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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 8, 2009, 10:47 AM
  • Listening to: Push Up - Freestylers
  • Reading: *HEADWALL* Twilight

-----> dA Family</b><-----


stupid thing. still making me post blank journals...
Yeah, I just deleted the last one.

Mostly a journal to say I might go on hiatus for a while. Dunno yet. [and I mean from everything on the net, not just dA. I would prolly still draw, just not log on anywhere on-line or scan any of it (right away. prolly when I come back).]

I'm just not feeling good emotionally. I dun wanna be dragging everyone down and getting all angsty and emo. I've already been more negative than usual lately.

Though, as for an update:
I did decide to upload some of my emo scribbles from iScribble XD
Only some, I didn't save all of them :paranoid:
All that's left of me by Aisuryuu

And I did get a new image of one of my OC's X3
:iconpockyrock: was giving out requests [and journal features] so I asked for her to draw me Wallace |D [since I asked for Mich from Destiny Wheeler, I decided to ask for Wallace this time.]

I was surprised she likes WalMich! lol I'm assuming that's Wallace as seme |D
it seems most ppl are more supportive of MichWal :shrug:
anyway, here is what she drew :XD:
Wallace by pockyrock

Also, Kris came buy friday night. I think it was friday anyway |D;
I had previously had 3 hours sleep that day, and been awake since like 1 am. I was awake until 2 something am when him and Gina left XD;
I was SO exhausted D:
LOL I ended up having 16 hours sleep after that |D; so I slept away most of yesterday. I was able to sleep a few more hours after that [though I stayed awake a while before going back to bed].

I somehow expected it, but it seems the Rise Against song is winning the poll. I just wanna know why XP
Low is right below. I know a lot of ppl hate that song, but it seems enough like it to vote for it. either that or maybe they love-hate it?
Third is Best Of You by Foo Fighters. I do have ideas for that song, just haven't started on them.
I'm surprised anyone voted for Hotel California XD Seeing how it seems no one I know on-line knows that song D= whereas everyone I know IRL seems to know it =

and sorting through my folders of art... LOL I guess I only have 35 emoshipping pics saved? 13 of which are traditional. and I had to delete a lot of my scanned pics before I had my external D=
[though, I did leave out a bunch of other emoshipping scribbles I REALLY don't like the look of, so I do have more than 35 |D and not all of it on my hard drive has been uploaded to dA]

I sorta felt like doing a Wallace or maybe even emoshipping slideshow... but I can't pick just one song, and I'm not sure I wanna even bother
:iconotlplz: my slideshow skills are crap, and if I did make one it'd prolly just sit on my hard drive and I'd be the only one to see it.
Not only b/c I dunno if I'd wanna show anyone, but also b/c I have no where to upload my vids to. You Tube and putfile are a no go. So would daily motion I guess. Same with Veoh. I don't use Live Video for anything.

I really need to colour something traditionally D: I finally got some water colour paper for my inks [which is F'n Expensive Man!!! anyone know where I can get some less expensive on-line?]. and I stocked up on more glitter makers...
but I have no idea what I wanna colour :iconheaddeskplz:
I do wanna colour my cool couple line art, but it's got more mistakes than I like to even try |D; I'll have to get around to fixing those more sometime.
I do have a few other random line arts I saved on my hard drive for colouring purposes.
and I know :iconliving4him: told me she'd like me to colour more of her art sometime... but I dunno. I like her style and all, but yeah. I dunno if I could colour her stuph in a way I'd be pleased with D:

Oh right, it's the eight today... I need to return [or try re-new AGAIN] some library books |D; I hardly looked at like two of the three. maybe didn't even open the third yet XD; and I've renewed them three times already >_>; my account doesn't have any more renewals for them on the comp... so maybe if I bring them TO the library and re-new them in person I can do it that way |D;
[and Twilight's due date is the 11th. hopefully I can finish it without killing myself by then. B/c it took like months to get it on reserve after the movie came out (yes, I had even tried reading it 3 times before the movie came out), I highly doubt I'll be able to re-new it if I don't finish it by the 11th]

can't remember anything else I had to say.

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Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba (c) Kazuki Takahashi. Micheal, Wallace, Dragon design (c) myself.
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March 8, 2009