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[ - Okay... a little bit of a problem - ]

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 12, 2010, 5:30 PM

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Well other than being super busy trying to get ready for the November and December Craft Fairs at the local mall...
[seeing how my AoH exams are over I might be a lot less active with posting new art or anything]

I'm trying to make stuffies to sell.
Just little small ones. they're maybe... 15 centimeters [almost 6 inches?] tall. and maybe 5-6 centimeters wide [excluding the arms, they stick out to the side].
They don't have a  lot of stuffing to 'puff' them out though. so they mostly lie flat, but they do have some depth to them.

I'm certainly making Red and Green ones to sell...
but I'm not sure who else might sell well.
I'm only making about six for now [as I don't know if anyone will even buy them]. 2 will be Red and Green. So that leaves 4 others to be clothed and given hair.
They're made of felt and I'm going to try paint on the faces.

I'm making Dawn and Paul for myself. the first two Red and Green stuffies I made I'm also keeping. I don't trust the making of them to hold up if anyone buys them XD; I've had to repair them like twice already so I can't feel good selling THOSE.
And they were for practice and trial and error so I can figure out how to make them presentable and slightly durable.
They are intended more for collecting than to stand up through hardcore playtime.

Well I took some shots of Red:
WIP - Red Plushie by Aisuryuu
[I'll try get photo's of Green soon!]
I plan on fixing the size of his shirt, vest, and hat for the ones I'm selling. but also making his pants properly XD; [I said it before, but I only sewed them the way I did to PROVE to my mom she wrote the pattern wrong, I know how to make the pants properly]
His shoes are a PAIN to sew though. I might change how I sew that too.
I still need to paint the white on the front of his shoes too.
I'm not giving him a backpack though, so no vs. seeker. And no Pikachu.

I also made mine so I could change the clothes. But that meant I had to make their hair removable. I think I want to sew it into place for the ones I sell. but that will probably also mean the clothing won't be removable.
I made mine removable so I can change their outfits. But I'm not sure the stitching of the body can handle being manhandled for many clothes changes XD;
it's mainly the stitching of the head to the neck that's difficult = I might have to make them neckless by sewing the whole neck into the head |D;
though mom said she'd sew some bodies together for me. She's way better at sewing than I am, so she can make reliable and durable stiches! I'm just going to stuff and clothe them. so I have to sew the stuffies together and their clothes too.

but I'm going off on a tangent [like usual I guess].

I'm not sure who else might sell. Even asking you all here isn't REALLY very helpful. As the customers I get IRL at the craft fairs are worlds apart from the audience I see here on the internet and dA.
Maybe even surprisingly the Pokémon characters aren't easily recognized. If anything they'd only know Ash. [I've had someone call one of my child Micheal images an "Ash" image].
Anime doesn't seem well known by a lot of people in my area either. Naruto is more recognized now than it was, but I no longer make anything in that fandom. I mostly stick to the Pokémon fandom.

So I guess I can try ask who you think is more recognizable? or who is just most aesthetically appealing out of Pokémon characters?
I was considering making a Queero/Silver doll. As HG/SS is still kinda hot right now. He might be recognized. Does he have an appealing design though?
The second generation of Pokémon seems to have the largest fan base in my own opinion. From what I've seen. But that was all online. I'm not sure how it would equate to offline.

Oh I'm sure if I made a bunch of Bella, Edward, and Jacob stuffies they'd sell out immediately. But I REALLLY don't want to do that. Even if it'd sell. I have my limits! and these stuffies are a lot of work! I don't love Twilight so doing something that takes THIS much effort is too far for a fandom I really dislike.

I guess I'll make a poll to go along with this entry. As the journal itself seems overly verbose |D;

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October 12, 2010