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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 9, 2008, 9:35 AM
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I recently decided to submit some of my shounen-ai/yaoi to one of the yaoi clubs I'm in...


how often do I actually draw Mich with females... and not Wallace [or Fredrick?] |D;;;;

I think I draw Wallace with girls more often than Mich >_>;

but I haven't actually tried counting |D; so yeah...

LOL though I actually drew him with Gwyn here XD
Shush Girl --Incomp. Colour--- by Aisuryuu
|D; did any of you ever happy to see the other crappy sketch I drew of them together? If not, your lucky! And please don't go looking for it |D;;;;
if you did... I'm sorry for that v_v;

Well, I guess I do draw Mich with Rene though, neh?

but OMFG dude...
I NEED to draw Wallace x Steven |D;;; I so do.
Not just any Wallace x Steven though... but some serious yaoi >D
I just have to. I have these... ideas/images in my head. I.... must. get. them. out...! XD;;;;;;;

but... I also have this insatiable urge to draw Younger!Wallace x Teenage!Mich... and not just anything for that either... but something more hard core >///>;
but doing so feels kinda... not ethical? I would've said 'wrong' or 'not right' but that's not quite what I meant |D; LOL I dunno.

'sides, if I did that...
That'd mean Gary would have to give Wallace his first kiss early on I guess? LAWL

which reminds me of random things I was telling Kiko-chan about that sorta thing XD;;;
*won't post 'em here*

XD; but I also re-read that Mich/Wal Fluff ficlet thing I submitted to my gallery...

It makes me laugh, but also shake my head in shame |D;;;;
I still can't believe I wrote that >_>;

Oh yeah, should prolly put up the results of my latest poll X3

Moar pointless poll tiem 8D Which do you feel/think is most "cannon" for the pkmn OC pairings? [characters by Pidge and myself]…
deviants said Micheal x Rene
deviants said Micheal x Wallace
deviant said Wallace x FanGirl
deviant said Wallace x Lita

wow, not quite what I expected. I didn't think people actually felt MichRene was rather cannon XD;
I actually expected MichWal to be most popular |D;
HOMG! <3333 I'm so glad someone voted for Wallace x Lita >3< I luv u~
8D and that's awesome someone also choose Wallace x Fangirl
and them both being tied in votes reminds me of that crack idea I was talking about with Pidge on AIM about Wallace having both of 'em |D;

and with MichRene and MichWal being so close in votes...
It also has me thinking of MichWalRene |D;

I do also like shipping FanGirl with Steven though!
LAWL or even Micheal |D;
more MichFangirl if there is WalLita though. somehow that just seems to... make sense together?

Ooh... but there being tension between Wallace, Steven, AND Fangirl X3
LOL or just a paranoid Wallace if Steven and Fangirl have dated in the past and now he's with her |D;

T_T I really want some Nero x Lucy... as Gijinka that is.
LOL but I dunno if I could pull it off |D;
I've talked about it with Pidge in AIM but... drawing it is something else, neh?

LOL and I still need to draw a design for Gijinka Steve |D;
then I can also draw Lucy x Steve >D
though I also wanna draw some Lucy/Wallace... and sadly [or not?] Steve/Wallace also came to mind o.o;
and prolly should draw [Wallace's] Quilava as well.

young jacob and mike by whitedog1

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwww byron by denkimouse

this... sorta reminded me of Jovan |D;
Though I generally imagine her in a one piece >///>

Mature Content

small Bathing suit by Teruchan

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needs2dAmoar Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008
Lolz, well I wouldn't mind seeing some Younger Wallace x Teenage Mich either :iconyayzplz:

xD Yea I voted for MichWal~
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
:XD: orly? X3 okay

LOL you did? 8D
needs2dAmoar Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
Oh yeahs

Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
X3 I see~ :heart:
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