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[ - Kiriban Approach - ]

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 1, 2012, 5:44 AM

PSST. Kiriban is coming up. about 200 more hits or so. A ways off I know but... I feel the need to mention it.

Ha ha I realize I don't update much anymore but... I did say I wanted to try restrict my dA journals to art.
And... I just don't really know what I can say in regards to that. I'm just trying to keep drawing. And taking things as they come.

If you care to know I'm at war with myself atm with what to draw. Or... what I'm trying NOT to write.

:bulletblue: AoH

I'm also taking a break from AoH and Draco. As I'm sure you noticed from my recent entries.

I've just... mostly resigned myself to our house losing AGAIN this year. Because it will be a year since the semester started. Though I can't say exactly when. I just remember last semester it was summer and Draco was in the Infirmary b/c he was all beat the shit up from the exam XD;

I also don't expect the second part of the exam to come up any time soon. Who knows when it'll finally come around. I mean it took over 6 (maybe nine?) months for the first part to come up after the exam to finally show up even thought classes had already been finished that semester.
There is just so much in regards to AoH I'm unhappy with. And I have been for a while.
I'd really just rather not stress myself out by drawing in regards to it. And the short ass deadline for the last exam was uber stressful. I'm not sure if I can do that again. I was recovering for days, if not longer than a week!, afterwards.

Who knows. Maybe I'll pick up something AoH related again before part 2 of the exam rolls around. It's just right now... I really don't want to. Not at all.

We're also more than 200 points behind Virens for the... whatever you call it.
I've been fighting to try win us points ever since I joined. It's always been fruitless. And I feel as if I'm not even taken seriously, or that I'm brushed aside. Like my efforts don't matter.
So I'm just thinking "screw it" right now in regards to that.

HOWEVER. If there were asks given to Draco's tumblr I would work on those. But last I checked there hadn't been. So that's why there is no activity there.



If I do draw Draco it'll probably be for the trio!verse stuff. My original universe with pidge where Draco is quite different, and his Aiden is replaced with Baliraj.
I'm really wanting to draw the Swan King and Dragon Knight ideas swimming around in my head.
But I think I might stay away from that a bit longer.

:bulletblue:RomCom AU

I'm not sure how much of this AU I've openly talked about |D; I've uploaded some images of it to my gallery. But it's basically an AU I created by pulling AoH chara's I like/know or am familiar with... "humanized" them [meaning I converted them to be complete humans] and have them existing in a world that is very similar to our own. No magic or any shit like that. But it is [or at least started out as] a "Romantic Comedy". I just keep calling it the "romcom" b/c that's the label it got stuck with. But the pairings... I'm not sure what they are anymore. I had a clearly defined pairing to focus on at first. But that's gone out the window. And now things there are just crazy.
But hey! What can you expect from a universe that was created solely for the purpose of giving context to "texts from last night" entries using AoH chara's, right? :XD:

But yeah. I wouldn't mind drawing some more of that. I just... don't like openly talking about it b/c I have some chara's in there... just yeah. I'd rather not talk about it |D; I don't even know why I bothered including it here then >_>;

:bulletblue: Pkmn

:pointr: ha ha I was doing so good too... but I couldn't help it. I had to dredge up emoshipping again.
and I've become re addicted to it.
I just want to keep drawing it. To even WRITE it...
But I'll try keep that do a minimum. Or something.

:pointr: I also know I need to work on Trainer Tales.
I really want to honestly!
The problem is what I want to write most badly is a part too far ahead of the current place the story has been written.
And I'm pretty sure Jo was up next for the chapter alteration.
The problem there is that I'm totally lost on WHAT to write for her chapter here/there.
I just... no ideas. No inspiration.
Writing Jo was always the most difficult. Sadly she's also suppose to be one of the main characters. *sigh*

:pointr: Walita Kids or the second gen PokéOC Kids.
Yup. I got an onslaught of ideas for this. Most of it being crack I'm pretty sure.
Only two of which I really remember. One involving time-travelling teens meeting their teenage parents in the past |D;

:pointr: Post-WD Drama Comic.
That's all I can think to call it.
It's basically just a drama story I've built up in my head that takes place right after Wal returns to the gang after being gone for 2 years without a word. And with Chasity.
Ends up being a lot of angst, tension, and aggression |D;

:bulletblue: Other

Of course then you have anything else I listed in my poll before.
The Code Geass stuff is actually total crack that I wanted to draw. As I feel the need to stress that.
And tbh it's some dream images I wanted to draw.
The dream started off as hilariously delicious crack. It was wonderful.
But then somehow it turned into the drama dream I sketched a little seen here:
Dream Sketch - Geass - SuzaLulu by Aisuryuu…

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LiliNeko Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
aruuggghh don't you hate art blocks? I get to that point here and there too :XD: So I totally know the feeling ya going through, you're not alooone ;3

Also, I looked through the club, there was no journal of any art prizes that you owe me from the Richie club ^^; So I know I only did a couple of contest but most of them were points from J-babe :XD: Sooo yeaaaah, the art prize is so old, it's also a mystery when it was owed, hahaha :lol: LOVE IT :love
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
YES. Art blocks really suck! *huggles*

LOL well... I knew it was old but that makes it ancient old art I owed since forever ago! SINCE BEYOND THE SCOPE OF RECORDED TIME.
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