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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 22, 2009, 6:06 AM
  • Listening to: the fan of my tower



Well the bit 30,000 is coming up soon |3

I'd love to try do something for anyone who can send me a screenie of it X3

eh.... but I don't know what it could be |D; maybe not a straight request of ANYTHING. But we'll see when it gets closer, neh? Which will prolly take a while longer yet.

Finished watching Eureka 7 though

Still pretty sick though. It was hard on my ears wearing my ear buds so long =(

so now I'm having to use the comp without my music. And it's a bit unnerving tbh.
Sort of reminds me of being in the college comp labs. Except I'm only listening to the one tower fan and one set of hands using the keyboard and mouse |D

With that last Mich sketch I also used up the last page in my first red sketch book. Now I gotta move onto the second one. I still have my smaller sketch books though, so that's good. And my Manila paper and exercise books... but I think I'll need to buy another sketchbook soon.
I really should get better soon so I can continue moving things around in my room. That way I can get my computer desk set up and use the current desk I'm using for artwork |3 That way I can use my huge sheets of paper for drawing.

When I'm sick silence doesn't seem to bad.

I had an odd dream last night. It wasn't unpleasant, it was rather enjoyable and entertaining. I put it up in my LJ |3

but I was so surprised and happy today!
pidge caught me off guard by out of the blue sending me my commission tonight |D
Three's a Crowd by Sireinita
tbh I WAS thinking about it recently. And when she opens up for commissions again I totally want to get another one |3
I forgot what it was I was thinking of getting this time but XD; I think I'll have enough time to come up with something else by the time she's taking them again |D

haven't done any new meme's or drawn anything new up to this point...

but MAN I've finally gotten my deviations in my message center town to 1,000 |D it sure is taking a while, even with some mass deletion to whittle it down =|

and no messages left! :dance:

OC Meme - Wraith by JigokuHana
This meme looks like a lot of fun! ha ha while I was reading it I was able to come up with some ideas for what I could try drawing for it if I used Wallace |3

ha ha and I enjoyed the stories attached to this one in the artist's comments!
Casey and Friends by NagoshiAshumari

but awwwwwweee! I was totally diggin' this |3

and I have to draw this pairing as one of my AT's too |D; I'll get to it I swear!

but these really cheered me up like last night or whenver it was I saw them XD
Doodle dump part 1 by x3Dorkfullx3 Doodle dump part 2 by x3Dorkfullx3
the shoe bits were hilarious
but personally... I really don't understand why FML is popular =
but it's only my personal opinion that most of the sheet there is stupid bull crap |D
I just don't it entertaining or 'addicting' like some ppl =
But I love the 'squish' panel XD!

Doodle dump part LAST by x3Dorkfullx3
those were just adorable and full of win |3

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September 22, 2009