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[ - Never gonna give you up... - ]

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 6, 2008, 1:47 AM
  • Listening to: Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
  • Reading: Dreamcatcher - Stephen King

:heart:Terranian-boy = Aisu's Net Husband :heart:


D< damn it all Kiko-chan!

stop making yourself irresistible |D;

I can't stop my marred comments or hitting on you myself that way... T_T

You do know I'm trying to cut back... right? You aren't making it easy -_-#

you making me tell you about marred things doesn't help in the least D<


anywayz |D;

other than that >_>;

I finally got that song XD

also... vids you must see! 8D

[Seto Kaiba's Real Father]


I just love listening to Little Kuriboh do his Seto Voice XD;;;

"Well... maybe not that exciting..."

that vid is just epic win.

[MSI - Shut Me Up (Unedited - Full Clerk Version)]
the AMV's I've seen can't hold a candle to the original! reminds me why I love MSI XD!

>_> also... Hoops is still trying to brainwash me with GX... and I just realized it after watching the second vid XD;

[Yu-Gi-OWNED! GX 2 Part A]
[Yu-Gi-OWNED! GX 2 Part B]

I swear, it's b/c he was distracting me with his Bebo, then randomly inviting in Jon and Tony to our MSN chat |D;

but oh yeah. more epic times on MSN XD

you know we love you fag-face XD</inside joke>

It gave me a new PKMN OC comic idea 8D
Kiko-chan knows it XD

[http ://www .youtube. com/watch?v= pbDwy9VzH1M] <--- Beck - Helicopter
I freakin' LOVE this freakin' song! D< I must master it on Guitar Hero III!
and no, I have never seen an ep of Bec, but I used to play some of the openings/songs from it on Stepmania


[South Park - Caipirinha]

[Gary Oak - Caipirinha]

[<a href"…">InuYasha Danjo]

[SSB XXX: Sexual Snake]
again, one of the reasons I love Snake XD
he can't take the palce of my fan love for Ocelot or Otacon though |D

[Ode to Kaiba's Car]
LOLOLOL trying so hard not to LOL IRL and wake up my bro XD;

[That's a Technical Foul, Kaiba!]

[Boxman's Girlfriend - Smosh]

[Barack Roll]

[Death Note - Kelly - Shoes]

er... I guess that should be enough XD

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September 6, 2008