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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2008, 2:56 AM
  • Listening to: "Black Ice" - AC/DC
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Well, I was trying to play my Sims game... but for some reason my disc for it wasn't even registering in the comp >_>;
Like... the drive showed the icon for it. But the program wouldn't run at all =_=;

sounds like what happened to the Trigun DVD's my bro gave me... they won't work in my drive, but work fine on his >_>;

My AC/DC CD played fine in my drive though... wtf?

Eh, since I wasn't able to play the Sims...

I tried starting up KCVDS again.
and shock-surprise-OMFG it worked |D;

it was able to connect... finally.

it wouldn't last time.

Thing is... my LP didn't change when I took damage >_>; was I suppose to change it myself? If so... I didn't see where I could do that. since most of the actions for the cards were manual. I don't mind that at all. It makes me think more of playing the game IRL <3

I was getting Pwned though XD;
sadly I made my oppenent sit there for a while. I'm used to most YGO games being automated, so having to do things myself was a surprise XD;;;

if only Edrian were around T_T I really wanted to duel with him again...


I sketched this without having references for either of them XD; (the characters, but yeah, referenced the pose)
so it was... mostly from memory XD; I did have the YGO MAD E.C. vid in my signature playing in the background for a bit, but that's it |D;
Sketch - Seto and Jou by Aisuryuu
I was tempted to use this for :iconforeverhyper:s kiriban image that I owe her XD; for my 10,000 hits, neh? she wanted Puppyshipping ^^;

this is more for Pidge and I than anyone XD;

Mature Content

Sketch - FredMich by Aisuryuu

:iconmoarplz: [mostly YGO] randomness... 8D;?

Maid of Justice - PW by gejimayo

:thumb99816219::thumb99668200: Yusei Discovers Yaoi On DA by ZekeHanyo
:thumb98927983: Trio Combo by kasama
:thumb88046237::thumb88438660: OH YEAH by Bayleef-
:thumb83114879: YGO -Love's not a Competition by KarniMolly Jack x Yusei - Under your Skin by KarniMolly
Oekaki Yugioh5ds by kasama Luff please by DylanIsntHere Much Needed Practice by EvilLunatic
YGO 5D's: The Bond Before by MooguriKlaine
Yugioh 5ds Yusei vs Jack by slifertheskydragon
Seto x Jou -FULL VIEW PLEASE- by setoVSjou Jou and Seto by whitedragoons Seto And Jou by enziru
Seto and jou being... cute? by enziru What is Seto and Jou? by enziru
A Dream Come True by SorceressCassandra Manjoume Thunder by SorceressCassandra

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October 24, 2008