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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 5, 2010, 11:07 AM

:iconrainbowheartplz: :iconpidge-fc::iconkris-mich-fan-club::iconrainbowheartplz:

Ergh... 5 days to finish my part of the Finals Collab Exam...
If anyone is curious about the plot/script I uploaded it |D
Script RP - AoH S2 final examA/N: slightly edited [just took out the OOC text mostly] IM RP which is the script basis of my team/party's AoH Final Exam in the Frozen Abyss maze
[8:27:58 PM] DAWNDOVE: Kristi: looks cold in there....
[8:28:36 PM] Goddess-Anubis: Reisei: :just walks right in, keeping her hand against a wall to get a feel for where she's going:
[8:28:44 PM] AISURYUU: Draco: *looks to Kristi* Are you going to be okay? I'm sorry I didn't bring my sweater... I don't mind the cold myself.
[8:29:11 PM] DAWNDOVE: Kristi: oh no it ok, i've got a sweat myself see~
[8:29:43 PM] AISURYUU: Draco: *smiles* Okay... a-ah! Reisei wait! I still need to put on the bandages! it looks cramped in there... *hurriedly starts wrapping them around his forearms*
[8:30:38 PM] DAWNDOVE: Kristi: no rush
[8:31:10 PM] Goddess-Anubis: Reisei: :stops and waits for them, ears flicking around a tad:
[8:31:43 PM] DAWNDOVE: kristi: -examines the entrance-
[8:31:59 PM] AISURYUU: Draco: *p

Also going to be trying to make a club icon for :iconrichierealm: <3
they're having a contest! I didn't... uh... post that up did I? OTL…

Three entries so far! I hope we get more 8D

I need to get my comic done before I can focus my attention onto the icon though.
but the deadline for the icon contest is Oct. 24th! so I have time <3

ha ha but Hoops is here... and he just got DeadRising 2 so... I've been watching that a lot *facepalm*

I still can't believe the second semester, but Draco's first, of AoH is almost over.
I so want to try and keep Draco in until graduation. Not sure what they have planned for after graduation though.
He seems to have improved however <3 he's got a handful of acquaintances, a room mate, and a few friends <3

Hoops is working on an AT for me [he finihsed the sketch last night?] so I'll be drawing his Red-haired girl for him and posting that up when I get the chance |3

can't think of anything else I had to say so I'll post up thumbs of some awesome shit I've seen recently on dA XD

Pkmn- ........................ by meru-chan Pkmn- Just passing by by meru-chan Pkmn- Hospitality by meru-chan Pkmn- Secret technique by meru-chan Ver-brawl abuse pt.1 by Inyuo Welcome Back... by UnluckyLapin MOUNTAINS by Nate516:thumb175460204:
Pokemon: RedXGreen by xYaminogamex:thumb178085475::thumb168025695: Ganon the Swinub Trainer by Vestergaard
PKMN: Beyond Days..Childish..
Green drew his lips back in a sneer.
"What, not gonna stick around? Too scared of when I'm going to knock you off your throne, Champion? Go ahead, see if anyone misses you. Sheesh. With the amount of talking you do, I bet no one'll even notice you're gone, freak!"
Red blinked at him, glassy, emotionless eyes scanning him over. The Pikachu on his shoulder gave him a harsh glare, but Red, as usual, said nothing, turning to leave.
"You're going to get yourself killed, Red!" Green called after him with a slight laugh, "and when you do, I'll be  laughing at your funeral and be the first to go up to your grave and tell you I told you so! I pity anyone who misses you! You had it coming, and the only one who doesn't see that is you! I thought you were dead when I left you back at Silph Co., but you got lucky! Smell ya when you're in a casket, loser!"
He was still laughing when he could no longer see Red, and he turned back, Eevee behind him, to go back to Viridian, gl
Burning LeafRed's finally in a relationship now. I thought it'd never happen.
I'd grown up alongside Red. When our friend turned mean and started being a bully, we still had each other. When we turned ten, Red ran out into the wilderness alone, but Professor Oak stopped him and brought him back to the lab. He called me over, and, together, we chose our first Pokémon. He chose Charmander, and I was left with Bulbasaur.
Our rival took Squirtle, and I watched as, almost every time, his Pokémon used its type advantage against Red's Pokémon. During those times, I'd felt like it was my duty to protect Red. I had the Pokémon who our rival's was weak to. But Red had the Pokémon strong against mine.
Just like that, I knew I had a weakness for Red. I knew I wanted to protect him. One day, and I met up in Lavender Town, where we met our rival. Our rival taunted us for coming when none of our Pokémon were dead. He told us he'd make them faint, with the implication that he wished
PKMN: Missing..Death..
"We're sorry, Professor, but I don't think your grandson's Raticate will make it," the nurse whispered.
Oak sighed, rubbing his temples. "I'm sorry to hear that. ...Green, do you want to pay your last respects?"
The boy snorted. "Like I care! It's all Red's fault. He doesn't know how to hold back!" The nurse made a small sound of disgust before retreating to the back of the Center, syringe in hand.
"Red killed your Raticate? I think not! It's your own fault for pushing your Pokémon and not preparing for such a situation when you knew you'd be away from a Center, and your own friend had to suffer the consequences," Oak answered, wrinkling his nose in disgust.
He'd been hopeful about the boy, but it'd become heavily apparent in recent years that he was little more than a sociopath and a bully, always trying to be the best...
He'd given his grandson the responsibility of a Pokémon and Pokédex mostly to humor the behavioral child, but also in hopes that he'd lea
PKMN: GlitchYoung Pokémon Trainer Red was much like any other boy his age in that he got such a thrill out of doing something he wasn't supposed to. Something against the rules... He grinned to himself as he summoned his Charizard from its Poké Ball.
"Hey, buddy," he whispered. "Do you know where we are?"
The fire Pokémon nodded, looking around at the jungle-like vegetation overgrowing all sides of the thin pathway. A certain excitement rose up in Red's chest every time he heard the scurrying of Pokémon in the bushes, the distant, muffled cries of species he still had yet to capture... He grinned to himself, unable to contain his thrill at their adventure.
The Safari Zone. It was challenging, oftentimes infuriating, but Red loved it – the sights, the smells, the thrill of the hunt as he sought out to catch that one rare Pokémon... It was like a gamble, or another game of chance... And while Red never liked such games, he was willing to make an exception when it came t
PKMN - Sombre DimancheThere were two birds sat on a stone.

The room was warm, but the world was cold.
That was all Green could think as he numbly thumbed through a magazine tabloid, staring past the pictures, past the room and letting his attention flicker with the humming and blinking of the florescent lighting.
His jaw was numb, his tongue was heavy, and his limbs quivered with unease. His heart was racing, but for how much he sweat and shook, he struggled to feel anything. His dread was like the humming of cheap lights – droning and flickering, and something outside of him he couldn't control.
He didn't force a smile when the investigator walked into the room. Neither did she. He stood up, legs still quivering, hands clammy and god he felt so cold.
"We've talked before. I'm Tabitha," she began, and then she held out her hand for Green to take.
"Yeah, I remember," Green murmured in response as he shook her hand and god her hands were warm.
She nodded, holding onto
Red: Waiting at HomeThey say no news is good news.

The world was at war, and in a time when power decided everything, she was powerless.
He came home from time to time. He rarely talked – never touched. He never slept. In the safety of his own home, he feared for his life, for the gunshots that never came, for the smell of sludge and poison gas.
She was always careful – turning on a light too fast brought him back to the fields with his teammates and Surge's Raichu, and all at once he was ready to battle again.
She was losing him. She feared for him – his Pokémon, his life. He was a battler, a master of the art, but he wasn't set up for battles between people. He wasn't a warrior.
He kept his distance, too scared of hurting her. His fears were all too justified; in times of war, there was no break from being a soldier. He was programmed to fight at all times, and there was no time for him to lose that mindset.
He left wordlessly, never sure of what to say. "Goodbye" was t

:thumb50969188: Pokemon Persian by FelisGlacialis The Joy of Battle Chapter 1Chapter 1: A Joyful Scene
Joy gripped the sides of the sink until her knuckles were almost as white as the ceramic surface.  The rusted drain and streaks of iron stains swirled and rippled.  She shut her eyes to fight back the nausea.
Sorrow snored rhythmically in the other room.  Normally the sound would be somewhat comforting, but in her early morning confusion, it was like a saw across her brain, tearing backward, forward, backward, forward…
She opened her eyes, and the whole room swayed in time with the snores.  She pitched forward and pressed her forehead against the cold mirror.
Three months earlier, in early August 1943, Joy had been standing in the lobby of a very different hotel in Borehamwood, England.
"Madam, those trousers just won't work for a lady agent."
She turned to the voice and saw a rather squat gentleman with a trim silver mustache and a bellman's uniform.  He had appeared suddenly and silently in the entrance
Date With Ocelot by dt80675112:thumb143569480:
Pokemon Trainer Red by Hitokirisan pokeatholon by mohja

045 -- Dat Ash by Mystafreya 463 -- Kwl by Mystafreya red and pikachu by llano PKMN: Red and Green sketches by Anyarr A Vocal Matter by Gansaku-no-Hasu Gold and Silver shave a MareepThe only reason he was even in a room with Gold was because of how high they were. That was what Silver told himself.
The room was spinning. No, it wasn't really spinning, it was just moving. It was like someone was smudging it up and making everything bright, and woah. How come Silver never realized how red his hair was? It was like… ketchup. Did it taste like ketchup? Tentatively, his small, pink tongue, inched out of his mouth to test this theory—
Gold's fingers, feeling like warm noodles wrapping around Silver's wrist, made the redhead realize two things. One, that Gold was pulling him somewhere. Two, that he was really hungry and everything reminded him of food.
Gold was laughing, quietly, almost a strained laugh, as he pushed Silver onto his bed then slumped against the floor.
"…Green is an asshole."
"No," Silver moaned, turning around and clinging desperately to Gold's pillow. "Don't—No. Those… were… they… cupcakes?"
"Muffins, yeah.
Green eggs and ham by PinWheelOf I am dissapointed by PinWheelOf

Mature Content

Bathtub -BL- by Dahn-Lynn
Meeting up in the Mountains by Dahn-Lynn GreenxRed - Close Yet Apart by Keyhala -Green and Red- by iWizard

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needs2dAmoar Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
Oh, thanks for talking about the contest!

I've decided to use one of the custom boxes to feature other groups contests.

But yeah, get that comic done!

I was talking with lili and she was talking about you. We all need to meet up for iS or something!
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 no problem! I like to try promote group contests. but I've been a lot less active about journals than I usually am lately ;_;

Oh awesome! that'll be cool 8D

I'm working on it! I have two pages [which is for comic pages] of thumbnails done atm that I'm just going to try scan.

ha ha Lili was talking about me?!
oh hell yes! We so need another orgy date sometime soon. help me relieve some tension? AND I MISS YOU GIRLS.
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