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[ - Moar Lulz XD - ]

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 10, 2008, 9:29 PM
  • Listening to: The Other Man (Radio Edit) - Sloan
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-----> dA Family</b><-----



LAWL I just recently found an old scribble to "Chung Hwa Ban Jeom" [sorry, probably wrong spelling] by Louis XD; with Jovan and Wallace |D;
[I'd been looking for my MichJo pic links to give to Jch on AIM and found it]

No, I will not post my image link or thumbnail here XD; no, I refuse!

I will link the vid on you tube XD!…

I asked Jch if she could imagine Wallace and Jovan sing and dancing for that song XD;
She said she would imagine Jovan, but it'd be hilarious to see Wallace do it |D
Yeah... He'd have to be drunk. He'd HAVE to be XD! it's too OOC for him otherwise.
LOL though he was usually an angry drunk...? LOL Iunno orz

In other newz...

my bro had me uptown with him again |D;
amazing. And it makes me wonder >.>!
I'm usually the one who has to drag him outta the house. But it's b/c I'd been having to stay up until the early morning hours for Andrew |D;

and it's been months since I had been sucessful in actually getting Wallace out of the house with me o.o!

LOL but I guess that's how he gets me to spend time with him?
After all the years of him getting mad at me, telling me to leave him alone... he goes and keeps wanting to be around me, even bugging me while I'm in my room on the comp |D;

Iunno *shrugs and sighs*

blargh... but I've been tired since a few hours ago x.x

LOL and I totally waxed Wallace in Soul Calibur II [for the GC].
B/c I was actually not tired and had previously gotten some exercise by walking uptown with him.
I won 10 out of 11 matches X3 even getting a perfect or two battles in a few matches X3
LOL sometimes I won the five battle matches easily. I think only once or twice Wallace got close to winning a few of the battles |D [other than that ONCE he won a match XD]

yeah, he couldn't believe it. And I was the one who gave up, "*sighs* I'm bored of winning..."
Wallace: "Heh... *trying to smirk*"


When Andrew came home from class [le gasp! he actually came home right away XD!]
he was telling Andrew that he should face me on Soul Calibur |D

I wonder if William does have the new SC... he had III we we saw him last time. And he seemed to love it XD

he plays it oddly though, he uses his fingers for the right side of the controller instead of just his thumb. but I guess that could be more efficient. I'm used to only using my thumbs though, and my fingers for trigger/shoulder buttons.

8D omg!
Wallace's Froslass was on a winning streak!
>_>; until she utterly surprised and completely dissapointed me by losing to Cynthia's final pkmn... Garchomp D< the hell?! it's a Ground/DRAGON and you're an ICE/Ghost Froslass!!@!!!!

:iconfacepalmplz: and she was doing so well too... she'd won every match [against the rest of the elite four (yes, even vs Lucian the Psychic trainer)], pretty much on her own power (I had to use my lower-level-than-froslass Spiritomb vs. Flint b/c of his specialty being fire though)....

B/c I was sitting there [in the living room] cursing Froslass Wallace asked me what I was doing.

I told him I was trying to defeat Cynthia's Milotic with Froslass. Wallace asked me why the heck I'd do that XD;
my reply? "Because she's going to fight it, and she's GOING to win. Or she's doing to DIE trying!! that's why D<"
He just shook his head, sort of smiling past his disbelief, "You've just given up on her haven't you..."
"Yeah, and now I see why you passed her off onto me!"
he just chuckled |D;;;;;; but also previously said something about how I'd probably do that if it were a fire-type pkmn? dripping with sarcasm of course. but no, I'm not that mean. I had Spiritomb take care of the fire types. She's an Ice/Ghost, I'm sure she can take on a pure water type. LOL and she had Milotic use Ice Beam on Froslass XD; WTF?

but the goal is to get her to lv.100.... and I'll do it if it takes me years XD;

now that she's like lv. 71 she actually seems more useful XD;
She's got a naive nature and often dozes off >_>!
certainly doesn't seem she was fit for battle. not with me anyway. I was telling Wallace she seems more suited to contests, neh?

D< and with her low PP count she eats all my leppa berries!
sure... I have like over 100... but I have that many for a reason >_> so I don't have to keep growing them like crazy b/c someone keeps eating them =.=#

He's never even used her in battle >.>;
When Wallace just waltzed in here quite some time ago, looking at what I was doing... he looked down and either asked who it was, or if it was Froslasss. I told him yeah, and he sounded entranced, "I've never seen her back before... never used her in battle once."
I was all *headdesk*

But Wallace and I were talking pkmn some time ago (dunno how long ago, maybe just yesterday). And I forget how it started but he was saying I should get my Wallace OC to use Earthquake on an opponents pkmn after they use dig XD; and then have him laugh [like Seto?] and tell them, "Good luck finding your Pokémon!" before walking off XD;
[we were talking about hail, blizzard, Froslass, Bounce, Fly, Dig, Earthquake... and some other move previously! now I remember XD]

Oh yesh, Wallace can be so evil |D;
he did have Lucy use discharge in a double battle with Hoops... while Hoops was using Staraptor. Knowing full well that the electric attack would do a lot of damage to Hoops' pkmn XD;
but he hadn't wanted to go to the battle tower with Hoops in the first place |D; so I guess that's why...

*Staraptor Faints... opponent does not XD*
Hoops: T.T "Nooo! Wallace! How could you?!"
Wallace: "Huh... I figured your pkmn could handle the damage without fainting *shrugs* guess not."
Hoops: D< "You... You could've at least have let me get it to use Brave Bird first!"

true story. fo' serious.

Eh... I think I had something else Pkmn RPG-related to blather about... but I've forgotten |D;

so yeah, whatever X3

|D; all this influx of Yaoi is not helping my urge to keep drawing emoshipping...
or emoshipping that is unfit for dA XD;;;;

but spending time with Wallace does sorta get my mind off of it. Unless he comments something yaoi-ish |D; [which he doesn't do so much since we've stopped playing N:GNT4 together]

8D but I was watching him play MGS [Twin Snakes] on hard mode on my GC earlier ~<3

I love listening to Liquid's voice... I dunno why.

but I love Otacon and Ocelot XD
and how can I not love listening to Solid Snake?
LOL though Big Boss' codec calls and sense of humor [and pervertedness] in MGS3 is epic lurv X3

I got a pair of cig holders from the dollar store today. they're metal ones... and feature 007 Casino Royal XD
I never watched that movie. I refuse to accept that actor as a Bond. He is so NOT.

And... I sorta just noticed I draw Mich shirless....

a lot.

it's not really intentional!
Its' just... |D; I get lazy. and can't be bothered to decide what shirt to draw on him.

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