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[ - I F'KN' LOVE YOU!!!! - ]

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2009, 4:25 AM
  • Listening to: Papa Roach
  • Reading: Red Dragon - Thomas Harris
  • Playing: Pokemon Diamond
  • Eating: the Ichiban Noodles I made |D
  • Drinking: Kris' aweful juice XD

-----> dA Family</b><-----



I freakin' love you man. I REALLY do ^0^/

LOL though I don't think he's ever seen my dA journal :XD:

and you just STFU Hoops. I KNOW what you'll start saying so just shut it before you even think of opening your yap.

Oh hell yesh. I finally figured out what the song was that I loved XD
of course it ended up being Papa Roach |D seems to be a band Kris really likes. "To Be Loved" I think I heard it on that WWE 2009 game XD
but hellz man... I LOVE EET!
I mean, seriously I do. If I could, I'd so join Kris' band and sing this song while he's on guitar and Wallace is on Bass or Drums |3


So yeah... that's why I wasn't really around today |D Kris came to visit <333333

I got a bunch of other songs from him actually XD but To Be Loved is the one I'm listening to.

The one he actually told me I should get was Hollywood Whore XD
This is when he noticed I had Papa Roach on my comp... since I asked him if he wanted any songs from me. So he let me use his laptop while he used my desktkop |3

Gotta say, I like this song so very much too X3

But yeah SOS, Scars [like three versions], and Last Resort were the only ones I had before |D so now I got like... 9 new ones from him <3 including Hollywood Whore and To Be Loved <3 Scars is his profile song on Bebo, it seems to be his fav. SOS is the one I listened to the most.

LOL I got him to listen to Satsugai by DMC :XD: he seemed to like the song... but I wasn't able to get any real reading on what he thought of the series |D; I only got to show him the one clip that's on You Tube that I'd shown Pidge and the opening. He'll have to see an ep for himself. Wallace has the whole series. LOL that's how I got into it b/c it's a fav of Wallace's X3

Hee hee
I also decided to show Kris that newest Mich + Rene image I scribbled. this one:
041. Teamwork by Aisuryuu
*stares at it for a few moments* "Yeah, that definatly looks like the kind of girl I'd hang around with a lot. And he's got a Desert Eagle? I think..."
HOMFG I was so happy <33333
He was able to tell that it was my attempt at a Desert Eagle |D
LOL and he seems to like Rene a lot. That's a nice bonus X3
He seemed to like the idea that I want to ink and paint/colour that image <3
I have things to fix in it of course.
LOL and he recognized my AK-47 as an AK XD;
I can't remember if he made a- oh wait, he did XD but prolly more jokingly. he told me to put a kunai in Rene's right hand XD "it would probably look better than that knife"
:iconfacepalmplz: I know, the knife is an epic fail. NO I won't show you guys >:[ it's too horrible to. I cropped it out for a reason XD;;;

LOL but yeah, another comment he made about Rene [because *le gasp* I've never really shown him a lot of the art I drew of her or told him about her until now] "That's funny... how you would know what kind of girl I'm into. I never tell you anything..."

LAWL it's b/c I just know. I can tell. He doesn't need to tell me :XD:

:icondoublefacepalmplz: I also showed him the collar and pendant attached to it.
"Yeah... that's not weird at all..."
LOL it's a black leather collar with some silver studs on it [sadly not like the one I draw on Mich, they didn't have any of those] "is it a choker?"
"Yup! And I tried it on too~"
"Yeah... that's not weird at all. that it has my middle name on it and you tried it on..."
"uh... eh heh heh |D;; *lol*"
He ended up looking it over though. And he did try it on XD
sadly it's too small for him T_T LOL it's a bit big on me though |D;

The black spiked choker I made out of black hemp and silver spike beads... he did try that on though. It BARELY fit him XD
If I make him one I'll prolly have to make it a size larger so it's not literally choking him XD it wasn't cutting of his hair supply but it was quite snug |D

And I showed him my- er... what was I typing now? |D; sorry, I stopped typing for like ONE SECOND and totally forgot :iconheaddeskplz:
LOL it was this pair of pendants I bought. I forgot why :
it's like those friendship pendants, neh? except this one is in the shape of a heart and has the word LOVE when you connect the two pieces XD
I told him I can't remember why I bought it. I forgot who I was going to give the other half too...
so he suggested Gina X3
That's his own girlfriend btw XD
hey, don't give me that look. He was the one who started it. What-with him saying I'm prettying myself up for her [I was just pulling my hair back to tie it up with an elastic FYI], then getting me into a convo about what pick-up lines to use on her.

I do like her though. No, not that way =.=; it's still HIS girlfriend and not mine.

Man... a lot of this prolly should've been in my LJ XD;

Oh well, I'll prolly put more elaboration in LJ then and stop here for now |D

but yeah, I do plan on working on that image I linked earlier.

and Papa Roach is a kick ass band.

My Journal CSS?
deviants said I don't hate it, but a new one would be cool X3
deviants said I lurv eet!
deviants said I hate it! Get a new one! [T___T]
deviant said Do what you wanted before 8D; make Mich's speech bubble text BE the journal header text!

:bulletgreen: Ah, well thanks <3
:bulletgreen: you do?! 8D!
:bulletgreen: WRRRRYYYYYYYY!!!!! *sniffle* that's so mean...
:bulletgreen: X3 you like that idea still? Awesome, glad someone's interested X3 but yeah, that was my initial idea with this header image XD

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March 21, 2009