sheets per set
* 3 envelopes per set
* page dimensions: 28 cm x 21.5 cm [11 in. x 8.5 in.]

Payment though Paypal only, prices in CAD, and you pay for all fee's.
Currency Converter: [link]
[though CAD and USD are usually quite similar these days. So I may accept USD if the difference between both stays low]

Shipping: Mailed using Canada Post in cardboard photo mailer envelope
:pointr: 1 Stationary set --> $5 [for US and Canada, I'll have to get back to you on shipping for other countries]
:bulletred: Free Mini-sketch with each shipping payment! Which basically means you get a free bust-up or head shot sketch commission with every order |3

How To Order:
:pencil: Send me a note telling me which set(s) you would like
:pencil: I will get back to you with if they are still available, then give you total cost and with paypal information
:pencil: You send me payment for the order and include your dA username so I know who the payment is from!
:pencil: Give me an address to send your order to and an idea of what you would like your free mini-sketch to be of
:pencil: Once your payment goes through I will mail your stationary order and the original of your free sketch as soon as I can!

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April 23, 2012