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I can't wait for you to shut me up

Journal Entry: Thu May 21, 2009, 3:07 AM
  • Listening to: I Was Wrong - Social Distortion
  • Reading: some book about risks
  • Eating: my [red] STYLUS 8D
  • Drinking: sadly I downed my arizona iced tea already


-----> dA Family</b><-----


ah... but now the Love Theme for MGS4 is playing instead~

but yeah...
@ 25,000!!!

LOL it's been ages since I've paid any attention to my pageviews, or announced a kiriban number XD; so I just figured I'd so so...?

yeah, if you catch it I'll sketch ya something. It won't really be a request, but I'll let you request one of my OC's to thank you for it XD I dunno.
I still have my last kiriban request to do x_x; so if you get this one you'll get art, but not a totally free request XD;
or we can negotiate something, possibley.

I was going to get a link for Love Theme [the song on the MGS4 OST] from Loud Fusion... but I found this one instead XD…
this is the one on Brawl is it? it does sound a bit different from the OST version I have...
still good though!

and it's been so long since I posted a journal entry... they changed it some more? LOL weird |D;
it sure is hella nice to be able to save skins though! though I usually save them manually in notepad files anyway, saving them on dA and knowing they are saved is sweeeeet! lol

it's cool having the options tab too.


don't think there was anything else I had to say |D; if I did I can't remember it atm

Ooh! but when I saw this I thought it was older Max XD;
so I was all "LOL WUT?!"
when I saw it, and needed to read the artist comments even more :XD:
and it turns out that's Conway.
nope... didn't see those eps |D;
now I MUST. yes. I simply must.
but just reading his bulbapedia entry...
I think I love you Conaway!

well, not as much as Gary. or Riley. or Paul.
LOL but still, I love what've I've read and seen so far :eyes:

ack... but fortuneshipping is something I love. I so wish I could see more pretty arts for it, and read lovely fics for it.
It's been a while since I looked for fics... but I did find this kick ass one! [and I really really REALLY don't like going to unless I get a link to a fic there I genearlly won't go]…
Author's summary: "Dawn has a choice; good or evil. Love or hate. Trying to do what is right may end up hurting you in the end. How will her journey shape her? For the best or the worst? AU of the Diamond/Pearl game."
Other info:
Pokemon - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 44,551 - Reviews: 30 - Updated: 4-22-08 - Published: 2-20-08

I was looking at the reviews and found a fan art too <3 and I loved it so freaking much!
rain - fic fan art
[sorry, I can't remember who the artist of the pic is T___T]
And no, that fic doesn't straight out start with a definate shipping. There is actually another shipping included that interfears with fourtuneshipping that I didn't totally expect! and I've gotten to like that shipping now too XD;

Other fics I've seen were about the trio. I dunno what the shipping is called... but I've seen it called scarfshipping? [and they weren't all that attention grabbing. they didn't feel as developed as this one]
that'd be LucasDawnBarry
OH GAWD I hate calling him Barry, but it's his official dub name >_>; I'd much rather call him Jun, neh?

but yeah, I don't like Jun very much. Not in the anime or games. I dont' HATE him, but I don't really like him either. I can stand him but he's not a fav. I don't really like pairing him either.
LOL unless it's the anime, then I love the one-sidded crack of his fanboying for Paul XD

I do like the rather one-sided shipping of Jun and Mitsumi from DPA though |3 hell yes I do~

I happen to like Jun in that series also. of course I love Mitsumi XD
I just like that series <3
I don't LOVE it, but I like to read it.

Other fics!

I've started to think that ShikaTema may be my OTP XD;
but anyway, a couple ShikaTema fics I've read recently and liked 8D;

Yeah, this one is in my siggy XD;
[Recent Photo]
Author's summary: "What starts out as a normal, administrative operation turns into a rather stimulating game. But who will the real winner be? Shika/Tem one-shot."
Other Info: Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,828 - Reviews: 38 - Updated: 3-31-09 - Published: 3-21-09 - Temari & Shikamaru N. - Complete
I just loved it XD reminded me why I love the pairing so much. it's not an AU either |3

ah... this one does happen to be an AU |D; but I still love it! Sadly it's not done yet though T_T I did find it through a fan art though. LOL I found recent photo through a fan art too XD;
[Of Words and Fire]

wait-wait-wait-wait... wait... wait...... wait... [<--- that's totally a flash series reference I'm sure no one understands XD;]
I just noticed now that the authour of Recent Photo is vashperado according to their bio thingy...
I didn't notice this before... :iconfacepalmplz:
I happen to watch him here on dA...

or did I notice this before and totally forgot? XD; that could SO have happened...

ah... but I should put more info down for Of Words and Fire XD;
Author summary: "--AU---Fires are interesting sorts. They burn, they flicker, and they provide warmth. Sure, they can be destructive, but they can create too. So let the flames swallow what they may, and let's see what the result shall be. ShikaTema -- M for swear words"
Other Info: Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 10 - Words: 37,553 - Reviews: 119 - Updated: 4-22-09 - Published: 3-10-09 - Temari & Shikamaru N.

Oh yes, I really loved that one <3 I'm sad it's not done |D;

I don't usually read fics that much yanno. I find then usually end up being Naruto ones though. genearlly ShikaTema XD;
I don't read much lit here on dA eitehr. but if it's ShikaTema I'm quite likely going to read it XD
or if it's linked from an image-
the fan arts for the fics |3

Of Words And Fire I by darkgal666


Mature Content

Cordially yours by tiekko

there was another one... but it's quite old and buried in my folder i'm sure XD;

I loved how the fic had started [after admiring the fan art and following the link]
but then started disliking it |D; it started reminding me of Twilight. LOL doesn't help there was a line in there from Twilight >_>; [yes, they acknowleged it was from it and everything]

but LOL
I just found this one XD
ShikaTema . Nature Calls by bjorkubus

8D and pidge showed me this one!

the only one's I remember really are by snowdrak |D;
not that I've specifically LOOKED.
though I did randomly come across some No More Heroes fan arts before I ever saw Wallace Play the game... after that nothing XD;

and did any of the ppl who played NMH even play or know about Killer 7? that was a kick ass game! I haven't been able to finish it yet "OTL
b/c I'm stuck on one part...
Wallace finished it though.
LOL holy crap dude... Killer 7... it's just awesome. in a funky way XD
and it's a game cube game.

I also heard there is suppose to be a sequel to NMH... even if the creator hates making sequel's |D;
and blah-blah-blah. I'll stop now ^^;

nuuuuuu! I ate all my nerds T___T
lol and my strawberry pocky XD;
though oddly I think I prefer chocolate =
I know Wallace prefer's strawberry. I think Kris prefers chocolate |D;
mom likes the ones that have almonds sprinkled on it.

but we can only get like two flavors around here. the strawberry and chocolate. sometimes the almond.

I have like 5 Absol eggs |D; the four I caught didn't have the nature and personality combo's I was looking for. I'm hoping one of these eggs will.
so.... is there anyone out there who has Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum that may want an Absol? Just in case. because I'm sure I'll have at least one or two to trade XD

Also, I'd love to battle <3 I LOVE BATTLING.
so f'n much!
My team is weak atm though [I have beaten the E4] XD; but still I'd wanna battle regardless~

eh... this has gotten so random |D; I think I'll stop myself now

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.:*:. Gifts/Requsts/Etc. --- .:*:. Write-Out-Loud --- .:*:. Wtfeva!
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Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba (c) Kazuki Takahashi. Micheal, Wallace, Dragon design (c) myself.
LiliNeko Featured By Owner May 21, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL, your journal cracked me up! Especially the part where you said "ok I'll stop now"

... **insert the following 5 million paragraphs here** ...

Lol, well it's good to see a long random journal of stuff then hearing that you are feeling down or so :glomp:

And :iconlegaspplz: , STRAWBERRY pocky T ^ T I want soooooooooooooome :XD: Really don't care for the chocolate as much? IDK why, but if they have the almonds on them, that's a whole other story :D

HAhah well A-Chan, just wanted to drop a line or two before running out the door, much lovelove and byebyeeeeeeee :icondeathhugplz: !!!
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner May 21, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL thanks |3 glad to know I can still "entertain"
without needing to get nekid

XD yeah, I know. I'm still not feeling so hot, but it's getting better. recently things hadn't been too bad.

lol yeah, I know a lot of ppl would prefer the strawberry XD I just like the chocolate, neh? Mmm with Almonds they could be good, but I think I'd still like plain chocolate a little wee bit more XP

later~! :icontardglompplz:
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