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Well not only did my computer die a while back... But I am also moving in June.
I won't have a desk in my new room so I likely will try get a laptop instead of a new tower. But I know I can't afford to replace my computer for a long time.

I do have some materials I can use for traditional art! 
But without a computer I can't scan any of it. I can take pics but I won't be able to take high quality photos OR clean edit the photos.

So I will be drawing. It's just the hat I am limited by lack of practice and the available materials traditionally. It will also take me longer to finish pieces traditionally.

Using my iPad makes it way less convenient to check dA so my activity here will also be slitly less after I am not busy with moving and settling in.

but I have the dA app so I can get notification! So I am going to be around I will just update more slowly and can only do traditional pieces atm so those also take longer than digital.
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Submitted on
May 24, 2016