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[ - OH GOD! (A Wild Metapod!) - ]

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 10, 2010, 9:40 PM

:iconrainbowheartplz: :iconpidge-fc::iconkris-mich-fan-club::iconrainbowheartplz:

LAWL the title is an inside joke XD;
watch this to hopefully understand...?…

Well I completed and submitted the last four pages of my comic to AoH before 9 o'clock! :w00t:
And I read TyrianRogue's complete version of route one~
Just need to wait for DawnDove's route 3 to be complete so I can link to it on my last page~

OTL I feel like I drew way too much... and focused on Draco way more than necessary...

But now I have some free time!
To work on other things I owe. And more AoH things XD;

graduation...? Isn't that only for students who completed two exams already? Draco's only finished one semester |D; so he wouldn't be graduating. But I guess he'll be going to graduation ceremonies? I think the only people he really knows who are graduating are Snow and Raz XD; Well... Mayur too?

OH DAMN. I just looked over and saw my supper xD; I was only able to nibble on it b/c I was rushing to finish my comic before the deadline |D;

Okay. Off to eat now!

but thumbs of the comic |3

AoH Final: Frozen Abyss by TyrianRogue AoH Finals - pg 1 by Aisuryuu AoH Finals - pg 2 by Aisuryuu AoH finals - pg 3 by Aisuryuu

Mature Content

AoH Finals - pg 4 by Aisuryuu
AoH Finals pg 5-6 by Aisuryuu AoH Finals pg 7-8 by Aisuryuu
Love Route One TyrianRogue! I so need to draw some roommate bonding and shenanigans soon~
[I told you I drew too many panels AND pages... OTL]

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Submitted on
October 10, 2010