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[ - SS 2012 Wishlist - ]

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 15, 2012, 5:53 AM

Well! Seems like we're getting two SS events in one semester this time |D

Hmm... I only have like 3 characters with ref sheets that I am happy with. So I'll list those ones:

:pointr: If you wanna stick with AoH chara's here are three options for Draco |D

:bulletblue: AoH - Draco - S4 Spring-Fall Ref by Aisuryuu [Link and thumbnail are the same. listing both b/c sometimes thumbs don't show up for me |D;]
* This is... pretty much what he's been wearing for the past 3 seasons. His hair has gotten longer but if you keep it that length that's fine. He'd have a slightly different style for longer hair anyway.

:bulletblue: AoH - Draco - Home Visit by Aisuryuu
* If you are more comfortable with human-looking chara's this is a design for him in his "human disguise". It was designed for winter but can pretty much work for any season. [thumb and explanation for his hair in the artist comments]

:bulletblue: AoH - post S4 exam ref by Aisuryuu
* Just an alternate outfit if you aren't feelin' the other two. This would be his most recent one, and that's pretty much how he keeps his hair these days, and how long it is.
So if you are feeling really adventurous you can probably mix this hair style with the other outfits or designs, I dunno.

:pointr: If you aren't into drawing my AoH RP character... these are a couple other options! They're Pokémon characters.

:bulletred: Updated Teen Mich Ref by Aisuryuu
* ha ha I listed him last year too but ah well. He's one of my favorite OC's I guess. And one of the few chara's who's got a detailed ref and that hasn't changed for his timeline b/c he's a story character rather than an RP one.
* If you're feeling adventurous or you wanna include a pkmn... some of his team mates are: "Fluffy" male-Vulpix,  "Tinnt" female-houndoom, "Char" shiny-male-Charizard, "Felisa" female-Arcanine, and "Tilly" female-Octillery. Vulpix is more of a pet/baby (he tends to carry him around a lot while it spends most of it's time sleeping). Houndoom and Charizard are his favorites and main battlers.

:bulletred: Updated Teen Jovan Ref Sheet by Aisuryuu
* Jovan... she seems to be my most popular female OC. She's also got a rather decent ref so I can probably include her here too if you'd rather draw a female character. I'd pick a different girl but... Jo's got the best reference sheet out of everyone of them.
* Pokémon options for her are a male Charmander or one of it's evolutions, male Magikarp, male Gyrados, or "Pepper" a female Pikachu [it's from Yellow Forest so it actually knows surf and has a surf board strapped to it's back]. Magikarp/Gyrados and Pepper are her favorites.

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November 15, 2012