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[ I Give My Life, Not For Honor But For You ]

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2009, 3:02 AM
  • Listening to: Snake Eater - Cynthia Harrell
  • Reading: *shudders* Twilight

:iconemptyspaceplz: dArama Free February by dAramaFreeFeb

-----> dA Family</b><-----


I'm still in a dream... Snake Eater.

yeah... only a little obsessed atm. Just a little XD;

check out my new poll X3…

D: I'm sorry, I don't remember him that well in MGS2... All the Raiden turned me off that game in genearl |D; so I barely remember much of anything about MGS2.

I have been re-playing MGS3 atm. still haven't finished MGS4 D: Kris is the one with the PS3 [but Wallace did pre-order MGS4 so he got all the extras along with the game]. And when he does come visit, it's not always the game that's played. Usually is though. Him and Wallace are bigger Gear fans than me XD
I've actually not really played the games a lot myself |D; I love watching them play though. I have watched them play through ALL the games except MGS4. haven't seen all of that yet. but did watch lots of vids of it on You Tube shortly after it was released XD [since Wallace had the game then, but no PS3 so all we could do was watch the DVD disc that game with it]

lulz it all started with Uncle Marvin playing the old PSone MGS years and years ago X3
[that's how we got into Silent Hill and Resident Evil too. I guess 007 games also]

Oh yeah, before I go off on a huge tangent about Metal Gear XD;

I just got a new webcam. I guess it works okay. it was a cheap-o one from Wal-mart |D; it was just over 20 something dollars. the picture quality isn't horrible... but yeah, what can you expect from Wal-mart :XD:

Don't go expecting me to be taking pics or making lots of vids. I hate getting my pic taken or being in vids D:
I'll try do something with it though.
LOL it was mostly to be on cam with family back home, and maybe a select few friends on IM. You have to be special though X3

LOL I did record something earlier to test.
Just me holding up and rotating my Arbitor figurine <3!

don't think I'll upload that anywhere |D; it was just a test.

It's suppose to also have a mic though...
I do have a seperate mic. and I guess mom forgot I bought my own, or she thought this other one was better, but she bought me a new mic for Valentine's Day. The one she got has a flexible neck though, so maybe I can use it better than the one I got :shrug: iunno.

Also, it's been years. I literally mean YEARS. but I not have acess to a Photoshop XD
it's 7.0...
so I might try colour something in it. I was playing with it a few days ago. just screwing around with some line art, making the background transparent and changing the colour of the lines, nothing special so it's not been uploaded.

Also, some days ago or whatever I found an mp3 player on the sidewalk X3
eh, nothing exciting on it [music wise, had a lot of the songs already, and there were a few I'd prolly not listen to anyway XD]. It's a USB one. the cover for the USB part was gone and so was the battery cover... prolly not use it XD
It does have a voice recorder bit though, so I might just use that XD
the thing is...
LOL the name of it is Lucy XD

sorry |D if you don't know me that well or whatever that prolly means nothing to you...

Man... I do wish I could draw Metal Gear characters though D:

LOL and if you liked stories that 'break your brain' [as I hear Geass does to most ppl. I personlly dislike that series in genearl VERY MUCH. I love Suzaku though]
then try out the Metal Gear series XD
hoshit man... Metal Gear2 is crazy. JUST CRAZY
LOL I don't think it was officially released to the America's, but there is an emulator for it.
But man, even better than playing it [or if your just too lazy] check this out X3 it's just as awesome as playing:
LOL I found that link after randomly finding this on dA months and months ago XD
MG2 - Squeaky Sand by karaii
:iconkaraii: rawks btw. WATCH HER NOW.

and Duuuuude! recently I found this X3
Pixelstained MGS Technopeasant by zarla
which lead me to:
Act 01:…
Act 02:…
Act 03:…
Summary of Metal Gear Solid X3
It kicks ass.
If you've never played, yeah, it does pretty much tell you the story-line XD I guess?
If you have played before... OH GAWD. it makes it seem like the crazy game it really is XD!

There are a lot of similarities between Metal Gear 2 and Metal Gear Solid though |D;
though MGS makes more sense XD; if you can believe that.

uh... anyway!
after that summary I found a link to some MGS fics X3
omfg D: they made me cry... and I don't cry. especially to fics. Well, except the secret handshake one XD but that one was still awesomesauce <3…
other series fics there too. things like Phoenix Wright, Johnny the Homicidal Manic, Pokemon, The Road To El Dorado, FF VII, Freddy/Jason, yadda yadda. LOL btw... they are yaoi/ghey/shounen-ai/BL/malexmale. as far as I can tell I guess? LOL I've only read the MGS ones so far.

there is also this X3
Just look at it |D it's MGS artz!
Also, the sprites are there too, not on the spritesheet I listed above <3

On a sorta related note...
I saw the Halo Wars soundtrack on sale recently.
Wasn't sure about buying it though. REALLY considering it. I did buy the first Halo Soundtrack... T_T but I can't remember where I put it... so I had to dig out my music file for the Opening Suite from my Stepmania files XD;

Also, watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time last night. Subbed. On You Tube |D;
I guess I actually liked it!
and I think I wanna try out that hairstyle of her aunt on Jovan <3

Some Metal Gear Artz on dA:
Revolver Ocelot and the Unit. by Jackov:thumb101625958:
:thumb71211193: Razor Sharp Wit by Inyuo:thumb67094832::thumb97246152:
liquid ocelot by rpl Ocelot: Reminiscence by XsoRa:thumb100521700: Disfigured Dream by Earthdin
DRAW by CrazyDwarf
Messing with The Sorrow by Inonibird Sorrow by JudgeOfDeath Metal Gear Solid 3 Villains by FirstPriest The Sorrow by The-Switcher:thumb88427056:
:thumb68093486::thumb63372522::thumb73449243::thumb36652102: The Boss by mmmilitia Say cheese by ryuuza-art

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Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba (c) Kazuki Takahashi. Micheal, Wallace, Dragon design (c) myself.
needs2dAmoar Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
XD You're making me want to get MGS4, being that I have a PS3 'n all~

And you found an MP3 player on the street? That sounds pretty cool, even if it is a 'lil messed up.
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
MGS4 is awesomesauce in a pwnsome kick ass can...
and THEN some X3

lol yeah, not too bad. just missing a couple covers, that was it |D
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February 22, 2009